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  1. by the way, welcome to SoE :)

  2. hehe :) I'm glad you are, I'm sure you'll have much fun. A song of ice and fire is definatly my favorite book series by far :)

    One of rare things that get my full recommendation in every aspect all the time

  3. Am FINALLY reading Game of Thrones...Great!!!

  4. Hmmm...to be or not to be...is that the real question?

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    2. mocove


      Or the pretend question?

    3. aaront222


      Why did the chicken cross the road?

    4. Pipstickz


      Potatoes, or...no wait, there's no question there. Who'd choose rotten tomatoes amirite.

  5. Hello :)... Its funny when we spoke i assumed you were completely different. May all your days be shiny with sunlight.

  6. If LHW has anything to do with Smooching! dont do it Kaliopy, its a trap!!

  7. Hello Darling! Remind me to teach you how to LHW! (See papers for details)

  8. Hello! Hope your garden is coming along nicely :P

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