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  1. So what is the function of honor? All I know is that it opens up items in the store, what other functions does it have?
  2. Used to be able to go to this area without spending 81 AP for every zone change. So the question is, is the AP requirement there to avoid ppl going there or some reason?
  3. Dont have a problem with going through the story again, problem I have is beeing blocked from the world... And exactly what "easy" ways are there to get stats theese days? And when do I get access to the world again? Just started chapter 1
  4. Yeah, but the first part is the same and you dont really have any choices. Its like "do whatever", log back on in 24hours...
  5. Is this intentional? I already did this part of the story, now im blocked from the world while using 24hour bonuses... Hurray!
  6. Topic! Are there many alliances? FOr what I have gathered there seem to be like only 3-4? Or am I way of Anyways, do the different alliances have the same benefits?
  7. So I can soon choose to go Mp4 I think, just need some moar experience or whatever. Anyways: My current status is lots of crappy creatures, yet to beat the loreroot guardians, and no real understanding of the fighting system. Are there any benefits to stay at MP3? Now I can fight other crappy people, not an option I have if I advance I assume. Input us appreciated.
  8. Guess ill keep up the clicking frenzy than. Compulsive peronality ftw!
  9. So, I have turned of my mozilla firefox popups blocker. I click like a monkey and dont see any popups. Intentional?
  10. Dont think its a part of any sets. Like there are some items with "Royal Guard" and thoose seem like setish. The items in questions are the most basic stuff you can get. Sword with +3 attack and one of em dont even have a name... And the helms are +1 defense and one is "full cover" and one look like a bracelet. Ohh well. Guess this adds to one of thoose "it is as it is because it is" things. Edit: Nvm, I guess there are much more to items than the eye can see even tho its not a set.
  11. So I enter the willow shop. See lots of stuff for sale which is kinda normal for a shop I guess. Anyways. There are two different swords. One cost more than the other and they have same stats. What am I missing? There are two different "helms". One cost more than the other and they have same stats. What am i missing? Am I paying more for looks or something like that? Thx in advance for making this clearer.
  12. /me is universal, and It wouldnt hurt to add it into the mix if possible. And its not the biggest problem, but people still have to go ooc if they want to explain it.
  13. On emotes: Your style? maybe... Newbie friendly? No Notice the guy a few posts up who still dont know how to use emotes? And now I finally know how to heal my damn creatures
  14. My learning curve is flat.... Started out ok. Finish up in the hut, head out get som monsters, kill some monsters, start storyline and the "24 hour breaks"(I assume thats smart) but on the other hand doing that kinda cripple the experience. But whatever, thats my choice. So the first quest i find. "The sphere". Obv cant figure it out at first. Some dude tell me to go to a place with lots of paper. I ask him "The library"? Obv wrong and I think he say no. Anyways I figure out the location since I have not been at to many places at this point. I find the "clue". Did it make sense? Not at a
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