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  1. mine isnt quite hungry too it seems poor elus will all starve to death
  2. Champion Fighter Mallos - for his surprising passage in the equilibrium tournament Outstanding Service to MD Lintara - MD birthday, Quest ranger, TTC Prime Quest Zleiphneir - Arachnid artisans
  3. Either state what you want or dont state anything at all... It seems like he just withdraw because of the persons involved since they bid the minimum offer If he wanted more he shouldve picked a different preference Im not an involved party so i wont officially complain, just voicing my oppinion
  4. You stated a minimum and players bid above but it's notinteresting?
  5. now that is a hard choice cant i pick them all? ill go for the elu
  6. ill follow the latest trend and post my list of items im looking for and what i have on offer. WTB: rare creatures common items: WTS: SHMSH fenth common items: resources: 2 Briliant diamond 5 movelock stone 5 attacklock stone
  7. http://storenow.net/download/da7b1746d172836d83679776448f5c19/next_creature.gif
  8. when browsing in my creature list i noticed that the next/previous creature doesnt work on my unholy popes (maxed, not sure about other levels) fresh remains also dont have these buttons until you level them i haven't tested to see if it is for all fresh creats noticed it goes the same for knators in a quick test, however water beings, elementals and toxic seeds do have the button when fresh
  9. im afraid that next week is unavailable for me (have an exam 30th so will need to study) so someone else can have my spot again
  10. i wont make the heat requirement in time, someone else can take my place
  11. *Sunfire* 197614 sacrifice heat august 16th
  12. i think it is quite clear depletion is not an abuse, it has been a part of the resources and it will remain so, otherwise they would've made something to prevent it some years ago. If you do some foumsearching you'll see that it was made with the possibility to deplete... Nadrolski banning Darkraptor for this depletion in Marind Bell is not a good reason, seeing he depleted inside Loreroot himself. Or would this give a Loreroot toolguard the authority to grabban Nadrolski? No, the toolguards were assigned to locations which only have certain tools so depleting here or there should be trea
  13. extract from correspondence with Mur: see it as our solution to the void of power, the East is well capable to choose its leader how it wants to, no matter if its official or not
  14. @Aeoshattr you seem to forget that Mur is the demon of the East, he rules the land by force, however we Easteners have a leader of our own, and the demon even wants us to have a king, on his terms however yet we wouldnt be Easteners if we didnt do things our own way let me ask you a question Aeoshattr, what is a king?
  15. So Mur has not recognised the role yet, that matters little. It is not a crown or a title that makes you a leader.
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