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  1. Happy birthday Eagle Eye! May you have a good year
  2. Happy birthday Burns! Don't forget the sparkles
  3. All the submissions were fun to see. Results are up on the main post.
  4. Creature Pattern Creature Core
  5. No Chewy today, so no jumplinks either, sorry.
  6. Due to only one participant showing up, the contest is cancelled. Thank you Sunfire for staying over all that time. I award you with a gold coin and return you the two silver coins.
  7. As announced in https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3982, here is the thread for posting the logs for all the improvisations today. Dance, verse, drawing or whichever you prefer. I will announce and reward the performer of the best performance over 3 days. Rules The logs must be posted by someone else, not the performer Have fun!
  8. This is a contest where people are collecting pieces of MD Birthday cake off each other when they win battles against one another. At the start of the round, all participating get 3 pieces of cake and take turns to attack each other. For every lost defense, the defender gives their piece of cake to the attacker. Every 20 minutes, the participants receive 3 extra pieces of cake. At the end of the round the host of the round (*Eagle Eye* for morning and Lintara for evening) writes down the amount of cake each of the participants gathered and announces the top 3. If the participant goes of
  9. The forest of Loreroot is home to many kinds of creatures and who knows what creatures may lurk deep within the thickets. For this quest, draw a Loreroot-themed creature in its different stages, write a description for them and post it on the forum. Rules It has to be your own work. ( so no creatures already existing in MD) The pictures are drawn by hand, preferably. Rewards 1st: 3 gc + GG drach + 4 wookie points2nd: 2 gc + angien + 3 wookie points3rd: 1 gc + 2 wookie pointOthers 1 wookie point for participating Que
  10. While this was done last year also, it was still a fun quest. Write a new recipe or make a new ritual of how you would make cake or a cup of tea with the ingredients found in MD and post them in this thread. Rules Only the ingredients found in MD are accepted. Rewards 1st: 2 gc + 10 SC + 4 wookie points2nd: 1 gc + 5Sc + 3 wookie points3rd: 10 sc + 2 wookie pointsOthers 1 wookie point for participating Quest will be open until the end of the festival. Results 1st: Nimrodel, 2 gc + 10 SC +
  11. This quest is a classic for all the MD events. Simply choose any avatar you want and decorate it using any editing way you want for the MD Birthday festival and post it on this thread. All editing forms allowed. Rewards 1st: 1 gc + 4 wookie points 2nd: 10 sc + 3 wookie points 3rd: 5 sc + 2 wookie point Others 1 wookie point for participating This quest is open until the end of the festival. The results are 1st: Ungod, 1 gc + 4 wookie points 2nd: dst, 10 sc + 3 wookie points 3rd: Nim
  12. Sometimes the realm of MagicDuel can be seen outside the game. Sometimes it’s fun to piece scenes of the realm from separate photos. The theme of this quest is collage. Simply snap a few photos in Real Life, create a collage of your favorite MD scene out of them and post them on this thread. Rules Photoshop editing allowed. No using MD screenshots. Have fun! Rewards 1st: 2 gc + 10 SC + 4 wookie points2nd: 1 gc + 5Sc + 3 wookie points3rd: 10 sc + 2 wookie pointsOthers 1 wookie point for participating
  13. Why not extend the quest until the end of the festival? More chances for someone to take part then. Also, by no editing, do you mean that the objects have to be colored by hand or that no submission post editing is allowed?
  14. Happy birthday Sunfire! May you have a great day and a successful year.
  15. 1) 200 unidentified herbs -> Camouflage Cloak (48 hours to weave) Hides you in the Active Players in scene list for 30 minutes. Alternatively works like the ghost spell but changes your name to ~Camouflaged~. Device: Frame Loom Location: Defensive Quarters Interior 2) 200 branches or 400 sawdust (3-4 hours for burning) -> A pile of Ash Use: can be used as a fertilizer for increasing herbs regeneration rate or gives the user the effect that increases the amount of bushies gained from 1-8 to 3-10 per plant for 10 minutes. Alternatively can be used as a resource, fo
  16. Happy birthday Miq! May your trout never go bad.
  17. Pressing the clock icon under the newest post takes you straight to it also. (If you are using condensed view, the clock icon is next to the new post) Also, if there are more than 1 unread comments in the topic, they are separated from the read ones with a thick blue line. Furthermore, apparently streams can be shared ( one I am using now is http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/discover/22/ ), made default (press the small tick icon next to its title; that changes the Unread Posts button to the stream you ticked) and accessed directly via bookmarks and they are found under My Activity
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