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  1. More restrictions in MD coming up then... MD is becoming more and more focused on literally forcing players to get to mp5 instead of letting them enjoy it their own way. One thing is sure: no matter what you do, you won't be able to force people to play MD. I'm not going to get to mp5 anyway. If I'm forced to do so against my will I'll simply stop playing MD (like many others did). I guess that I wouldn't be the only person doing so. But now I'm just going to get rid of my younger Angiens and only keep the oldest as a collector's value.
  2. Like I had nothing better to do but check who stopped playing or not... Sheesh! And she could still come back. Or maybe she's still reading the Forums. Whatever. Anyway, Voldon is still playing the game, so my thread is valid. Happy Birthday Voldon !!!
  3. Happy Birthday Voldon and Mysecka ! Why one topic for 2 people? Because they're a dude and dudette from Poland having birthday on the same day! That's kind of fun.
  4. Greetings, TGP.

    I've noticed that you get negative votes on virtually every message you put on the Forums. That's seriously messed up. I believe it's done by people who just dislike you and don't really care what you write. That's sick.

  5. I wasn't supposed to post any message in this section again, but... I still care about what happens to MD so here goes. I strongly dislike the idea of that kind of requirement. I don't have any alts myself and I'm not going to create one ever. I have only my main account and that's really enough. And that should be enough for most of the players. In my opinion, the true problem which leads to alt abuse is the existence of alts. Seriously, how many alts were actually meant for creating another character for role playing needs? 10 percent? Doubt it, probably even less. All the rest is used for storing additional creatures, goofing around and for all kinds of so called "alt abuse". And now you're planning to mess up the gameplay even more with those restrictions. So me and many other players at mp3 and mp4 levels, who don't have alts and don't abuse any MD rules will have to face the consequences. All the bored mp5s who send their drachs and other monstrosities to their mp3/mp4 alts will be fine, as their mp5 main won't face any restrictions. I'm at mp4 and don't want to progress to mp5. I have few Angiens which were obtained legally and I put a lot of time and effort into training them. And now me and other players who don't have any alts are going to be punished with severe creature downgrade because of abuse done by others? Excellent... I've noticed that most of the ideas and changes are only mp5 friendly. Mp3 and mp4 just need to quickly get to mp5 and be farmed and grinded into cat food by the "vets".
  6. Holly / Horse. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The descriptions don't fit me at all. Some descriptions just randomly fit some people who then say: "That's true, it really works!" That's my opinion.
  7. Please watch the "SAW" movie series if you haven't seen those yet. That's what happened to those of Jigsaw victims who survived his traps. Their old selves were shattered and they were forced to change themselves and their ways. " He helped me. "
  8. Hello DM! You won a Drachorn in the Xmas Lottery!

    Come to MD and get him!

  9. Thank you very much for your wonderful, generous gifts, Santa Mur! And for MagicDuel, of course! Merry Murmas!
  10. Greetings, my Queen! One more bid from me: 7. Angien - 4 silver coins
  11. Greetings! Here are my bids: 11. Pimped Grasan - 3 sc 12. Pimped Grasan - 3 sc
  12. Edit: Whatever. Nevermind.
  13. Edit: Whatever. Nevermind.
  14. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1291991374' post='75045'] Get ride of your creatures and nobody will EVER bother you AGAIN. [/quote] A typical aggressive reply from you, dst. No manners at all. That's my first and last time when I directly reply to your rude and pointless messages. You're a person who is truly capable of putting people off MD Forum and MagicDuel itself. I didn't say that I don't want to fight ever again and never meant that. That's obvious. I just wanted to say that Sanctuaries are a very important part of MD and there should be no messing with it. Especially with preposterous ideas like "no logout button". What you offer is that I got rid of all my creatures. So, dst, you're a moderator here and also a LHO? Oh goodness...
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