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  1. Many thanks! Yays for the bunch of wishes granted!
  2. [b]10pts Sunfire[/b] -a weather sunny spell [b]9pts Rumi[/b] -four casts of Weather - Mild Rain. [b]8pts tankfans [/b]-Fix the bridge at the Oak Fort, I can provide lumbers and branches if needed. This helps a lot when going to and fro from Oak Fort and GoE. Since this is a selfish wish, I hope the it will require at least 200 AP to move through that bridge. [b]7pts nadrolski[/b] -temporary spell named "barfight 5" be permanent and regenerable, and i request to reduce its casts from 50 to 5. should be granted, i ask its after-cast effects be more "realistic&qu
  3. Edit: Second update moved to the first post
  4. [cquote]Due to the amount of requests, we've decided to change the voting system from what was initially stated. Instead of grading ALL wishes, please grade only the top 10 that you want to see granted. The scale is from 1 to 10, with 1 being the wish you want to see implemented the most. The top 3 wishes with the lowest score will win. You have 7 days to vote. You cannot vote for your own wishes! Please find the list below: [b]DARK DEMON:[/b] -item, "Staff of Restoration", which will restore all resources in the current scene I am on when used. This should have a cooldown
  5. While I would love to go crazy and ask for a skeleton key to places that I currently can’t get to (just for the sakes of visiting scenes I can't get to and liking places), that is probably just a bit too much to ask here. So I’ll go with something more reasonable: I would like acousticremains. I try to collect logs during events, discussions, and/or interesting conversations with people anyway and having the spell would make collecting the chat logs a bit easier. Chat logs with the spells tend to have fewer holes than mine from where I stop logging for some reason or was too
  6. Peace! You stole my number I'll be 9 this time
  7. Banned for walking around with exposed armpits
  8. I pick 5 Seems like a good number this week =]
  9. Pieces from different conversations: [b]lashtal: [/b]Give me 2 mins, I need to wear my sister's dress and ask darkraptor... ^______^ [b]*Burns*: [/b]Nah... You say they are animals for sacrifice. And if somebody tells you they are children, you say you bought them as sheep, and it's got to be a wonder that happened in between.
  10. Finch, hippo, dove, otter, eel, octopus, rat, gerbil, starfish, cricket, monkey, turtle, gecko
  11. [quote] We apologize for the lack of updates on coding progress and the lack of recent coding related announcements. Many things have come in the way to halt progress so we are still in the same position we were at a couple weeks ago. Over the past week Halloween was focused on and sadly again we got a list of items that needed to be coded right before the deadline which took considerable time. Arrangements are being made to ensure that we are not given large amounts of work to perform in a very short space of time. Citizenship is still around one weekends worth of work
  12. Fun quest -I'm glad granny could to bake =] 9 all the way!
  13. o.O um... I can claim knowing how to cooking a bit but not these Halloweeen cookies... strange cookies...
  14. The other post I made was from Bugs, not the council. I apologize for the confusion my mistake might have caused
  15. [quote]We have recieved no ones bug report and the effect has been properly documented. There is no abuse and the only issue is that the chat message is appearing in the wrong location, we find no evidence to see that he is abusing the system however we still need to check the code to rectify the problem. Please refrain from posting any more accusations of abuse, if anyone has any further issues with this bug please report it to ourselves. Please close the topic if more accusations are made. bugs @ magicduel . com[/quote]
  16. [cquote] i am planning to post a log once i have had time to summarize the meeting, i am currently very busy but will try and slot this into my diary for this weekend [/cquote]
  17. Nice to meet you too, good luck and have fun =]

  18. I think you fell off the edge of the earth. That must be what happened

  19. I completely understand that. I'm just echoing what you put in my PL

    o Go team engineering!!! /o/

  20. *looks around* This Phear guy seems kinda cool... If only I knew something more about him =P

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