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  1. (This started off as an idle in-game roleplay chitchat but it turned out quite fun, so we thought of posting it up for others to continue :D)


    On a quiet night of winter at the Gazebo of Equilibrium, three ladies - Nepgear, Josephine and myself - were resting from the regular sparring and admiring the soon-to-be-decorated tree and the work that the Elves were doing.
    Upon further thought, Josephine wondered if the elven workers needed something to eat - surely they were working long. She thus offered them some of her sandwich, which sparked an idea. One idea led to another and what was to be a little snack grew into something more. With agreement, I have recorded the little event, cleaned out the combat messages and now post it here.


    [17/12/18 21:00] *Lintara*: *cheers for the elves* Woohoo!

    [17/12/18 21:01] *Lintara*: *smiles and waves* Evening all!

    [17/12/18 21:02] :Nepgear bows

    [17/12/18 21:02] Nepgear:Good evening ~

    [17/12/18 21:02] *Lintara*:Ah, rise, Neppy. It’s not some official meeting. *smiles* How are you today?

    [17/12/18 21:03] Nepgear:Hmm, I’m alright

    [17/12/18 21:03] Nepgear:How about you? *smiles*

    [17/12/18 21:05] *Lintara*:Oh, tired but alright.

     [17/12/18 21:07] Fang Archbane:Mmm... pizza

    [17/12/18 21:07] *Lintara*:Everybody loves a pizza

    [17/12/18 21:10] Nepgear:I’ve wanted to ask.. In your opinion, what is the strongest creature in the realm right now?

    [17/12/18 21:12] *Lintara*:Well... I don’t know exactly. It depends on circumstances and there are still some creatures I’ve not heard of or seen.

    [17/12/18 21:12] Josephine:Hello *smiles*

    [17/12/18 21:12] *Lintara*:Hi Josie! Have you met the elves yet?

    [17/12/18 21:13] Josephine:I saw them earlier.. I did not want to distract them from their busy work

    [17/12/18 21:14] Nepgear:Hello ~

    [17/12/18 21:14] *Lintara*:Ah, don’t worry - they’re so diligent, they won’t bat an eye if you’ll play a tambourine at their side.

    [17/12/18 21:30] *Lintara*:Hi Jakubhi!

     [17/12/18 21:31] Nepgear:Hello Jakubhi ~

    [17/12/18 21:32] *Lintara*:Shall I set some defense or are trees good too?

    [17/12/18 21:38] Nepgear:Good enough for me, but if the others need something else, that’s fine too

    [17/12/18 21:54] Nepgear:Eh, I feel so lazy today

    [17/12/18 21:54] *Lintara*: *laughs* That’s fine, you don’t have to grind every single day.

    [17/12/18 21:57] Nepgear:Hmm... maybe you are right *chuckles*

    [17/12/18 21:57] *Lintara*:I can’t raise my hand to grind today either. *smiles* But there’ll be other days for grind.

    [17/12/18 21:58] *Lintara*:Ohh, Josie wrote something new!

    [17/12/18 22:01] Josephine: *smiles* Not very exciting, I’m afraid.. but it’s me

    [17/12/18 22:03] *Lintara*:Ah, simple start tends to be the best. Mine began with a doodle in a notebook one day.

    [17/12/18 22:11] Nepgear:It’s nice to see the tree getting prepared bit by bit

    [17/12/18 22:12] Nepgear:Reminds me of the time when I first arrived to this realm. It was not long before last Murmas.

    [17/12/18 22:12] *Lintara*:It sure gets the hype going. Especially when it snows.

    [17/12/18 22:43] Josephine: *offers the elves some of her half eaten sandwich* they must be tired and hungry by now

    [17/12/18 22:45] *Lintara*:True, and they will be working for days now.

    [17/12/18 22:45] Josephine:I shall make sure I bring provisions for them *nods and adds that to her list of things to do*

    [17/12/18 22:47] *Lintara*:Oh, bushies should make a good snack. Umm... *rummages in her bag* Oh, hold on, I’ll go get a piece of tree bark. That would make a good platter for the bushies.

    [17/12/18 22:47] Josephine:That’s a wonderful idea

     [17/12/18 22:53] *Lintara*: *darts back, holding a piece of bark and carefully places it onto the platform by the elves* A piece of bark, as the earth that grows life.

    [17/12/18 22:54] *Lintara*:Hm, would lining it with aromatic and unidentified herbs be a bit too much?...

    [17/12/18 22:56] Josephine:I think it would be a nice touch

    [17/12/18 22:56] Josephine:All I have is a half eaten sandwich and a fluffy omelette... *frowns*

    [17/12/18 22:57] *Lintara*: *chuckles a bit* Those are fine too. Eating just bushies would get boring for the elves.

    [17/12/18 22:58] *Lintara*: *rummages in her bag and pulls out a bundle of aromatic herbs and a bundle of unidentified herbs* Josie, Neppy, come help me arrange these.

    [17/12/18 22:59] Nepgear:Hm, alright ~

    [17/12/18 22:59] :Josephine takes a few of the herbs and starts to arrange them delicately on a part of the bark

    [17/12/18 22:59] Josephine:It’s like mystery salad..

    [17/12/18 23:00] :*Lintara* passed Aromatic herbs to Josephine

    [17/12/18 23:00] :Nepgear does her best to help with the arrangement of the leaves

    [17/12/18 23:00] :*Lintara* passed Unidentified plants to Nepgear

    [17/12/18 23:01] *Lintara*:Oh, oh, try to make it look like a nest.

    [17/12/18 23:02] Nepgear:That’s a good idea, the bushies will look like eggs in it

    [17/12/18 23:02] Josephine: *smiles and carefully weaves the herbs into a circular shape* I like that

    [17/12/18 23:03] *Lintara*: *smiles, while placing tealeaves on the sides of the bark* It might help the elves feel more at home.

    [17/12/18 23:06] Josephine:There we go! One herbnest

    [17/12/18 23:07] *Lintara*:Excellent! Place it in the center over here

    [17/12/18 23:07] :Josephine carefully moves the nest to the centre of the bark

    [17/12/18 23:07] :Nepgear grins

    [17/12/18 23:09] *Lintara*: *rummages in her bag and pulls out a handful of bushies* Hm, I think I’ll go grow another bush. 3 bushies are not enough for 4 working elves.

    [17/12/18 23:10] Nepgear:I have some too

    [17/12/18 23:10] :Nepgear passed Bushies to Lintara

    [17/12/18 23:11] *Lintara*:Oh, thank you Nep! Meanwhile, could you and Josie place these rainbow candy in the nest? It would make for a sweet surprise for our worker over here.

    [17/12/18 23:12] Josephine:I have a candy too! *places it gently in the nest*

    [17/12/18 23:13] :Nepgear carefully places the rainbow candies in the nest, trying to make it look good

    [17/12/18 23:13] *Lintara*: *looks in her bag* Ah, sorry. Looks like my Elu was hungry.

    [17/12/18 23:13] :Josephine chuckles

    [17/12/18 23:14] *Lintara*: *places one rainbow candy instead and arranges the candy into a circle shape, then places the 4 bushies* 4 Bushies for our 4 friends over here.

    [17/12/18 23:14] Josephine:Oh I know! *places some gravel in a mound away from the tree*

    [17/12/18 23:15] Josephine: *carefully puts a heat stone in the top of the mound* It will get cold too with the snow!

    [17/12/18 23:15] :Josephine warms her hands

    [17/12/18 23:16] *Lintara*:Good idea! Oh, I’ve even got a some branches *pulls out a handful of branches and arranges them in a cone around the stone.*

    [17/12/18 23:17] Josephine: *smiles* oh it’s all lovely! I hope it cheers the elves up

    [17/12/18 23:18] *Lintara*: *chuckles* Well this little branch tent for the fire sure picks up the mood.

    [17/12/18 23:19] *Lintara*:Though I wonder... Do they drink? Bushie wine after all the bushies might be too much, but we’ve got plenty of water.

    [17/12/18 23:20] Josephine:Oh good idea..

    [17/12/18 23:20] Josephine:I have some mulled wine too!

    [17/12/18 23:21] :Josephine passed Mulled wine to Lintara

    [17/12/18 23:21] Josephine:Here, I’m sure there’s enough for all

    [17/12/18 23:22] *Lintara*: *claps her hands excitedly* Splendid! *rummages in her bag* Well, these nut shells may be good for holding the drinks. What do you think?

    [17/12/18 23:23] Josephine:Aww *chuckles* that’s actually perfect

    [17/12/18 23:24] Nepgear:That could work *smiles*

    [17/12/18 23:25] *Lintara*: *chuckles* Then these will be the finest cups. *sets aside 4 empty nut shells in a line by the festive tree bark* .

    [17/12/18 23:27] *Lintara*: *carefully fills them with the mulled wine and hands it back to Josephine with a smile* Hold onto it, they may need refills later.

    [17/12/18 23:27] :Josephine nods and smiles

    [17/12/18 23:27] :*Lintara* passed Mulled wine to Josephine

    [17/12/18 23:30] *Lintara*:Oh, this would make an excellent festive log. Is it okay if I’ll take records and post it up on the forums?

    [17/12/18 23:31] Josephine:I don’t mind, it might get more people to look after the elves *smiles*

    [17/12/18 23:33] *Lintara*:Neppy, what do you think?

    [17/12/18 23:33] Nepgear:It’s fine by me *smiles*

    [17/12/18 23:34] *Lintara*:Alrighty!

    [17/12/18 23:34] :[Spell] Whispers of the past, please speak to the present

    What else might the working elves need? :D 

  2. 1 hour ago, Nava said:

    There is a way to affect the AL.  And this isn't it. It all must be done in game and you must treat the current circumstances as real, as they are very much real in the game world where you exist.  That is why a thread such as this has a minimal impact compared to actually engaging the problem in game.

    Trouble is, unless given meta knowledge by those who were there, nobody else can join in the AL because the AL still hasn't caught up to the actual reality of the game. The Red Service is months since over yet the AL is still stuck covering the middle of it:


    Page 564 [2018-07-27 17:14:09 - One Man, Many voices]
    Fighting over the old man, hounds for scraps of experience and lusted power, the shades fought to maintain the link to the him. Eager to feed on the rage of combat promised for them. The reinforced barrier allowing him to be present outside the wall clouded their ability to control him. Each shade feeling something akin to emotion. Lust overpowered confusion and they pushed what power they had into the frail being.

    It has indeed been dragging on for too long. It would be understandable if the organizers were still waiting for MRF to return, since he was one of us "summoners" and he did have a task of finding some mp3's to spar with in Necrovion in front of the Little Old Man. MRF worked separately and his efforts at the time were overshadowed by all the hype about the Eclipse. However, even if MRF returned now, it would be a separate arc, especially with the Little Old Man changed to what it is now. As such, how many months should it take for the AL to at least finish the Red Service arc when there's already a log of it posted up on the forums? How many remember the green text message right after the ceremony pointing at the dark clouds gathering above Necrovion? Did anything even happen there then or was it just a false foreshadow?

    As for the altars being blocked... It's a terrible choice either way. If they are meant to be restored by the players, then the clues given for that are too scarce for RP right now. If it is a story element, then it has outstayed its welcome in an arc that should already be finished. If it is just meant to cause an uproar later to get some fire going when the action dies down... well, congrats, it kind of did that but at what cost.

  3. Read it yesterday, just needed a moment to reply. Linny is slow. :blush:

    I like it a lot that the door is officially open to more people now and how much hope it brings for everybody. It'll be hard getting used to the apparent boundaries of what can be done by players not being so tight anymore. It also poses a challenge - breaking my own habit of writing down and setting ideas aside or just telling them to the nearest person at that moment so I wouldn't think about those ideas anymore just because at that moment they don't seem doable. Still, it's a great relief that there'll be somewhere to point passionate people at. There are many I wish were still around for this, but people right now are eager for action too. It's also good to know Azull and Sushi found their place. Way to go, you two! :) 

  4. Taming in MD seems to be the player's ability to collect special resources from creatures when the creatures are under some condition or mood induced by certain items from the player's inventory. For example, items from Elecu Bration can only collected when it is feeling happy and "Rich", and resources from grasans can only be gained when they react to wiiya gas. 

    Since the resources are gained not by the creatures giving them to the player themselves but by the player collecting them, I imagine that the icon would look like the act of collecting. Below is a picture I drew of the player's hand carefully  collecting either colored paper or skin. 


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