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  1. Hello I'm not so old player, these are the games played: [list] [*]1 Ikariam Italian server Alpha (it.Ikariam.com), nick Asgardh, ally LOTO playing around 2Y,8M. Played other server, accounts were donated to other players. [*]1a Ikariam Test server (test.ikariam.org) 2 account Asgardh and Xenator. Used to test any update and strategy to grow better and help between accounts. [*]2 Tanoth Italia server 1(s1.tanoth.it), nick Asgardh, gilda Walhalla playing around 2Y and 1/2. Highscore 260 [*]3 Shakes & Fidget relative new couple of month., Start helping my son to understand better how to grow his character on server Nr 1. [*]4 Runes of Magic Server Draiotcha second year characters Asgardh (Druid/Warden 50/55) and Senator. [*]5 Magic Duel No comment. Since last November. Lot to learn and to do ( ) [*]6 1100AD Server Grail (PVE) towns 6, pt 1653662. Few months, still under investigation. [*]7 Shaya Beta Italian release. Few days doing test on game [/list] Games left: [color="#FF0000"][list] [°]1 Pokemoncraft to slow and "stupid" cause they don't use the fight difficulties [°]2 Ogame (few rules to let new player survive oldest). [°]3 Battleknight UK server. Boring due to long time needed to reach any interesting items at level reached and poor chat communication [°]4 [/list][/color]
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    Hello Great player sign-in before me. I'm still a newby player with a lot to learn. Let me submit my request to join this group.
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