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  1. long time no see :P

  2. unfortunate timing, been having bad internet issues lately, i'll stay in Paper Cabin whenever i'm around though

  3. But somehow I cant ever find you.

  4. You may anytime you see me :)

  5. Dear Sir,

    I have joined the Legend Speakers, and I wish to be the Envoy for Golemus Golemicarum. But for that I need to be accepted by you and/or Yrthilian. Can I have a talk with you about that?


  6. Ripped away. Torn apart. Shreded to pieces. It hurts.

  7. The blade does not dull, it's the mind that's wielding it that dulls...

  8. It's not a matter of what you are, but who you are and what you want to become.

  9. I support the idea, but isn't it just an option to commission someone on MD for an avatar? I've seen some pretty ones being sold here.
  10. Zanaaaaaaaa! Find me in the MDP please.

  11. Scary thing to know that, once you're gone, you will be eventually forgotten.

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    2. Zanaryth
    3. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      There will be many stories of our times written, many forgotten, but they are nonetheless courageous for it.

    4. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      turn to books, they are faithful repositories, which may be awhile neglected or forgotten, but when they are opened again, will again impart their knowledge, and memory will repeat itself.

  12. Hey,

    Curiouse arranged an interview, and I'm sorry I missed it. When I logged in this afternoon I got the message, and sadly, even if I had read it before I couldn't have made it. Is it possible to rearrange it?


  13. I'd like the one with the ball floating next to her, the angel like.
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