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    Crafting with beads, choir, dancing, computer games, dragons, history or nature documentaries...
    Also occasionally reading a fantasy book or two, or watching anime. =^.^=
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  1. All's well here, Chewy. Hope you had a good rest!
  2. Happy Birthday Aia! May you have a great year
  3. Happy birthday, Miq! May you have a good year.
  4. For a sketch, this has already the quality to be placed in a scene. Very well drawn, Aia.
  5. Habby birthday Dhyone! I hope you'll have a good year
  6. Lintara

    King of Golemus

    Congratulations Miq! May you serve Golemus Golemicarum well.
  7. Happy passing of the year Aeo! Have a great cakeday
  8. (This started off as an idle in-game roleplay chitchat but it turned out quite fun, so we thought of posting it up for others to continue ) On a quiet night of winter at the Gazebo of Equilibrium, three ladies - Nepgear, Josephine and myself - were resting from the regular sparring and admiring the soon-to-be-decorated tree and the work that the Elves were doing. Upon further thought, Josephine wondered if the elven workers needed something to eat - surely they were working long. She thus offered them some of her sandwich, which sparked an idea. One idea led to another and what was
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