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  1. Goodbye EON!!!!!!!! and Good luck i hope for the best for you
  2. Hawthorn This was really cool when i read it thank you
  3. Rasiel


    [quote name='Nex' timestamp='1283827580' post='67916'] rasiel, have you deceided on a role already? some random suggestions: rasiel, unbeknownst to me - work mounts, be a sentinel rasiel, novice - vie in oracles [/quote] Indeed i have The Dark Oracle.
  4. Rasiel


    Could someone do my name? Im very curious
  5. haha Greetings dear Pample :)

  6. Rasiel


    Emotions are like fire, it gives us the illusion that we have control of it sometimes but if we don't pay attention to it it can easily cause lots of damage. I hope my little advice can help you but perhaps you should let your emotions take over you and maybe in the end you will better understand them.
  7. Im always here to help
  8. Happpy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may you cake also have ice cream in it cuz we all know thats the best kind
  9. So i should shade it in more? or maybe rub it down? im gonna rescan the wizard one becuase i scaned it in Black and white im gonna rescan it set on grey scale Edit: i redid the first image avatar i got it to do what i wanted now im gonna wait and see if it gets accepted i made the two new pics a bit more cleaner in gimp so even if they looks messy here it will be a lot cleaner when uplaoded
  10. Thank you BFH I downloading a new program so hopefully it will help me If anyone else know s a program so when uploaded and atc they arnt pure black and show the shadows etc any help is greatly appreciated
  11. YOSHIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [color="#FF0000"]H[/color][color="#FF00FF"]A[/color][color="#FFFF00"]P[/color][color="#00FF00"]P[/color][color="#00FFFF"]Y[/color] [color="#0000FF"]B[/color][color="#800080"]D[/color][color="#8B0000"]A[/color][color="#00BFFF"]Y[/color]
  12. I was wondering if someone could help me they did not get accepted to the shop because they are not MD quality so does that mean its because the quality after cropped and scaled etc.. or it because they are not good enough to be avatars? Just wondering so i can decide to try and find away to fix the quality or just stop drawing
  13. Hello and a very warm welcome if you ever see me say Hi of if i see you i will
  14. Rasiel

    Forum Game

    Burns: while suffering from terrible pain, but all of a sudden, he has THE idea to save his life: Glaistig: he shoves his finger down his throat, so as to induce a gagging reflex to purge the his system Lulu: but the cruel laughter of Jonn and Hannah makes him choke on his vomit as his eyes fill with desperate tears--he can'tbreathanymorethevomittastesrealbad and THE WORLD IS CRUEL--gone--and he is dead. Either oblivious or uncaring, Hannah and Jonn... Grido: continue their laughing. They soon remember that there's still the strange man in the room (you know the one with the brother, with t
  15. Thank you Fenrir and Yoshi it feels good when people compliment things you made i think what Fenrir said was a compliment...sorta lol Also, you can PM me request or post them here, im always looking for ideas And thank you Atlas.
  16. [attachment=1622:Devons pic 001.png] Original Image [attachment=1642:Devons pic 003.jpg] gave him some shadows [attachment=1643:Devons pic 002.jpg] I dont know if this could be a avatar but i liked how it came out Tell me whatcha think
  17. I think there is like 3 of them already well at least people will know how to upload them
  18. One of his Avatar's are in the shop right now Its very nice
  19. I know that this is a long shot, long a very very very long shot but you never know until you try but i looking to buy Necrovion Pass Papers Please PM offer or post them here, Thank you very much Devie. [color=purple]please specify what you actually wtb/t in the title, title edited - Grido[/color]
  20. Only talked to him acouple times but he is very nice i can't wait to RP with him soon :D

  21. Rasiel


    "Every time you meet someone you give them a little Piece of you heart Then is up to them what they wish to do with it They can keep it, throw it away, Stab it, or replace it with a piece of theirs." i made it up
  22. I think it adds to the whole effect of Necrovion, it makes it secluded and seem a bit more darker
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