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Status Updates posted by keida

  1. lol :P thats okay. nice to meet you btw

  2. long time no see :P

  3. how'd ya get him to stay still AND look at the camera?

  4. havent seen you in awhile :P

  5. yay! lots of friends here!

  6. havent seen aranna in awhile....

  7. Deba where have you been?!?! *huggles him*

  8. thanks, thats sweet :)

  9. you look so young! :P

  10. i love stewie

  11. long, long, loooooooong time since ive seen you :P

  12. okay added you back! yay! :P

  13. beautiful picture *smiles*

  14. i like your picture

  15. oops accidently deleted you as a friend, :( sorry

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