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  1. Okay I certainly missed the Murmas giveaway because I was way in the Tribunal and couldn't come quickly enough and had enough AP for the travel and I also didn't have time IRL to check on my account every other hour. So yes it's my fault that I missed it.
  2. Luc Recial None My land loyalty is 412 but I guess it doesn't matter because I don't have any land affiliations Okay this is a bad drawing(and I inverted the color of it so that it can be seen "clearly") I admit but my sigil is my own creation and it has a deep meaning to it, well for me anyway. [attachment=3359:Sigil.jpg]
  3. #27 Existing within Nothingness Invisible from Completeness Being a part of other lives But still unseen, trying to strive A brief poem but I still believe that this is somewhat related to MD even in a little way.
  4. I see it this way you see. [color=#ff0000]Mur[/color] wants to test this new object he created so he picks guinea pigs(No offense to the ones who were picked by [color=#ff0000]Mur[/color] to test somethings) to see what will happen. Success and failure are both results but if the latter where to occur it is most suitable if the "damage" is kept in check. As of now, as I see it, "Fenths" aren't really complete/stable yet so to control the results [color=#ff0000]Mur[/color] needs few guinea pigs to look after.
  5. To be honest "Fenths" are still a mystery and still on its "discovery" phase. I think that "Fenths," as of now, shouldn't be shared. It's like a newly discovered element where if used incorrectly it will result in a disastrous event. And about the tools(Reality Coagulators), I think that [color=#ff0000]Mur[/color] haven't removed them because he has reason to or he is just so busy these days.
  6. I would like to apply also. My AD is 353 as of today. And the reason for me applying is just that I want to know how the Council ticks. EDIT: To be honest I had a feeling I was gonna be neg rep'd.
  7. And the dark ages come to MD...... Anyway I hope you come back soon [color=#ff0000]Mur[/color]. xD
  8. I still think that a shade be a symbol even if it has no shape because they are the main reason that there is a Necrovion. So why not a shade trapped in a mirror or a mirror which reflects a shades reflection? Here's an example: [attachment=3137:IMG0130A.jpg] Yeah I know it kinda looks like a mask but just think of it as a shade that reflects a mask. xD
  9. Okay so this is my answer to your question: I believe that we all have different brain shapes because we are all "different" to begin with. No one is completely the same and that's when uniqueness of being human comes to play. We are all "unique" therefore not the same especially when it comes to ideas/thoughts because some friends will agree at something but they will still disagree strongly in other topics. It is that way because of experience and beliefs(not in a religious point of view).
  10. Even though I'm not a citizen of Necrovion I will still post some of my thoughts of Necrovion's coat of arms. Why not a symbol which has a shade(a face or an upper body picture) then a seal/pentagram/whatever sealing symbol you can think of [color=#ff0000]Mur[/color] at the back?
  11. The AP isn't an issue actually. Yes it's too high for younger people(MD wise) but the GG "gate" was closed off until now. I'm glad that there's another way on how to go to GG without going to the labyrinth. Both ways are for experienced or aged people so it seems fair to me.
  12. [size="2"]This is a "useable" item and I hope this get's implemented. By the way it's uses can be up to [color="#000000"]Mur[/color] but I do have my own ideas as well. [spoiler]<?php //adapted to md world $instr['title'] = "Sealing Sphere"; //the description will be the only thing to describe the needed steps to the ones that try to help you prepare the recipe //be sure you include all steps in it but tell it so that they wont be identical words with the steps defined below $instr['description'] = " The first thing to do is get the egg of an Elemental. You then need to prepare i
  13. Okay I'll go ahead and say this. I may be wrong but I'd like to see how [color="#FF0000"]Mur[/color] would react to my short but informational finds. Firstly the M&T in the coat of arms represent a 8-point star which is very symbolic around the world and the 8-point star is the very symbol of "early astronomy, interconnectedness, and faith in the ultimate harmony of Creation."To be honest I didn't notice that the circle on top was part of the 8-point star and wondered why there's a point on the middle then I found this, “The octagon, with a ninth point in the center, is also central to
  14. Do you mean the "Map" which you can see by clicking the left-side of the browser? If so I do like your idea so that it will be easier for us to know which parts of the map has high viscosity levels.
  15. [quote name='Sephirah Caelum' timestamp='1309300360' post='86856'] Personally I would click all of the banners, so I wonder how they can be a filter. [/quote] You would click all of them because you're "kind" is supposed to click them. I would actually click all of them as well. In my opinion maybe we were chosen from the very start and we're the "kind" that [color="#FF0000"]Mur[/color]'s looking for.
  16. I like the second and last one the most but the rest are all fine for me. The font is just quite hard to read, well for me anyway. Overall: The banners have an essence of MD in each of them so that's good right?
  17. I actually believe that when you are labeled as an "insane" person you are an outcast of society. That's been the case every time. But what if "insanity" frees us from ourselves and makes us more aware of what is "around us" rather than what is "in front of us"(Sorry if I'm confusing but I don't have the right words for it). Then would you want to be "insane" or "normal"? For all we know we are the insane ones and Sabaoth over there is the most sane person in the world. Why? Because he has purpose and what do we have? I personally have problems that keep me from going the distance. So what
  18. [quote name='xrieg' timestamp='1307269591' post='85758'] and storymode alone is not good enough to keep ppl logging in :-P [/quote] To be honest xrieg my biggest "turn on" for me about this game is the storymode and the other things that keep me here is the simple drama other players have. I just like seeing that I'm not the only "crazy" person in this world. I don't care much about the fighting though. Why? Because this game(in my opinion) [b]IS NOT[/b], I repeat, [b]IS NOT [/b]a game about fighting NPC or other players. They are just there because it shows that fighting is possible in
  19. I would be a "Tormented Soul." Why? Because I'm always tormented by others pain and not mine. I tend to take their sorrows and make it my own until they don't feel it anymore.
  20. Okay I [b]NEVER[/b] said that the Book of Principles is actually (will be/placed)there. It's just my theory and nothing more. So don't assume that it is there or will be there. I hope I didn't cause any confusion. P.S. I'm currently researching the 4 lands first and I suggest you do the same because as someone said it's quite hard to research on The Tribunal if you don't understand the 4 lands.
  21. I'm giving it a try. And do we have as many tries as we can? And is there no limit on how many sentences we can use?
  22. I don't know. I was just wondering what's on the statues right leg. My eye sight is kinda poor maybe I'm seeing things. And by the way we have "guns" made out of wood that can hurt people not kill. We used to play with it when we were kids. I kinda missed those days. Anyway I kinda immagined that this place is related to the AL about the Book of Principles which was never found or rather Akasha made it her self. I think that if the Book of Principles were to be finished by Akasha(I don't know if it's finished or not) it would end up here. I don't know why I thought of this but it just po
  23. Okay I'll change the question. What do you think the statue is doing? I personally think that he/she is a guard/ian which is supposed to be protecting the missing floating book. Why you ask? Well let's assume that the place where he/she is located at has the "Floating Book" that is mentioned at the coordinate(which can be found at the lower right). But as we can see there is no book whatsoever, floating or not. So the statue may be waiting for the book to be placed in the building then it will be reanimated or he failed to look after the book and he was turned to stone. PERSONAL NOTE: T
  24. Okay... I guess... Anyway you can close this already. I don't want to start something here. I just asked a simple question and I guess that was the wrong move(or wrong way of asking). Anyway thanks again for the info and please be easy with what you say. It's pretty scary(traumatic) when you guys tell a new guy(at researching and such) that it is wrong(?) to ask such questions. Oh and I don't have anything against being frank or anything just please be gentle at the same time. Wish me luck on what I will be doing.
  25. Well I mean maybe someone else is already researching it and I don't know about it then I would be doing their job. Well anyway thanks again for the info. Anyway anyone interested on it too is welcome to PM me, whether in MD or here in the forums are okay, so that we can work together. I'll be checking back tomorrow for PMs. By the way I'm in the Tribunal in the building where there is supposed to be a flying book(sorry but there's no actual name for it now so bare with me).
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