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  1. So i suppose stealing from lands and kings, is good too going against in game laws of different regions
  2. I think you fell off the edge of the earth. That must be what happened

  3. heheh thank you guys --- it was fun seeing pumpkin creativity
  4. I dont get it - Public Log Scavenger Hun Locate person' who's public log is posted in the quest! im new... Whats a public log??? and where can i find a quest?// An answer should sound like this; "press this shiny button, or press on person's name and then press next to the top of the scree." im new... i dont really know the terminology here --- half of this stuff i just dont understand
  5. by MD Character do you mean a person that is in the game or the creature??? --- or anything?
  6. Wow i really liked the song... you got a pleasant voice asterdai - just gotta boost up the quality and you can go to straight to American Idol. This was fun to do.. I loved people's ideas... I hope you'll be doing more contests in the future... even if it has no prizes
  7. A poem - Please read slowly and with all the commas, and stops. Read it with feelings(for some reason, poems make sense that way). I wanted to participate in this contest, but im still new to this game (8 days) - so, this is pretty much all that i know about MD - sorry if i get some things wrong, im still a mp3 myself - so i dont know much.. and i dont do poetry at all- this is like my 2nd poem in my whole life... But here, enjoy. [center]MD Noob[/center] I was born in paper cabin, Who is sorta like my mother. Live help is like my father, Who taught me to be strong. I ask a bunc
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