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  1. Great Guba

    WTS SW

    I'll have to pass then
  2. I could add 5 silver maybe. 2 gold 5 silver for Weaver.
  3. Mea culpa, Chewett. I was using that public place for the first time, and did not quite realize how it worked.
  4. Nice suspense build-up! Can't wait to see you deliver )
  5. Maybe you are right... How about if I add some charcoal background? before:[attachment=3026:bird sea avatar 3.gif] and after:[attachment=3027:bird sea avatar 4.gif] Who is the judge in charge of accepting or rejecting avatar submissions?
  6. Yes, the one I have as avatar on the forum. I prefer to style myself as a rebel spirit, which is well represented by storm petrel, a sea bird. As I understood, my submission was rejected because of inconsistency with MD style. I am trying to understand what was wrong - as the picture is pencil drawn as required.
  7. I recently uploaded my avatar, but it got rejected quoting "not MD style". What would you recommend to change in the avatar to increase its chances of acceptance? I would really like to have a sea bird as my avatar in the game.
  8. Agreed the purchase with xrieg. Much recommended.
  9. Want to buy heat-infused creatures with 3 mln heat Want to pay 2 silver
  10. Auctioning away a venerable BloodPact Archer, Age 1070, Stored heat 80k Will run the auction for one week, best offer wins. Starting price 7 silver
  11. 8 silver for the 20-day old Sharp
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