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  1. I think its a good idea. As a newbie im trying to get into the game, and find ways to seek more knowledge and insights. But at times its annoyingly hard. I mean i spent time reading archives, following chats and exploring lands and gameplay. Still not sure what questions to ask, and how to seek deeper about the theories i got. Some lecture or hearing how elder players reason i think would clear the air a lot for me, and set me with questions and a way to move on with them. And get me more into the mindset to gain more from experiencing the game. It feels a bit sad as well that the entries b
  2. thanks man.. ill ask if it is any =)

  3. Welcome to MD! If you ever need help feel free to message me!

  4. I found Mini-quests very worthwhile. Well made, some parts easy, some more challanging. They covred a many different elements and those one knew was quick done, those new i learned from. I think its very good quest for new mp3, partly for the learning and getting into roleplaying, but also getting the feeling of being on the way and getting things done. And also getting small rewards was nice. Getting on with evolving. Its a good continuation on the first running around everywhere clicking on everything exploring, this was an in depth exploration of the realm and game. So i will warmly r
  5. Pine fresh MP4.. Whii. Story mode - Tick Tick Tick Tick... T..a?..ick

  6. Thanks for good swift answers.. Yeah, i guess reading it comes a lot easier once one is more used to it, and see whats important hehe. At least the log and creautre stats got me into willow´s last night..
  7. Hey there.. Thanks.. Have you thought of making that Belladonna text into a book in the archives? i couldnt find anything on it there..

  8. Hi :) Welcome... I hope to see you around

  9. Hej.. Me battle animations dont cover the entire battle, spec now against the willow guards when they tend to fight a bit longer. Id really like to be able to see it all, reading them round for round is kinda time consuming.. anyone knows why that is? anything to do bout it? Cheers! Z
  10. Cursing people by burning their picture..? i light the fire with newspaper daily.. hmm

    1. Sharazhad


      Thats ok if the pictures are of lazy politicians, Hollywood junkies and Justin Bieber

  11. I didn't read it because when one Hosts, they cannot submit a piece to judge. They can share, but not judge. Because there was a mishap involving the times, I was allowed to have my piece judged as consolation to that.

  12. It was great fun. and finally found a reason to get me thumb out and write something properly. I liked your poem, a lot - why didnt you read it the first story night?

  13. Ello, there! Thank you, very very much, for attending Story Night.

  14. Reading, waiting, lazy-writing.. i better make a pot of tea. and figure out how to update me forum profile

  15. In the details about Deadly Nightshade i just found i the game it states "The plant berries pose the greatest danger to children because they look attractive and have a somewhat sweet taste, but they are extremely deadly even in small quantities." And that is true. With a tiny twist to it. In the beautyful berries there are Seeds - and its them that are poisones as old pickles. The fruit in it self dont contain atropine (the poison).. So in the mongolian part of the world, some women sit with tiny wooden spoons and remove the seeds from the fruit (not good to use anything sharp and damage the
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