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  1. Item 5: Barren soul, 11th anniversary edition. Starting bid: 15 plushies 21 plushies Item 6: 12th anniversary creature. Starting bid 15 plushies. 21 plushies
  2. Wind dragon 65 plushies 43 min 22 hemicar
  3. Wind dragon 60 plushies 43 mine, 17 hemicar
  4. Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 55 plushies 43 mine, 12 hemicar
  5. Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 50 plushies 43 mine, 7 hemicar
  6. Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 42 plushies
  7. Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 35 plushies
  8. a first finalist has stepped out of the shadow, his name is... Sunfire!
  9. as requested Mr Wookie, posted in the forum when the illusion was cast on me the others noticed an error message on my avatar the message was this (but it dissapeared after a refresh): Warning: Division by zero in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php on line 907 on a sidenote, could you fix my VE/VP too, didnt notice it was broken yesterday evening
  10. this round has been concluded with the following victors: Ledah Jubaris *Sunfire* *Syrian* let us move on to the draw for the second round the dice have decided the fate again giving us the following matches: Syrian vs Ledah Sunfire vs Jubaris
  11. here are the logs attlogs quest.docx
  12. I've just had a fight with some nice effects, try to beat this (0%, close to no combo): poor Phantasm wont be ugrading any creatures soon
  13. a second victor has emerged, Jubaris has come out on the top of the foodchain in his group
  14. i have received the green light from the wookie to resume the tournament if you notice something odd during or after leaving the illusions do let us know if people are interested in bughunting feel free to contact too
  15. due to some technical issues the tournament is currently on hold dst can you contact me?
  16. most of the population just sits and talks at the GoE, this small crowd attracts those that want to train and those that are looking for a chat. at days of tranquility, grinders wont come and the GoE is mostly quiet 90% of us guys have been here for years, theres not much new for us to discover when exploring, theres only very rare acces scenes we havent seen yet and not likely we even will in our md carreer. training is a bit of a brainless pass time but it brings more people together. the noobs also see there's "nothing to do" given ther are seldom quests running and we mostly
  17. and we already have a first winner, Ledah goes through to the next round!
  18. with the current setup i will need to be present when the matches take place to put you guys in the illusions so that is when im goin to inform you of the rounds. so all 3 need to be present for the fights. to keep the mystery for the other teams i kindly ask not to spoil the rounds to the others if there are some that still need to finish their round. ill post the rule for the others when the round has concluded about the illusions: there has been much work on securing those but it is best to not stay in them longer than needed, even more, after the round is finished
  19. after a draw at the GoE, with the dice to decide you fate, here are the groups for the first round: Chewett Lintara Jubaris MRAlyon Syrian Hemicar dst Mallos Ledah Aia del Mana Sunfire MRPip more news on round one "soon"
  20. after discussing we have decided not to allow MP3s in this contest
  21. deadline to sign up has extended to 20 april rewards for mp5 posted
  22. the alt will receive the price too then ofc MP3s i'll have to discuss with the team
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