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  1. Grats Aelis I'll take the anni creature! Thank you!! repeating this would be awesome, with so much to catch up on, and different ppl being present for different period, its nice to get to read what memorable things has happened
  2. For me the event that i rmb most is the 10th anniversary of MD in april of 2015. It was a wonderful time spanning 10days. The first day, was a day of supreme hyperactivity, where we were throwing items at each other, lots of 10th anniversary cakes and teas (they keep real well, i still have a bunch i saved in my inventory ) There was a heat war, which i participated in. we were split into teams and the goal was to store as much heat into our team's clickable item. my team's one was located in necrovion, and it was my first time exploring the land. There was also a rhyme off, were wi
  3. my fav food would be something called he ye fan, which is lotus leaf wrapped glutinous rice. Marinated meats such as pork or chicken, together with mushrooms, and some chinese sausages, or liver sausages are encased in glutinous rice which is then wrapped in lotus leaf and steamed. When done well, the rice comes out nice and sticky, though not mushy, and is filled with the fragrance of the lotus leaf and the savoriness of the meat juices it has soaked up while cooking. The fragrance of the lotus leaf is what makes it for me. It adds a whole new dimension of experience when eating it that
  4. looking to buy the following. 11th anni creature, loreroot archer, resources to make a shmsh, frozen rose thanks!
  5. i've never been in both, so any! or both if possible! :)
  6. I know there's not many MP4s to train with currently, I've almost made it to MP5, but before I advance, I would like to help and be a training dummy for anyone who wants to train. :)   Just drop a post here for any kind of def rit.   I have healers, trees, elememtals, aramors, archers and angiens. :)   The best would be if everyone needs wins, so i'll just be a non damaging rit perpetually and everyone can train without worry that I have some other rit on.        Just a request, try not to give me negative heat :)
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