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  1. clicking paper cabin scrolls that used to give you menu items triggers empty pop ups. havent tested what it does with an mp3 on first visit.
  2. Swordsman 1: 5 sc (me) Swordsman 2: 5 sc (east treasury)
  3. The tournament has finished, be prepared to greet your new champion! but let us begin with the beginning, the fight for bronze: Ledah vs No one No one was so impressed with Ledah's path through the tournament he kindly bowed out to maintian his honor. (Or the other world kept him from completing his fight is in a reasonable timeframe). Leaving the MD truest fossil as bronze medalist, proving that age is just a number! And now, the main event, the legendary fight between a (former) king and a god! Jubaris vs Chewett! this much anticipated battle more than deliver
  4. The final round, this is it guys, the battle for the title... We have the Wookie on the left side, champion of the Lands of the East! And on the right side we have an experienced challenger, i present you Jubaris representing Marind bell! And in our battle for the third place we have an East matchup, SoS against CT. History coming to life again in this fantastic contest. I present you No one and Ledah, may the best Eastener win!
  5. Ledah and chewy already went toe to to with a 1-3 score, good luck to the rest
  6. Draw concluded Team 1: Fang archbane Jubaris No one Team 2: Chewett Ledah Dst
  7. And that concludes the first round. Mallos unfortunately had to step back due to creature hibernation. Ledah managed to beat MRAlyon in a close fight. And in a battle between a demigod and a queen the wookie ended up as victor This gives us the following competitors: Jubaris No one Fang archbane Dst Ledah Chewett Next round will be in groups of 3, then you have 2 att and def, a win gives a point. Most points wins. Draw to made soon
  8. Our second battle was a duel of the Seal of Six. No one and Sunfire clashed in a fraternal scuffle. in a tactical game it clearly showed No one came out on top. The third battle was over before it even began. After the draw Rophs was clearly afraid of his mighty opponent Fang archbane and went into hiding in the forest of Loreroot, disguising himself as his nutty family. so halfway through the first round we have the following victors: Jubaris - MB - SoE No one - LotE - SoS Fang Archbane - GG - MR
  9. In a first battle of the fossils the dust flew wildly. Their creaking bones could be heard from a mile away. But when the dust settled one could see Jubaris triumphing over over Aelis' broken ...dream
  10. The draw is finished, here are the first matchups. May the odds be in your favour Fang archbane - Rophs Mallos - dst Jubaris - Aelis Lintara - Chewett Ledah - MRAlyon Sunfire - No one
  11. Signups closed, draw to be announced in the moodpannel "soon"
  12. The problem is that LHO only have a limited idea of what goes on at gateway. Perhap allow them to spend some time there, then you can cluster them. As for RPC it depends on what meaning you want to give that title I never met Jonn unfortunately but i can be a new Grido, i've been lho for a few years but my availability makes it unwise to become one again. But I can work behind the curtains to make things work smoothly.
  13. Last day to sign up! Clarification on allowed creats: this tournaments first edition ran when no swordshades or molimas were recruitable. The spirit of this tournament is that you work with the basic creatures so both young and old have a fair chance competing. Root warriors howeverare allowed since its just a premium tree.
  14. Another year, another tournament. Do you think you have what it takes to be a champion fighter? Then join the fight now and show us what you got. The rules: - Statless, tokenless, comboless, magicless, knockout tourney (offensive and defensive win) - Allowed creatures: Recruitables (NML, MB, NC, LR) + Imps, Pimps, Sharpshooters, Soulweavers, jokers, Blood pacts and anniversary creatures. - Max 2 freeze auras per ritual - Only mind power 5 this time. (if people of lower mindpowers want me to hold a tournament you can contact me and if we find enough members
  15. Some sort of land guardian then Mallos? That could work. Tho im more a fan of the faction idea. Mp6 works towards an idea and gets followers in the process. Once mp6 he could even create an alliance. If the mp6 falls the alliance ends. Question then is if you want to base alliances in lands
  16. Age isnt a great indicator of combatstrength. I would suggest an exponential % stat diminishment. Players would then need to sign up to heads like they do for bhc
  17. Lands are too small currently to hold a tc, perhaps a capture the flag or king of the hill with 2-3 teams could work.
  18. How about not banning players with previous victories but giving them a handicap that goes up with their amount of HC wins. We could let the system "forget" wins after x time so it wouldnt be a too high handicap that stops them from participating
  19. I have contacted Azull and Fang already and collected some data. I will contact you soon with the findings once i have managed to put it in a decent format. I am aware changes wont happen soon but i am curious what we will be able to make out of it. But aside what we mp7 think , what do you guys think our role is?
  20. Yeah but the thing is in md you need to work to gain something. So provide the prepwork and you might get something.
  21. Id rather say casting costs principle points And yes alternative ways to gain principles should be introduced
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