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    • Remove the pests. Oh for the love of anything good, anything that gets rid of the mice and bed bugs and spiders deserves fresh cookies or cake or whatever.
    • If they sealed up the holes that the pests came through too? They would be rockstars and saints!

    Honestly, anything else I can take care of if they free the house from stuff that messes up glorious sleep. Though it would be awesome if they also

    • Gave me a manicure/pedicure. Because why not have a little bit of pampering?
  1. I was the sky scouter for that area and did scout it when we were doing those.


    My notes tell me I had originally set them at open bright for 7_thronehall_1 and shaded place place for 7_throneaudiencerange_1. Looking through the log and notes I have from then, both should be open bright like they currently are. I can make the trip to reassign it that if it's not sticking

  2. If you find people who you enjoy roleplaying with, you get people you can fun with. You don't have to do it and you don't have to be more than just doing trivial stuff but it's perfectly possible to not really roleplay and enjoy yourself or do some roleplay or only roleplay and have a good time.


    Basically, you get out what you put in

  3. I don't think the deserving and wishing aren't exactly in the same zone. I want access to locations and worked for the wish points to try and gain something I actually wanted. No, there is no special land tie there but does that mean I still shouldn't be able to get something I truly want? I will pretty much never be a Loreroot citizen but if I'm willing to shell out 3+ wishpoints, all at once mind you, for the option to get to the Pathkeeper, shouldn't it be just as valid a desire and show of being deserving as if I wanted to gain access to the Sunny Bedroom since I'm an easterner or access to the House of Tainted times from back when I was a Necro for the same prices?


    The work for winning multiple wishpoints isn't anything to scoff at either. You pay a good amount of time, stress, and/or headache for each one. Some people seem to get them easier than others but work still needs to be put in for wish points to come out. Along with a fair amount of self control to save multiple for the access if there are still options in the shop that you would actually consider getting that cost less.

  4. I did see a cool video on how a flat world would be. http://www.iflscience.com/space/what-would-happen-if-earth-was-flat


    But I'm going to start the roundness with video taken from a scale test from a commercial space travel company. It does not show all of earth but what it does have of the edge also shows no stars visible beyond earth besides the Sun which is probably close enough and bright enough to wash out other pinpricks of light in the pictures anyway. (And images if video is weird: http://my.asiatatler.com/travel/see-earth-from-outer-space-with-bloon-s-private-near-space-flight )


    As well as images from a civilian in a plane able to see the bowed edge: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2901372/Pictures-edge-space-Photographer-riding-U-2-spy-plane-captures-stunning-images-13-miles-Earth.html


    And with that bit on the outside of Earth, time to look inside since we have structure. We have these fantastic maps showing how shock waves made during earthquakes travel through the interior of our planet. When earthquakes happen, they create a wave that can be captured by instruments all around the world. These waves are bent by the different layers of the internal structure of Earth the same way lasers bend when going from air to water. (Like this) Since it bends a certain amount based on the contact angle it enters at, these waves travel straight through layers and only bend again at boundaries. We can detect some of the waves from earthquakes in places that should be too far away (or at inconsistent reflection angles away) on a flat world to feel them. And we can find that wave in multiple parts of the world that would be in different directions from the epicenter of the quake.




    Oh my goodness, and the jet streams! If the Earth were flat, the wind would go across evenly, would hit one edge harder than the rest of the map, or be pushing those of us on the surface violently into the ground. But we are not being noticeably smashed in one direction (gravity goes down but feathers float down slowly instead of crashing down like rocks) and jet streams have two major areas that they go across, separated by an area of doldrums where  the general wind directions aren't really as noticeable.


  5. Overall I thought Christmas was done well this year. There were lots of people putting out multiple types of quests or events both for in game as well as out of game - which is the important part. There are clicky quests, picture ones, writing contests, brain games, and even an RP event happening soon which is a much bigger spread than previous events have had. I ended up not participating in most of them but they were available and the people who did want to do them had the opportunity. People with different tastes in how to have fun were given opportunities to do the special things that they liked instead of having to deal with what was sharing. The only thing I would have liked to have seen more of would have been more small events that were repeated across multiple time zones.


    I have no real opinion on how the Christmas Points will be dealt with since I participated in quests for the sake of doing what I thought I was going to like and what I had the time and attention for. Last year I oodles of Christmas stuff for the potential to win a tag but found I had done a bunch of things I didn't consider fun and in the end didn’t get what I wanted out of it anyway. This year I had a lot going on and wasn’t going to make myself sick trying to do everything everywhere whether I liked it or not like I've tried in the past. The holidays are about enjoying yourself so that’s what I did.  If I got enough points in the end to do what I want then yay for me. Otherwise, I only did the stuff I wanted to do and still yay for me.


    I was able to go to the different places to talk to Somewhat Confused Santa but missed interacting with him so I have no idea how things were when you had to interact with him instead of jumping in line and waiting your turn to say "hi and thank you for the creature".


    Thank you Chewett for promoting the quests that were going on in game through the announcements and thank you Kyphis for keeping a guide of what was happening all together on the forum

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