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  1. From dst RE:RE:RE:Help request Do I look like I care? RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Help request Yes I CARE! I care so much that I will go and hide in the darkest corner of my house and I will cry until I will run out of tears! My life has no goal anymore cause you don't like me (((( ps:there's an ignore list for PMs. Be glad! You're the first on my ignore list no comment
  2. offer 1 gc and 5sc 4. Bloodpact - Current Age: 378
  3. I asked to DST about Underland, her alliance the answer You'll not find info about the Underground as a land. Check the forum. There is a dedicated subtopic. LHO not because I like to help people. I did it to experience this side of the game I dont like to ask something from Live help as newbie.. I dont know what you expect from forum you intent to make me negative reputation. as Veteran user ,LHO you think you are doing good , I dont think so What you have to know I dont like you, dst...
  4. 13 silvers for both marksman Add complement magic sing a song 'You are so beautiful for me~ '
  5. Hi! I'm Balcknights Dark hourse in MD I love your contest wish me a good luck! I'm clumpy with English so, be understandable 1) To make a gril friend on white christmas. Why not I usually have relationship with girls for a short-term. Spetially, I didnt have a girl friend on christmas I even dont know white chiristmas wii be coming Why yes I spend time with a girl friend before it was fantastic night.. Why I expect more thing to do for my partner. Unfortunatly, I dont have a girl friend this seoson So i keep trying to go out .... 2) To have better life : immi
  6. Fly me to the sky & let me play among the star~ What a lovely day it is !

  7. I'm Mp3 .. In my case, I will recommned to invest Extra Features, Permanent Boost you can choose whatever you like.. specially,Espartano is right... Imp Imperior aromors (golden colored aromor) is good critures .. if you dont like IMP you can sold it & buy colored grasson will be good way.. Colored grasson is more usefull for starter... Have a nice day! ! !
  8. I'm doing her miniquest... Totally, recommend to Mp3 ... I was looking for Quests ... I did lots of quests , not all of quests i couldnt finish .. a kind of difficult for me... Anyway, Mini quest was quite interesting ... Indeed, It will be good start for newbie to understand MDA world...
  9. I'm still looking for it... Hide & seek Who's gonnabe winner this contest.

  10. Hi! I'm willing to sell 2 aged elemental (untokened) if you are still interested in the trade , let me know send me PM
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