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  1. Heh... lol... I'm in storymode atm. and I don't log on that often for now, but when I saw the announcement with my name in it I was bit shocked !! Luckily the mood panel was there to remind me of the date Nice one, hope no one took it too seriously...
  2. ...or there could be a shining moon above it or something like that... would really like to see the finished version of it...
  3. I have a question... isn't Storynight about the same time... ???
  4. when trying to register so that the vote counts- "Email Incorrect!" (the email is the same I have here and the spalling is right) weird ???
  5. Well, like I said- I have no camera here to take a photo and no scanner to scan my drawing that's why I did it in paint and I did with only using the pencil tool, no brushes (it's size was 1x1), but yeah it's not as good as the original drawing and it'll never be... just thought that maybe it'd be good enough for acceptance... and I need to use Photoshop anyways to make it transparent... might as well tweak the quality (and probably should add the MD before trying if it's accepted )
  6. [quote name='Phear the Wolf' timestamp='1293499601' post='76162'] Once uploaded your image will be reviewed for approval, if approved it will be added in the avatar list. [u][b]Only hand-drawn artwork will be accepted[/b][/u]. Avatar style must match the style of current MD avatars and contain the small MD letters as all avatars in MD do. Drawings should be converted to alpha, so they become B/W and transparent, not cut around the edges. [/quote] That's what I read too, but underlined part is what makes me wonder... if I made it in paint, using only the pencil tool, I infact DID draw it b
  7. I have a little problem... I have drawn an avatar, but I have no camera or scanner(and I haven't succeeded in makeing my printer work backwards ) but I have tried remaking it in your everyday paint program (it's not quite the same as original though)... and was wondering if those are accepted or I just have to wait until I manage upload my drawing... I set the paint drawn version as my forum avatar...
  8. hmm... seems that pen is mightier then the sword, if used right and kept sharp !

    1. Sharazhad


      where is the "like" button? :D

    2. Grido
  9. too bad I only read about it few days ago... would have loved to take part... guess I'll just have keep my eyes more open for next good and interesting quests...
  10. I once walked down Berserker's way, unknowing what might be to find, walknig down I found the ground speeding fast towards me... When I woke- on ground I lay, I find myself in bind, on my head there is a wound, hurting bad and bleeding... When I rose I start to wonder- say, "why did this happen" - looked behind and saw round thing in the ground, "so THAT's what made me fall" It had the smell of mistery, coming from inside... I picked it up and opened it, puzzled as I was... After that and after this, the thing was soon be solved and that was
  11. Thanks... already wandering around there and checking out the places and features... ...and it didn't seem like a threat or anything, just wondered if anyone wanted the honour of referring me ... so... ermmm... don't hit me with the fries, ok
  12. not making the account just to get to mp5 and to get someone a bonus, because... mp5... don't know what it is... don't wanna get punished... harshly... ok nevermind then... no one gets any bonus... gonna play now, so I can find out what mp5 is... there goes my good intentions
  13. well then... since I found this site all on my own and don't really have anyone's reference code, is there someone who wants to give me theirs... (can't really promise to become an mp5, cause haven't started playing it yet and don't know how well the game "sits with me" and also I have no idea what mp5 is... atm...)
  14. HI, I'm new here and found this game by accident... I read some of the stuff on the homepage, little bit of the guide, saw the screenshots and liked them so I thought giving it a try... on the registration page I saw the "referrer code" box and thought that I'd make someones day a bit brighter and ask in the forums if anyone wants to "refer" me... haven't registred in in the game yet- 1 day later shouldn't make much differents... and anyways does referring somebody give you some bonuses?
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