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  1. thanks man.. ill ask if it is any =)

  2. Welcome to MD! If you ever need help feel free to message me!

  3. Pine fresh MP4.. Whii. Story mode - Tick Tick Tick Tick... T..a?..ick

  4. Hey there.. Thanks.. Have you thought of making that Belladonna text into a book in the archives? i couldnt find anything on it there..

  5. Hi :) Welcome... I hope to see you around

  6. Cursing people by burning their picture..? i light the fire with newspaper daily.. hmm

    1. Sharazhad


      Thats ok if the pictures are of lazy politicians, Hollywood junkies and Justin Bieber

  7. I didn't read it because when one Hosts, they cannot submit a piece to judge. They can share, but not judge. Because there was a mishap involving the times, I was allowed to have my piece judged as consolation to that.

  8. It was great fun. and finally found a reason to get me thumb out and write something properly. I liked your poem, a lot - why didnt you read it the first story night?

  9. Ello, there! Thank you, very very much, for attending Story Night.

  10. Reading, waiting, lazy-writing.. i better make a pot of tea. and figure out how to update me forum profile

  11. Good day to you. Thanks.. new day to try and find me way.

  12. Hello and welcome.

  13. i suspect... if you ever thought of MD when having sex... ...
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