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  1. Unfortunately we ll have to proceed without Steno, he currently is unable to fight. Next round: Else vs Poppi DG vs Ungod Aia, Redneck and Pip form a group of 3, best 2 proceed
  2. Else vs TamuJubaris vs Poppi chulozDG vs Ledah*Ungod vs NepgearLashtal vs AiaChewett vs PipstickzRedneck vs Steno one fight left until the next draw
  3. i would be in favour of this illusion dojo, this way the people still learn things but get no stats from fighting in illlusions (and this i would keep this way). i do wonder if you intend to move illusions to all mindpowers then or if when you enter the training illusions you become mp2 or mp7. if so this could also be used to help the regularly training mp3/4 that are looking for targets. i would think the arena in GWI aside the exit option could also be used in that regard, but then the island would need to be easier accessible from the mainland perhaps. and yes this does provide
  4. In the past there have been sales of hot creats that go for about 1sc/mil. But those were used primarily by mp4s to uncap and get a bit stronger before moving up. For big numbers there was a bulk discount. This does favour grinders since they have the ability to heat up crits while not overheating themselves. But is it still balanced enough in a way that most grinders put less effort in other fields like resources etc. So the question is if we need a system in place to do it.
  5. you are free to fight your opponent, but try to keep within a decent timeframe (2-3 days from the day of the draw ideally). this is to help with difference in timezones. as for the dicerolls etc i rely on your fairplay, you can send me the logs in case of doubt or disagreement. if both parties agree on the outcome you can simply post here. i must admit i havent tested with berserkers much so i cant say how gamebreaking they are. if you feel that it ruins the concept of the tournament then yes they are forbidden too. Forbidden list: Moss, Berserker if any party has fou
  6. i have received valid questions from Lashtal, i will post them here for all to see: " do we re-roll between each fight?" yes, each fight will mean a reset of the handicaps " what if i have no valid creatures for the requirements?" your opponent automatically gets a point
  7. Thank you very much my esteemed ...assistant hereby we provide a creaturelist per land (if you see anything odd you can let me know) Creaturenames also include their colored varieties (eg aramor is also Imp and Anniv) NML: grasan, aramor, barren souls, shmsh, berserker LR: sharptear, knator, daimon, ele, toxic, tree NC: shade, horseman, up, ts gg: drach mb: winderwild, heretic, ele, angien mda: molima fantasy: nutty, santa, joker, morph unknown: tainted, windy, bullet, aqua, minotaur, darkling And without further ado here is the draw of the first round:
  8. rules and rewards will be disclosed when the signup closes.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen We are proud to introduce you the tournament made perfectly to let Ledah win for once. In this edition in order to win you need to ...lose! Sign up here if you would like to try this unique tournament and see if you are worse than ledah at fighting! Signup closes at 17th of April 23:59:59 The only question that remains is: do you feel lucky? Rewards TBA
  10. I, Sunfire, Emperor of the East do hereby step down from any claim to executive power within the East. After the transition from Empire to the dual landstate under king - grand duke Chewett i had considered to take up office as representative of the East people in the Ma b'East council. However after discussing with some fellow citizens and carefull consideration i have decided not to persue this avenue. It is time for the East to have a new voice leading them and i believe we have found that in Chewett. I look back on my reigning period of almost 4 years with great happiness an
  11. Swordshade for first trivia, petrify stone for second please Thank you Edit: i see tissy already claimed the swordshade, ill pick the angien then
  12. The disastrous pub night Day 124 of prison time. I have finally found the courage and clearness of mind to put my story on paper. It isn't one I'm particularly proud of, it is why it has taken me so long to write it, to face it even. I tried so hard to forget it but it is carved into my memory. It was a casual Sun-day, I was at the pub with Ledah, having a few beers. We were laughing and cheering and having a great time. All until Ledah received a message, he suddenly turned serious and asked me something. My answer did not please him and we got into a discussion. Voices wer
  13. Item 5 - Wind Drachorn egg, 2678 age - 34
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