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  1. Thank you for the response It does seem obvious, but I just wanted to rule out an alternative possibility: that only the *concepts* of shapes are being evoked, so the shape couldn't be carved or drawn because it never actually resolves as an object, just a series of shape-related concepts. As in, instead of "looking" at a sculpture of, say, a person, I thought you might be experiencing the concept of person-ness [edit: I mean "person-shaped-ness"]. But that does not seem to be the case
  2. "It took two dozen people several hours to heal a tree." Could I ask how much effort it took to get the tree hurt in the first place? Would it be true to say that the fact of dozens of people working to heal the tree was enabled by those same dozens of people agreeing to act as though the tree had been hurt?
  3. Oh, wow, and I haven't even started fixing the lopsidedness yet! I'm happy that you liked it. I should have some time on the weekend to tweak the image and see if I can get it into the proper format. Once that's done, I guess we can figure out how to proceed from there. Edit to add a [i]slightly[/i] revised image: [attachment=2646:book-tree-revised-small.png] Edit to add avatar versions of both original and revised images: [attachment=2648:book-tree-tiny.gif] [attachment=2649:book-tree-revised-tiny.gif] Er, did I do it right? Is the "MD" visible enough...?
  4. Sorry for the huge delay; I've been swamped at work recently and don't have many brain cells left over for other things First, I've got to say that I was impressed at the amount of thought that you must have put into your choice of principles. I still only have a vague idea how mine might work together. Your essay inspired me to think about this at greater length. Mostly, though, I wanted to ask about the examples you outlined. I conceived (rightly or wrongly?) of your examples as simple circles: after being perturbed, the systems would self-correct and end up in the *same* equilibrium
  5. Rumi, I see you deleted your posts... are you still interested in some feedback?
  6. My name is misspelled... It's Kay Ing[b]il[/b]d, not Ing[b]li[/b]d -.-
  7. "Ever wondered why there is a sun?" My first response was, That's simple. There's a sun because, first, the laws of physics; second, because there are beings dependent on it who are intelligent enough to ascribe meanings to it beyond those of other stars and thus call it a "sun"; third, because of random chance that the laws of physics ended up the way they did, that a particular star arose in a particular location and acquired a particular kind of planet at a particular distance from the star, that life arose, and furthermore that intelligent life arose. So I wanted to say that it all comes
  8. The idea of adding chaos to stabilize a system made me think of vibrating shoe insoles that can help seniors keep their balance when standing (I had a vague memory of reading about this and found more information at http://www.sciencenetlinks.com/sci_update.php?DocID=195). In order to stand upright, we rely on constant feedback. Being unable to sense the feedback (because of decreasing sensitivity with advancing age) makes it harder to compensate for tilting and keep our balance. Injecting "noise" in the form of a vibrating insole helps the feedback pass the sensory threshold so balance can
  9. That worked perfectly. Thank you very much!
  10. When I first joined, my personal page/public URL/online profile showed some of my creatures, my papers, I think my stats, etc. But now it's completely blank. I'm not sure exactly what I did (it was months ago) but I think I clicked on the "personal page" link to the right, which called up an editing screen, then I hit "cancel" and everything disappeared. I might have done something else (quite possibly I deliberately deleted everything, not realizing I couldn't get it back); there might have been an error message at some point; I'm not sure. Is there a way for me to get the original versi
  11. When I first saw that figure, I had an unpleasant reaction to it: "That's not me. That doesn't represent me." Now I'm more used to it and can ignore it (it helps that it's covered in armour), but I still dislike it. One of the items in the shop means you get to see the figure a lot more often, and I resisted buying that item for a long time. I'd turn it off if I could. If the fight screen figure were a little more shapeless, or ghostly, or featureless, I think I'd be a bit happier but I'm not sure.
  12. I'd like to join! I think I'd be better at testing than at quest-making. If I can successfully do your quest you'll know it's toooo easy
  13. Thank you all! Ravenstrider, which parts do you think need most improvement? The base of the trunk being too thick, especially the root in front; the right edge of the trunk wobbling too much; the attachment points of the branches being slightly wonky; the lack of foliage in the upper right, making the tree look lopsided; the too-dark spots in the middle of the leaves... Are those what you meant? Or was there something else? The bark is just scribbles, I know, but if the image ever ends up being used as an avatar I think it would be too small for that to be noticeable, so that's one thing I
  14. I liked the idea of the open book... Here's my attempt: [attachment=2594:book-tree-small.png]
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