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  1. So i suppose stealing from lands and kings, is good too going against in game laws of different regions
  2. heheh thank you guys --- it was fun seeing pumpkin creativity
  3. I dont get it - Public Log Scavenger Hun Locate person' who's public log is posted in the quest! im new... Whats a public log??? and where can i find a quest?// An answer should sound like this; "press this shiny button, or press on person's name and then press next to the top of the scree." im new... i dont really know the terminology here --- half of this stuff i just dont understand
  4. by MD Character do you mean a person that is in the game or the creature??? --- or anything?
  5. Wow i really liked the song... you got a pleasant voice asterdai - just gotta boost up the quality and you can go to straight to American Idol. This was fun to do.. I loved people's ideas... I hope you'll be doing more contests in the future... even if it has no prizes
  6. A poem - Please read slowly and with all the commas, and stops. Read it with feelings(for some reason, poems make sense that way). I wanted to participate in this contest, but im still new to this game (8 days) - so, this is pretty much all that i know about MD - sorry if i get some things wrong, im still a mp3 myself - so i dont know much.. and i dont do poetry at all- this is like my 2nd poem in my whole life... But here, enjoy. [center]MD Noob[/center] I was born in paper cabin, Who is sorta like my mother. Live help is like my father, Who taught me to be strong. I ask a bunch of questions, And then forget the answers. I fight all day to win, And now my honor stinks. And every elder, asks - "What for?" I proudly say! "At least my Aramor is level 4!" And many many days i was exploring, The awesomeness of MD Story. And with each try to solve a quest, I have sent more than 50 different help requests. I role play like I'm tough, But fight, hoping on luck. Oh when, oh when - will i be mp4!? And they shall call me noob No more! But that day, is yet to come. And to my fellow noobs I say! "How dare you, fall into despair! This realm is yet to see us rise, We are its future and its life! For we are free in all our choices. Now raise your voices, - strive towards your dream, Whether it's to become - good King, or Queen, Or maybe an evil ruler of Necroveen. Be strong in spirit, and stand your ground - One day you'll understand this realm.
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