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  1. Happy Birthay, Assira! I hope your garden grows into a mini jungle. :D
  2. Sorry for the late reply, Windy, however, while I don't mind the current description too much, I should point out that Lintara is a tall catlady with wings and scaly dragon legs and talons for feet, not a short Red Fox. However, she still has a sharp sense of smell.   That aside, I like the story so far. :)
  3. Happy Birthday Lord Corg! May you have a great day and an even better year. :)
  4. Currently only 3 festival days have hosts - April 16th, 19th and 24th. Please contact me in forum or in-game if you wish to host a day or hold a quest during one of the days. :)
  5. Shoo the dustbunnies away, let this topic be awake again.   Happy Birthday Syrian! May you have a great year ahead of you. :)
  6. Happy birthday MaGo! May you always have some bacon at your side. :D
  7. Greetings everybody!   This year MD Birthday is going to be organized by the members of the Kings Council (KC in short): Maebius, Lintara, *Syrian*, Kyphis, Menhir, *Grido*, Azull, Jubaris, No one, darkraptor and Dark Demon. The Birthday festival will start on 14th of April and will last 11 days.   All members of the Council can go directly to Chewett to request anything needed for the days (rewards, tools for quest creators, spells/tools for organization and etc).   We encourage the involvement of the community i
  8. Happey birthday Amber and Jubba! May both of you have a good year :)
  9. No, he isn't a consul anymore and he has left the game over a year ago.
  10. Happy birthday Tankfans! May you have a wonderful year. :)
  11. Happy Birthday Aeo! May you have a great day and a positively eventful year. :)
  12. And the voting is over. The results are:   1st place: Aethon 2nd place: Miq   The rewards ceremony will be held at Gazebo of Equilibrium on 20ST on Monday, 4th of January. :)
  13. Submissions closed. The voting poll will be up until January 1st. 
  14. Thank you Phantasm and may you have have a good stay and happy holidays as well. Merry Christmas! :)
  15. Be well Neno and take care. Sorry for your loss.
  16. Greetings everybody! With all the Christmas (or Murmas) preparations going on and clickie quests going active, even the most seasoned adventurer would start feeling peckish. And what snack fits the season better than some freshly baked cookies. Oh, but before you go bake another batch, here is a contest to make it more fun: bake an MD themed cookie! It can be anything from a creature to a character to a scene object.   The rules are: • only one cookie photo can be submitted per participant, posted in this topic updated: two photos of the cookie are required per participant
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