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  1. These are the winners of the Community Garden Scarecrow Contest. I meant to announce with more fanfare during the mid-winter festival, but we took right to the final minute to complete the toolshed. Instead, this brief post. So, without further ado... Winner: Dante Lionheart - Wishpoint awarded by Rumi #2: Tom Pouce - Collection of spell stones from Community Garden treasury - contact Rumi #3: Plix Plox - 1 gold coin - contact Rumi gonzalocsdf did not complete the contest but will receive a reward for his artwork. joshdragon offered to sponsor this contest with an Imperial Aramo
  2. Rumi

    Grow Your Own

    There will be flexibility and there will be a limit to that flexibility as well. Plants can grow a lot in a day and that daily photography is necessary, especially for seedlings. If your stop motion video is full of gaps, you will not win a wishpoint. You will be eligible for the many other rewards. If you want to attain this wishpoint, make photography of your garden part of your daily routine. Do it when you brush your teeth in the morning or when you vote for free credits. Taking a single photograph won't take as long as either of those tasks.
  3. The MagicDuel Community Garden will be hosting an ongoing contest for the entire community. One mission of the MagicDuel Community Garden is to encourage all members of the community to grow gardens in their own part of the world. Now, with Mur's blessing, we are hosting the Grow Your Own contest and offering substantial rewards for players who demonstrate some gardening prowess. The goal of the contest is simple. Grow a plant. Document your progress. Participants will need to document their progress from seed to harvest with photography. Your plant should be labeled with MagicDuel a
  4. Work between 00:00 and 08:00 (when I went to bed) included the following: Removal of two planted saplings (oak and apple) from toolshed site Layout and establishment of contour swale in forest garden Transplanting oak and apple into forest garden Leveling of toolshed site Processing aramor fenths into bolts, nails, and fasteners Layout of foundation blocks Construction of base frame Floorboards added Upright posts fastened to floorboards and secured with temporary supports Cross beams nailed to upright posts There is much more still to go. Construction begins again in 30 minute
  5. Any construction tools available will be most welcome. We will certainly need a saw. Please reply or PM if you can bring a tool.
  6. There is a fun new contest coming to MagicDuel. I will leave the details for the Mid-Winter Festival on February 2. I want to give you the basic idea, so you can all begin to prepare as you enjoy the light of the full moon tonight. This contest will in some ways be very similar to a contest hosted by Akasha in Spring 2010. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6918-spring-contest/ http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6920-autum-contest/ One thing that will differ from the original contest is that this contest will muddy the line between the realms, if you take my meaning. You
  7. It's the middle of winter and I know what's on everybody's mind. Spring gardening! The MagicDuel Community Garden will be holding festivals during each of the eight Sabbats of the year. These include solstices, equinoxes, and the four dates right in the mid seasons. These include Groundhog Day, May Day, and Halloween. Gardeners around the world use these dates to determine planting schedules, along with moon cycles (which we will also be observing). These dates will be used for a number of garden events, including plot management at the community garden. This fes
  8. Will you give your values for sharptear and nutcracker? If nutcracker is a little more than 3gc, then my sharptear would have to be near worthless (which it may well be) to be outbid by DD. Same with my hug In fact, if you're accepting creatures, is it reasonable to post a current price list at the bottom of the original post each month? Maebius' offer with nutcracker last month the me for a bit of a loop. I decided to wait to see if you would accept and accidentally missed the rest of the auction. I'm still a little confused how you accepted half a nutcracker for payment, but I'm happ
  9. I wish for an independent rainwater harvest tool and four casts of Weather - Mild Rain. I intend to provide and collect rainwater for the community garden.
  10. ॐ. It feels like home. π. Especially blueberry or raspberry π. I also like L, which makes me think of my wife, lovely Lydia Lynne.
  11. Rubber banned for being a banned aide
  12. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9406-community-garden/page__st__40#entry124867 Link to my actual post above. I started in this topic and drifted toward the garden and ultimately posted in the community garden subforum. Still, it seemed appropriate to post here.
  13. Dual issue here is in game rules and forum rules. Do the log and onscreen chat need to meet different standards? I think Chewett could maybe clarify about what constitutes a violation of our terms and conditions.
  14. [cquote] We are experiencing some server issues and we are dealing with them. We hope MD will be functional as soon as possible. MD Council [/cquote]
  15. Fun topic, but a could hardly agree with you claiming the SoE are clearly the Jedi Knights. If anyone at all would fit the bill, it would be SotIS. What about that band of Jawas on Tatooine? TK
  16. Weeding and watering [log=Day 260, Year 7] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices two pairs of juncos moving about and singing on the hedge in Nimrodel's plot[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi watches the juncos curiously[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices one of the pairs flies off from the hedge down the hill to the pumpkin patch[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands and observes the weedy pumpkin patch for a moment[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly walks down the hill to the pumpkin pat
  17. Observation and watering [log=Day 239, Year 7] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up the road from Fenths Press[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up toward the garden[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks along the hillside, observing the plots[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines Magistra's smal rose shrub[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi continues along to see potatoes sprouting up out of the ground in Nimrodel's beautifully prepared plot[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi comes to Eagle Eye's plot and looks over the moist cleared area[/i] [b]: [/b][i]Rumi wonders what kind of seed is planted[/i] [b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b][i]*smiles*[
  18. What do you think about a ceremony during Samhain (also called Dia de los muertos, or Halloween), which is the Sabbat marking the end of the harvest and the beginning of the winter freeze. It's the time of year most associated with death in cultures where people depend on stored food to survive the winter.
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