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  1. 2x unaged pimps (4) 2x unaged pimps (3) 1x unaged pimp (7) 1 aged imp infused with enough exp to max (6) 1 aged pimp infused with enough exp to max (5) 1 silver coin (8) 1 water daimon with 4.2 million exp on it. (2) 1 aged joker with 1.2 million exp on it (1)
  2. Angien: 262 days old, 104K exp Joker: 45 days old, 12K exp, i bid 3 sc EDIT: i withdraw my offer a more interesting one appeared
  3. *refresh* *refresh* *refresh* darn!
  4. selling fresh imp age:2
  5. i think this is a bad idea even now there is a huge gap between the mp4 and mp5 levels even with some maxed creatures and some shopcreatures i hear it is very hard but now we cant even have a maxed heretic archer, how will we survive against them vets with maxed drachs, angiens, etc i think raven's idea is good as it would even all the odds
  6. I, Sunfire herby end the truce between me and the reserectioners brulant and blade kuroda i do this for my own reasons
  7. Your hair it looks so fair your face oh such grace those lovely lips if I could only touch them with my fingertips and these adorable breasts on which I’d like to rest and your lovely waist for which you certainly shouldn’t be shamefaced and your legs which make me beg and these tiny little feet only the sight of them raises my heartbeat you are just perfect, you see a perfect match for me you are as gorgeous as a fairy my biggest wish would be that you would marry a simple boy like me So Dst would you be the valentine for me
  8. i confirm there is a truce between me and brulant we each have our goals regarding sasha but as brulant said, we need more information (me and brulant both have the chatlog so you can allways ask)
  9. your name: Sunfire player age:164 and interest in helping: i love to write,and i find it very nice to see such an event that connects all those people who have that in common. so it would be an honor to help with this i would like to apply for take the position of a host, and if that is not possible an advertiser
  10. count me in EDIT: ill never get my parents approval for this sorry, would like to help
  11. Superlative Orator (Debating) Sephirah Caelum Helper of the Year (Grido can't be nominated) Mya Celestia
  12. 1) get a gf why not, far to shy why yes, i am a good person why, do i need to explain this? 2) write my own book why not, not a good writer why yes, i really like to write (see my papers) why, i like fantasy stories but non are from dutch/belgian writers 3) i'll get to this later
  13. guards are prisoners

    1. Azull


      But the drinks are good

    2. Pipstickz


      You have one person to thank for that...other than yourselves, of course.

    3. Sharazhad


      who guards the guards?

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