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    New ideas

    Inherent risk of using kill items and spells http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12935-inherent-risk-in-using-kill-items-and-spells/
  2. Weeding and watering [log=Day 216, Year 7] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi hears a group of bluejays cawing from different directions[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees a rabbit run across the field into the forest[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down to the road[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks toward Fortune's Well[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi returns[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down the hill to the pumpkin patch[/i] [b]: [
  3. Making an A-Frame level and marking hillside contours [log=Day 213, Year 7] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi hears a finch singing in the tree[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi looks around at the garden slowly beginning to grow[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi realizes what day it is and jumps to his feet[/i] [b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Oh boy... [b]: [/b][i]Rumi looks around for his A-Frame level[/i] [b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Where on earth did I leave that A-Frame?
  4. Rumi

    New ideas

    Plants (like creatures) in combat rituals http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12732-plants-like-creatures-in-combat-rituals/
  5. Planting corn and beans in the pumpkin patch [log=Day 200, Year 7] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Eagle Eye bows to Rumi[/i] [b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]*[i]smiles[/i]* Greetings [b]: [/b][i]Rumi hears a pair of sparrows singing companion calls near the forest edge[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down to the pumpkin patch[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the rows of pumpkin sprouts[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees the pumpkins in the leaf mulch have sprouted
  6. Harvesting blueberry seeds from the wild blueberry shrub in alche's alley [b]DAY 193, Year 7[/b] [log=3_-1x-3_1] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up the path[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi recognizes the tree and stops in the road[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up the hill to the high area above[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices that only a few of the season's blueberries remain on the bush[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks a large blueberry off the end of a branch[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi pops it in his mouth[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi sits beside the blueberry bush[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi in
  7. Preparing a small pumpkin patch and planting pumpkin seeds [log=[b]Day 185, Year 7[/b]] [04/07/12 18:54] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid smiles warmly at Rumi as she walks down the path[/i] [04/07/12 18:55] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi returns a smile[/i] [04/07/12 18:55] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]It is so good to see you [04/07/12 18:56] [b]Rumi:[/b]you too [04/07/12 19:00] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi stands[/i] [04/07/12 19:01] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi walks over to Phantom Orchid[/i] [04/07/12 19:02] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi reaches forward and opens his clasped fingers to reveal a handful of pumpkin seeds[/i] [04/07/12 19:02] [b]:
  8. [u][b]This is the public log for the Community Garden. ANYONE can post logs here.[/b][/u] The search for blueberries, thanks to Mya Celestia [b]Day 179, Year 7[/b] [log=1_-2x1_1] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees Amoran K Kol sleeping under the tree and smiles[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices movement in the forest at the top of the hill[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees a red-shoulder hawk fly up from a branch of one of the trees on the forest edge, heading north into
  9. Welcome everyone to the Community Garden Logs. This is the place for garden plotholders to record garden roleplay. As the Community Garden project develops, we will be incorporating a variety of ways you can interact with your garden and get feedback from your garden to support your roleplay. [b]Right now the most important thing you can do to support your garden experience is to take logs of your garden roleplay and post them in this sub-forum.[/b] Each gardener should make a topic for your own garden. This also goes for gardeners who do not use the forum and have arranged for someon
  10. Rumi

    New ideas

    Viscosity altered by weather effects magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12694-viscosity-altered-by-weather-effects/
  11. Rumi

    New ideas

    Regenerating Consumable Revive Item - Community Garden http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12512-regenerating-consumable-revive-item/ http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12511-revival-fruit/
  12. Rumi


    Two clouds cloak one sun's heat
  13. Crazy eights, anyone? [attachment=3199:88888.jpg] Yeah, I know what you're thinking, 0 adepts. How sad.
  14. Water could be used in a garden for the production of harvestable food and medicine items http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9641-food-and-medicine/page__pid__84335#entry84335 I don't see that a guild would be an appropriate fit for water harvesting, but I would still make the required items rare enough that water would remain a valuable commodity.
  15. Food and medicine as harvestable and usable items. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9641-food-and-medicine/ Generating abundance from the cultivation of ecological systems.
  16. [quote name='Tipu' timestamp='1283645625' post='67692'] Lore root Guards The first set guards - an average player can defeat, but the second is way too hard to defeat them. The ritual has been changed there is no weakness in their strength. The old easy way of defeating the LR guards is now no more only brute force can take them down. Only players who have defeated them lately can understand what iam talking about. The Aimed Hit ability for LR archer have changed the Odds. my request is players should not get personal EXP for Lost battles against LR guards. This will make many player to t
  17. Yesterday I completed Mya's quest. It takes a long time and I think it is certainly worthwhile. What begins with simple questions about the realm and some of the different lands, ends with meeting a lot of very interesting people and learning facts and opinions that illuminate the realm in many shades and colors. Take your time. Vienna waits for you. Highly recommended.
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