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  1. #2 9sc EDIT: no bidding against you take a closer look
  2. Sunfire

    If not MD...

    doing homework or gaming on my PSP, mostly fifa or reading, now I'm reading Magician by Raymond E. Feist
  3. 2 sc on 'the other one'
  4. 2 angien 2 408 days - 2sc 7 bp archer 107 days - 5sc
  5. ID:666297 ID:695685 ID:700775
  6. yes it is very nice thank you again (hmm now to click to get me enough credits to open the feature) ill take a while, 12days +/-, if i can get on every day
  7. [quote name='Blackthorn' timestamp='1301895225' post='81801'] OOPS I got the age wrong...sorry...If this doesn't work for you...I will try it again. The first is the one I like best...but unfortunately since the rules have now changed against using software to improve the drawings...I will have to upload the un-eited hand drawing...Which I don't think is as nice..ah well. OK I tried to adjust the picture and give you the 28ish age...let me know what you think... [/quote] im not sure about the hair (image 3) this knot is not like my char so im thinking about some other ways hmm mayb
  8. Sunfire


    because the biddings have not given me the prices i am aiming for the bidding has been extended with a week will edit original post
  9. I have no idea of trade values so I bid: Child's Pimp Age: 64 Tokens: Claw I, kelletha fire, antifreeze, stardust, onyx fangs, gold belt, sunshine. Stored heat: 530, 559 3 sc Child's Angien Age: 179 Tokens: Claw I, emeraldglare, stardust, darkshield, onyxfangs, goldbelt, sunshine Stored Heat: 321, 580 3 sc EDIT:typo
  10. question: what would be the value of a SW? (i do not have one sad enough)
  11. Sunfire


    [u][b]BP[/b][/u] Stored Heat 111006 Age 206 bid: 8sc udgard [u][b]imp[/b][/u] Stored Heat 169445 Age 200 bid: 6 sc blackthorn SOLD contact me [u][b]joker[/b][/u] Stored Heat 425847 Age 18 bid: 6 sc frostas SOLD contact me doubting to sell this one so convince me [u][b]sharp[/b][/u] Stored Heat 146890 Age 50 bid: 10 sc blackthorn bidding ends 24 hours after the last bid on friday 8 april
  12. can you draw me a Pyromancer a youngaged man +/- 28 years (not too young, not old) in a traditional magiciens robe with a arragant smile and a bit know-it-all look ask if you need more details
  13. 2x unaged pimps (4) 2x unaged pimps (3) 1x unaged pimp (7) 1 aged imp infused with enough exp to max (6) 1 aged pimp infused with enough exp to max (5) 1 silver coin (8) 1 water daimon with 4.2 million exp on it. (2) 1 aged joker with 1.2 million exp on it (1)
  14. Angien: 262 days old, 104K exp Joker: 45 days old, 12K exp, i bid 3 sc EDIT: i withdraw my offer a more interesting one appeared
  15. *refresh* *refresh* *refresh* darn!
  16. selling fresh imp age:2
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