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  1. it would be a gamble to sign up with only tokened creats, but i would advise against it some rounds might include tokens, others might not, it would be a pitty to lose a round on the matter of not having usable creatures @Blackshade I'll accept the sponsorship if any mindpower reaches 8 participants (if both do i'll ask TK to sponsor the other)
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to announce the third edition of the Mystery Tournament! This tournament isnt like any you have seen before, sign up here to prove your skill in battle. As the name suggests, this tournament has some twists, in this case it means that each round will follow different rules, which will only be made public moments before the round is bound to begin. however a few rules will be the same for all rounds: each round will be a statless competition, meaning no influence (0%) and no tokens, no combo, unless the round's rules state explicitly i
  3. Barren Soul - 11th anniversary Edition - 851586 - 669 days - 17SC
  4. After both Juba and Ledah scored a 3 - 1 victory over MRAlyon the victory would be fought over between theses two prime fighters. at midnight they gathered and saluted eachother before they started their dance of death. accompanied by the oooh's and aaaah's of the crowd the fight went on from one side to the other. but in the end only one could be crowned king of fighters. Jubaris, reinging champion showed formidable effort to honor his title. Yet it was the wisdom of the elder that changed the battle outcome. Ledah, champion of the caretakers and THE veteran of MD has sho
  5. the third battle was over before it even began. it was obvious when the contestants entered the arena that one person's equipment (aka creatures) was not in comparison to the other one. it shows that a good preparation is half the work, but we applaud Mercurial Spectre to have the guts to step uo and try to show it to those fossils Jubaris will go on to the next round the next round will be something special... since Fang Archbane uttered he is too afraid to fight since he doesnt want to be humiliated by Ledah we are left with 3 contestants for the top 3 spots each cont
  6. the second fight had been looked forward to with great eagerness when the draw was concluded 2 of the masters of creature combat would go toe to toe in a battle of strategy and wilpower. this evening these two champions met and held an epic clash but as it goes only one can win when the sands of the battleground finally started to settle again the one left standing was ...MRAlyon this concludes the second fight, only one first round fight remaining: Jubaris vs Mercurial spectre the former tournament host vs a new name in this tournament, who will come out on top? find out mor
  7. if you need another tester for mp6 im happy to help
  8. after a few rounds of hitting an receiving one victor stood on the sands of the battlefield. Ledah, champion of the Caretakers was victorious over Sunfire, Emperor of the East. with this win this fossil proved to the masses that age is but a number and that strength does not lay in your arm, but in your skill i can only hope that the following fight will prove to be just as dramatic and with just as great results Find out more ..."soon"
  9. the draw has been made, the dice decided your fate these are the matches: Ledah vs *Sunfire* MRAlyon vs Eon Mercurial spectre vs Jubaris Fang archbane goes to the next round by default (luck of the dice)
  10. greetings Aia i would like to host this for mp4 too but then we'd need at least some 6 participants, however 8 would be better Ars alchemy had already contacted me in this regard and was going to se if there was an interest to hold a tournament. perhaps you two can join forces and see if you can find enough members. any other interested mp4s, please contact me in a forumpm as to not clutter this topic, if enough candidates present themselves ill open a topic for you guys
  11. applications have been posponed til 11th of januari. rewards have been added
  12. tainted angien tho the joker is nice too and you're all forgetting the pimped grasan
  13. Greetings all this Christmas we shall celebrate life by embracing it while we dance with death. therefore we will have a combat tournament. Jubaris has granted me the honor to take over the torch of hosting his Equilibrium tourney so below you'll find the description in short. The rules: - Statless, tokenless, comboless, knockout tourney (offensive and defensive win) - Allowed creatures: Recruitables (NML, MB, NC, LR) + Imps, Pimps, Sharpshooters, Soulweavers, jokers, Blood pacts and anniversary creatures. - Max 2 freeze auras per ritual - Only m
  14. from your topic i would say we're moving backwards back to the days of GGG and this "to help the Young Blood farm stats" is exactly what i mean. farming stats shouldnt be the end purpose. I've seen idiots walking around with brute force stats but they dont have a clue about combat. Yes you can win many fights then but where is the challenge, what is the point?
  15. skilldam stat i wouldnt call skilldamage stat like Eon has the biggest problem currently, since you (Eon) are pretty much the only one left with it and your days of training are mostly left behind you i've seen. (unless you'd decide to return to your old habits since i dont see an actual BHC taking place any time soon) fair fights against lower MPs: MP3: i believe this would be the answer to the risk discussed before (VP and VE) however i dont believe letting the mp3s fight at 100% of their stats even would give them a fair chance due to creature limitations and the low amount
  16. on that note you could link it to the announcement board at no mans land, i remember there being some ideas to put quests and events upthere, perhaps give people the oppertunity to post new notes on the board (announce real time events or so) you could link it to the renewed questpage too to shout if a new quest is launched or about to conclude as for locating landmembers i'd also say that is overpowered and frankly unnecessary, there are other tools in the md shop to easier track someone if you decide you dont want to cast a locate spell.
  17. ill just ask if you remember why GGG was removed?
  18. I would kindly ask not to post entries yet as we are discussing judging methods. We wouldnt want your hard work to be in vain. Good luck md and start rhyming
  19. Can you extend the deadline till around newyear, ill have some free days after christmass to give this a try
  20. the first person to actively help me in my first days was Fyrd Argentus. i joined about the same age (16-17) so he helped me to see the realm in small understandable steps. As for an LHO, the one that helped me most back then was BFH lightning. And according to my papers The phoenix helped me out too back then, but unfortunately i can't remember him. after that i've had a variety of mentors (Shem, Nim, ...)whom im very thankful for what they did, for i wouldnt be here now it it wasnt for them
  21. are you only interested in coin or in other things too?
  22. congratulations to the victor! and this concludes this tournament, I hope you all had as much fun fighting as i had coming up with tormenting rules to flip the tables in every round. I want to thank everyone that participated and i hope to see you all again on the next mystery tournament coming "soon"! 1) Jubaris: SHMSH fenth+ att lock+ movelock + anniv 12 2) Lintara: 2 gc + attlock + def lock + anniv 12 3) Mralyon: 1gc +attlock + movelock + anniv 12 the victors can contact me for their rewards (except for the annivs, those are rewarded by the wookie)
  23. im awaiting the battle of Lin and Juba, then we'll have our winner but the anni's are for MRA, Lin and Juba
  24. alright, i've received all your lists so now we can go to the final round (with some delay, sorry for that). we have witnessed how good you can master your creatures in forming an ultimate ritual. but now comes the real challenge... how well can you fight with creatures that are not your own! for this round you will need to fight with creatures that are not in your possesion. you can use any (legal) means to fulfill that condition. Start bribing, buying, hiring, recruiting, casting, or any other alternative. (to clarify, you can use any creature , i'll check the IDs from the log with
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