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  1. I am participating in this as well, had so much fun receiving all my cards last year. All my friends were jealous 'em...well, the ones who didn't laugh at me for being a complete nerd.. Inbox me your info if you're interested in exchanging.
  2. My favorite thing about Christmas last year was the cards I received from my friends here at MD!! I want to do it again, if you're interested in exchanging cards send me a message with your details. Even if I don't know you well, it's SO awesome getting cards from all over the world!!!

    1. Princess Katt

      Princess Katt

      Me!Me! I want to do it, too! Send me messages as well!

    2. Sharazhad


      Ditto everything Yala said!! :D

  3. I support this idea 100%. With all the fighting and drama I've found it increasingly harder to log into MD each time. I miss the fellowship that made me fall in love with this special place. I've got quite a few treats I'm willing to donate, I'll PM you the list asap Sunfire. Thanks for taking initiative and doing something to help stop this silly madness.. Can't we all just get along??
  4. If someone can tell me ow to load a different server I'm happy to play on something other than battlenet
  5. I'll play!! Only thing is recent ladder reset..haven't built new characters yet. Soo, start fresh or play on non ladder.
  6. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1311664234' post='88861'] Question: what if a non-lorrotian person has the spell and wants to trade it? Is that allowed? [/quote] Excuse my ignorance, but how do you trade a spell? Is there a transfer code attached to it? Edited to thank Udgard
  7. Welcome!! Hope you have an excellent time here.. Look forward to meeting you in game!
  8. I just read your comment!! I'm very glad you enjoyed it. If you'd like links to more, let me know. Oh yeah....and.... FIRST COMMENT! YEAAAAH! LOL >:D

  9. Awwww!! I just saw this! Thank you all for the amazing Birthday wishes! Happy belated Birthday Redmyth, happy to share my Birthday with such a lovely lady. Much love my friends <3
  10. Best wishes Roland! We're all here for you..
  11. Problem Solved Thanks for the help!
  12. I could swear I already replied to this.. I'm Holly/Horse Edit to say: Really 3 Holly/Horse in a row? o.O
  13. [quote name='VonUngernSternberg' timestamp='1294276045' post='76908'] I had the same problem unlocking the item editing feature.I tried to unlock it the first day it became available, but the interface kept saying "unknown wish", just as to you. Waiting a day more solved the problem. [/quote] Thank you, I will give it a try and report back tomorrow
  14. So, I tried to purchase Silvertongue today and it continuously told me "unknown wish." I refreshed, logged out and back in, messaged LHO..they directed me here. Help?
  15. Just wanted to say you're in our thoughts! Hope you're doing alright friend. :)

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