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  1. Have you tried picking up a torch and dropping it?
  2. Welcome back Glaistig! I've only read about you in the forums but you seemed to be quite the character back in the day. :D You may also want to read Aethon's articles as he is a very active new player that has breathed some new life into MDA.  :) As for your questions: 1) Small daily free style RP or just social gatherings, as they can help newcomers get a grip on the realm (or at least the combat system, depends on what they ask and talk about) so long as they are in easily accessible places and the people taking part remain open. Big RP events and quests are good for shak
  3. Happy birthday Pip! May you not take root in some lone corner. :)
  4. I would even say first half of February, but later half of January is good too.
  5. Thank you No one!  :)   Well, Ungod, consuls are elected every three years and there are two of them and they share the kingship items. However, we cannot uphold such a system anymore as there are few of us remaining and even fewer active on a daily basis and willing to take the job, and so I've simply proposed to be the sole leading character (queen) until I retire.   Here is the old description of the consuls.   [spoiler]Executive – Consuls Two citizens shall serve as the Consuls, or chief executives of Loreroot. The Consul is the face of Loreroot; the Consu
  6. Greetings all!   As some may have noticed, Loreroot hasn't had an official leader for months since Eagle Eye became inactive. However, on November 9th (last Monday) I have raised a question to my fellow Lorerootians if they would like me to be their leader until the day I retire from such a position. To keep the voting from going on for months with no signs of ending, as it has happened in the past, I left the poll open for a week and kept a message about it on the Mood Panel, as well as contacted all I knew, so that only the remaining active Lorerootians could respond to it.   A
  7. Happy birthday Esmaralda! I'm glad to see you stir again :)

  8. It probably means that your creature can still grow stats by winning fights even after being maxed.
  9. Congratulations Aethon! May your fire burn on and your notebook never run out of paper or ideas. :)
  10. Lintara ID: 202332 AD: 1789 Mindpower 5 Pomegranate, because the berries taste so good, the seeds are pleasantly crunchy and, when cut and split open, the fruit looks like a flower made up of rubies.
  11. Thought I'd try my hand at it too :)   http://storenow.net/my/?f=1338730df04d0d72d225119e0356aa5f
  12. Happy birthday gonzalocsdf95! Hope you have a great day and may you always have ideas you can draw. :)
  13. Happy birthday Chewy! Live long and prosper :)
  14. No wonder there's thunder outside tonight. Happy Birthday Marvolo! :D
  15. You got it, Shem! Party from 19ST at Root of the Matter!   Party some other time  ^_^
  16. Happy birthday Mallos! Hope you have a good one :)
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