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  1. I am bad at the internet but I clicked the install button and it sent me to the chrome webstore with add-on type things
  2. Remove the pests. Oh for the love of anything good, anything that gets rid of the mice and bed bugs and spiders deserves fresh cookies or cake or whatever. If they sealed up the holes that the pests came through too? They would be rockstars and saints! Honestly, anything else I can take care of if they free the house from stuff that messes up glorious sleep. Though it would be awesome if they also Gave me a manicure/pedicure. Because why not have a little bit of pampering?
  3. http://www.magpiegames.com/our-games/theplay/ I think this is what you're looking for. I've played the Shakespeare version, it got interesting. Not something I'd do again, but was interesting
  4. 1_-4x3_1 is Wasp's Alter 1_4x4_2 is Wind's Sanctuary, Capitol of Marind Bell (which is inside Wind's Sanctuary)
  5. That's my loyalty alright. Just curious, is being on that list something I should be concerned about?
  6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Big Fish The Count of Monte Cristo My Fair Lady
  7. Indeed! Many thanks for the happy birthdays And Happy birthday to you too Jubaris! (Let's take the cakes and hide them)
  8. Hush you, it's been done before. I just led the post for this year =P
  9. I apparently spend too much time on Pinterest and Tumblr. For no good reason, I felt the need to make bad MD valentines real fast and share them. And then I had the very bad thought that others may also want to make and share MD valentines. So happy pre-Valentine's Day people! Have fun and add if you want
  10. If I'm off, I'd like to join in the jail party. Have a bit of craziness going on the next few weeks but times may be lucky
  11. Not all item locations require that you have their specific type of land loyalty. Some you can just pick up while others just care that you have over X amount of loyalty somewhere.
  12. What do you think the visibility should be?
  13. I was the sky scouter for that area and did scout it when we were doing those. My notes tell me I had originally set them at open bright for 7_thronehall_1 and shaded place place for 7_throneaudiencerange_1. Looking through the log and notes I have from then, both should be open bright like they currently are. I can make the trip to reassign it that if it's not sticking
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