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  1. [quote name='Harion' timestamp='1280778563' post='64969'] well, i'm not a newbie but i've gone through what all newbs had at one point. MD is a difficult game to understand. not everyone has the patience to figure out everything. gamers today have been so used to being able to find out everything in FAQs that when they encounter a game where spoilers are forbidden, they immediately give up. even asking Live Help will not give you everything as they too will not tell you the answer to a question when it is a considered spoiler. in my experience, i had a lot of adepts (real recruits i made posting my ref link, and not my alts) and all of them quit when they reached the point where they can't beat the lore root guards. i only had one adept go to mp4 and even that player quit the moment they experience the horrible beat down all players get when relatively new in the next mp stage. [/quote] "Sorry mates, where can i find... or what is... ?" "look right or left or up or down, you must find yourself" "i can't spoiler" i can't find pure water, i can't understand why i should attack idle people to gain stats for something i don't know... reading here i can't understand a word about 90% of threads... i leave for this: too high learning-curve... you should change your laws... something like tutoring people till a certain point... like in real life we do with young children... Gl all, mates
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