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  1. I haven't been in the Labyrinth in a while... eh.
  2. So I don't have this bug in HTML5 on the crit's page, but I do occasionally get this: Yet, as mentioned before, I am able to finish the creating of the ritual with dragging the error icons. As seen on this screenshot not every flash module in this page has crashed. Sometimes they all do, sometimes less. This is on xubuntu 18.04, Firefox 64.0 but since it's not consistent in the result I will put my bet in the latest Flash update, which in my system is from early December, and I haven't noticed this issue in the previous months.
  3. Don't worry, using Linux it's the same. Apparently the Flash is broken again. Well done Adobe. Somehow I manage to complete creating the ritual while the flash is broken, I just ignore the error icons and drag them around For me it helps that almost all of my crits are named individually.
  4. Fire Starter

    Nava Rising

    Hmmm, just like one of my thoughts from long, long time ago: "And may the Shadows lead You towards the Enlightenment You seek."
  5. Oh, damn. Thank you Ungod! LOL, I've almost forgot I haven't celebrated yet :D

    1. Ungod


      You haven't? Blasphemy! 

  6. First - thank you. This was something I've read with joy. I haven't spend that much time in MD for too long. Sadly, I am not to be considered yet, due to many RL issues, that continue to multiply, instead of leading me back here... As always, the hope remains 😏
  7. And yet not quite useful indeed... Since a land is not usable at least the Crier could be relieved from his duties. We know the Crier didn't get payed, so perhaps it's partly our fault, but it can't be said that "all is well" in a land, which is under special treatment. Perhaps as a "Town Crier", we could have several, stating for which town they cry for. And if one/more of the towns has nothing to brag about, it's Town Crier stays silent till the next significant change.
  8. 9 GC + 80 SC for the dark Angien. And you can see my inventory at the Oak Fort. I am open for discussions if you see something in there, which you might like.
  9. Fire Starter


    If that's a quick sketch I am hungry to see how it comes up when you dig in deeper
  10. Also the Forum is now spamming my e-mail, which never happened before. And having 2-3 words in a line just ruins all the reading. Hell - I am using the good old 1024/768 on a good old lappy and that layout still fails to fill even 20% of each line. I just don't get it why it has to be so compressed - I feel like I am retarded or similar and can't keep track of more than 3-5 words per line.
  11. Add: Either this, or the forum designers really haven't taken all the possible uses of that layout.
  12. Win8 sucks. As most win do, but most of us don't have time to pay for it, or learn, switch and grow with smth better. Come on! This is so horrible I can hardly believe it's even happening. In the roughly 15 years I've been using computers I've seen some awful changes in software overall, but this beats them all, LOL The only way I can justify this awfulness is Chew playing with it
  13. Nothing more inspiring than a Daydreamer. Just don't stop!
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