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  1. [quote name='lightsage' timestamp='1286717798' post='70040'] It's been like that forever, you lose in attack and you lose everything. This might be a good time to 'fix' it through. [/quote] Except that i didn't lose
  2. Here it is [log='Battle log']Loading Rannel creatures Loading magustrick creatures Applying 15% of Rannel's energetic influence Applying 50% of magustrick's energetic influence Influences for Rannel ###### Winderwild: poweraura, attackbonus Animated Tree I: regenaura Influences for magustrick ###### Hollow Warrior: doubleantifreeze Winderwild: poweraura, attackbonus Applying Rannel's Creature Tokens at 85% Grasan Huvourer's creature tokens [] Grasan Huvourer's creature tokens [] Winderwild's creature tokens [] Grasan Huvourer's creature tokens [] Lorerootian Archer's creature
  3. I started a fight with full VE but it fell to 0 after it - the problem is my VE is a lot higher then the 2594 i lost during the fight and its the only fight i have in the Battle Log Battle Log ~V~ ~L~ Player You lost Enemy lost Rounds Time OUT X ??? 2594 712 6 10-10-2010 14:45:01 replay
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