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  1. you are free to fight your opponent, but try to keep within a decent timeframe (2-3 days from the day of the draw ideally).
    this is to help with difference in timezones.

    as for the dicerolls etc i rely on your fairplay, you can send me the logs in case of doubt or disagreement.
    if both parties agree on the outcome you can simply post here.

    i must admit i havent tested with berserkers much so i cant say how gamebreaking they are.
    if you feel that it ruins the concept of the tournament then yes they are forbidden too.

    Forbidden list: Moss, Berserker

    if any party has found a victor with the use of this creature you can do the fight over.

  2. Thank you very much my esteemed ...assistant

    hereby we provide a creaturelist per land (if you see anything odd you can let me know)

    Creaturenames also include their colored varieties (eg aramor is also Imp and Anniv)

    NML: grasan, aramor, barren souls, shmsh, berserker
    LR: sharptear, knator, daimon, ele, toxic, tree
    NC: shade, horseman, up, ts
    gg: drach
    mb: winderwild, heretic, ele, angien
    mda: molima
    fantasy: nutty, santa, joker, morph
    unknown: tainted, windy, bullet, aqua, minotaur, darkling


    And without further ado here is the draw of the first round:

    Else vs Tamu
    Jubaris vs Poppi chuloz
    DG vs Ledah*
    Ungod vs Nepgear
    Lashtal vs Aia
    Chewett vs Pipstickz
    Redneck vs Steno

    * In case Ledah doesnt revive in time i will take his place

    Good luck to all the losers!

  3. I, Sunfire, Emperor of the East do hereby step down from any claim to executive power within the East. After the transition from Empire to the dual landstate under king - grand duke Chewett i had considered to take up office as representative of the East people in the Ma b'East council.

    However after discussing with some fellow citizens and carefull consideration i have decided not to persue this avenue.

    It is time for the East to have a new voice leading them and i believe we have found that in Chewett.

    I look back on my reigning period of almost 4 years with great happiness and pride of what our nation has become. We were able to unite under one banner after years of internal arguments. Upon realising this we have been able to fulfill projects with ease when our minds were set to it. 

    It is with great sadness that i step down but is time for a new way, both for the East and for me. The future is unclear but how exciting is that. My time and energy did no longer allow me to be the ruler the East deserves to have. For it is a great land with even greater people.

    I look forward to the days to come and the surprises it will hold.

    Long live the grand duke!



    Former Emperor of the East

  4. The disastrous pub night

    Day 124 of prison time. I have finally found the courage and clearness of mind to put my story on paper. It isn't one I'm particularly proud of, it is why it has taken me so long to write it, to face it even. I tried so hard to forget it but it is carved into my memory. 

    It was a casual Sun-day, I was at the pub with Ledah, having a few beers. We were laughing and cheering and having a great time. All until Ledah received a message, he suddenly turned serious and asked me something. My answer did not please him and we got into a discussion. Voices were lift and it eventually escalated into violence. Until it as suddenly stopped as swiftly as it began. And Ledah laying on the floor, blood running along the side of his head, and me standing above him with a broken bottle in my hand. And the sad thing is I don’t even remember what we argued about. Knowing Ledah it must have been something silly. ...How did it get this far? 

    The panic and regret filled my heart, but my head was filled with a dark cloud of treacherous reasoning. I dragged Ledah onto a carpet and rolled him into it. Then I wiped all the glass away and cleaned the spilled drinks, put the tables and chairs back in their places, when they weren't broken at least. Luckily pub fights are a commodity so there are no questions about a few tables or chairs less. 

    I lifted the carpet onto my shoulder and carried Ledah with me to the drywater temple. There I held a short little private ceremony before I burned him on a pyre of broken chairs and tables, scattering his ashes in the 4 corners of the East. 

    It didn’t take long before people started asking questions of his whereabouts. An excursion of the East foundations I uttered. And of course, as time passed by many search parties went there to find him. But not me, I sat down at the drywater temple, trying to face what had happened. 

    I grew apathic and violent, pushing everyone way. My only friends I had left were the pubkeepers as long as they supplied and the nightshade dealers for as long as I had the coin. I was alone, drifting towards insanity, floating between high and hungover. Some tried to talk me back to the land of reason, saying it wasn’t my fault that Ledah got lost. He was the village idiot after all, it was no surprise he would lose his way even if he walked a straight line. But it only brought me further down. The flow of days and faces passing by seemed endless but so did this torturing guilt. 

    Lady Ailith was one of those faces who stopped by at times, out of respect of what friendship we used to have I think. She lengthily tried to persuade me to give up this life and start living again. I got angry and lashed out at her. She was struck down to the ground, with a fine line of blood running from her temple. Flashbacks immediately appeared to that cursed night in the pub. My hands started shaking and I dropped to my knees crying. As Ailith got back onto her feet I confessed to her. 

    The following weeks were a blur. Was there a trial, or not I can’t remember. Was I dragged to jail or did I put myself here, I am not sure. How long do I need to stay here? Probably not long enough but little do they know that I'm eternally caged in my mind. Day 124 and I'm through withdrawal, my head is clear again and I can think again. It is time to face my punishment. Here I sit and here I will stay. Out of respect of Ledah, and all those friends I have let down. It is time I become the man I used to be again. 


  5. If you want to join an alliance you will need to find out which land you want to join.

    Joining a lands alliance makes you an inhabitant of the land.

    Some lands have more than 1 alliance too so inform about what each alliance stands for too.

    Us veterans can point you to the right people if you have questions.

  6. In Flanders fields

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow

    Between the crosses, row on row,

    That mark our place; and in the sky

    The larks, still bravely singing, fly

    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago

    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

    Loved, and were loved, and now we lie

    In Flanders fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:

    To you from failing hands we throw

    The torch; be yours to hold it high.

    If ye break faith with us who die

    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

    In Flanders fields.

    Major John McCrae – 1915

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