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    It is great to take your soul or so called photo of you..
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  1. the second one is great! i discovered them on my first days inhere...
  2. Bunny's team is getting stronger and stronger :))

  3. I need help, could someone help me?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Evil East

      Evil East

      I am stucked in a place called Tunnel of War and I do not know how I get there? Someone could help me to escape form that one...?

    3. Chewett


      How did you get there? if it was during story mode then you just need to wait

    4. Evil East

      Evil East

      OK, I see. It is during the story mode..I will wait a little more than. Thanks

  4. Troubleshooter or Sharpshooter?

  5. From one famous time nobody shaves me for a plum!

  6. Hello! i see that you are in the Guerilla!

  7. There is no vulnerable heat?

    1. Asterdai


      what does vulnerable mean?

    2. Evil East

      Evil East

      it could mean everything...

  8. This realm makes me feel strange

    1. Prince Marvolo
    2. Grido


      I haven't touched you, so I wouldn't know myself

    3. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      At least you feel something

  9. Tosshs, how are you, buddy?

  10. it seems nothing is impossible...mh

  11. it comes from the far evil east and...

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