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  1. I think it's a cool idea and yes, I would support it.  However, there are some good points made about other things that could use money.  I'd be happy to donate more money to see worthy things come to fruition.
  2. You are most welcome, everyone.  I had too much and I knew many have too little.  And I love to give.  Merry Christmas!
  3. I won't change my mind... just everyone post for yourself or a friend.  And have a Merry Christmas!
  4. Okay, one more try... [img]http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa407/katrynr/Howtocatchacat.jpg[/img]
  5. Sorry my post is so late, but thanks ever so much for my tag. I've wanted it a very long time and it makes playing MD so much sweeter.
  6. This is my fave, got it in an email. Damn, the image won't post.
  7. I am not vegetarian, though I fully sympathize with the idea that animals should not be slaughtered to be eaten. I try not to think about what happens in the farms and know that I could not slaughter my own food, thus, if left to my own, I almost certainly would become vegetarian by default. In addition, when I think about being eaten alive, as does sometimes happen with animals and humans (remember, there are parts of the world where tigers, lions and sharks are the top of the food chain), it really makes me have nightmares. I don't encourage my cats to eat live bugs anymore. For a
  8. I would like two things: - My MB citizenship back. I lost it through a series of events, not by punishment, and it was always intended to be restored to me. So far, there have not been enough MB citizens online to vote me in. - The tag "Lost Princess". I have always rp-ed being a princess marooned in this land, and I have certainly been around long enough to have earned a tag.
  9. I recently also had several hours of the 'call center experience'. The first wing of people spoke English so badly I could barely understand them, but they all understood the word 'supervisor'! Isn't it sad, though, that you often have to be angry in order to get satisfaction? I'm really an overly nice person normally.
  10. I would send each of you a message individually, but I don't know how to get a list of MB citizens. Let me explain why I'm trying to gain citizenship. Marind Bell has really been the only place I've ever actively wanted to be a citizen of. I originally had citizenship, then I joined the Water Dowsers and I had a problem with too many people attacking me for loyalty. I finally made a decision to quit the guild, and I lost my citizenship when I did. Kets became queen, and she eventually restored my citizenship. Then Dragual Monarth and I had a very public wedding and I wa
  11. Me too, me too! I have many addresses from last year but always willing to add more!
  12. Fig Figs are an ancient fruit that has lent itself to biblical stories, fables, expressions and art. Most do not require cross-pollination, and the fig plant gives latex as well as fruit. The fruit sustains many species as well as humans.
  13. Seigheart, I have a 5 gold note... is it too late for me to be included?
  14. I had found one of the ones posted in the avatar shop, so I think that they may all be in the shop now, rather than in Asterdai's vault.
  15. Well, we aren't really considered NE, either, we are inbetween regions. Sorry, I know I'm being difficult. But I did vote.
  16. There's no DC, and where I live is not "really" Virginia. So I'm voting Maryland.
  17. I'd love to do it! Anywhere on the central east coast would be easy for me. Midwest or NE or SE probably doable. Farther away would be doubtful.
  18. I hope everybody's holidays have been good so far. Happy New Year!
  19. I can say that I enjoyed the gifts and Santa, but maybe I would feel differently if I was one of the ones who didn't get gifts or got missed. Some people have been playing a lot in the last 6 months or so, but it didn't make up for their earlier missing ADs. I think that's kind of a shame.
  20. I will put myself up for auction. I am pretty much inept at everything useful (just ask Dragual Monarth), but I am very empathetic and try to be as attractive as possible.
  21. I will send out cards as long as I keep getting addresses. So don't be shy!
  22. I am sending out cards, too. Please send me your address and I will send you mine.
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