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  1. beautiful picture *smiles*

  2. i like your picture

  3. oops accidently deleted you as a friend, :( sorry

  4. awesome picture :P

  5. aww! but deba i wanna see! *pouts*

  6. Lupus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. how do i get to your post in the forum of the life and death situation? if i do not reply to this (am not online) then, if you have time, could you go to my profile and (there should be my email there) could you email me the link?

  8. *is reminded of her 9th grade language arts teacher*

  9. and im your first comment yay! :P

  10. shadow i miss you!!!!!!

  11. - 1 reputation... how'd i manege that.....

    1. aaront222


      i have -300 atleast from people negrepping me because they are annyoing like that

    2. keida


      i have no idea, maybe Marvolo, and lol aaront

    3. keida


      plus how do you make it negative???

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  12. pff. christmas is way passed

  13. haha you cant tickle me no more :P

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