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    Eagle Eye reacted to Aia del Mana in MagicDuel-Histories and Legends   
    I shall offer a wishpoint in sponsorship for this quest, if it please thee, Steno - mayhap with a minimum number of entries; three, perhaps? This I shall leave to thy judgment.
    I shall also pledge a creature of the Fourteenth Anniversary as a reward.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Steno in MagicDuel-Histories and Legends   
    So... I was thinking, since there are a lot of older accounts being reactivated (so much so that Mur had to make an announcement about ancient powers, lol) that a LOT has happened in the realm of MagicDuel. As some of the ads for the game even proclaim: "We never reset"!
    I don't know very much about what has happened in the twelve years that I've been gone.The Adventure Log is pretty awesome, but it is a lot.
    I think this would be really handy for old-new players as well as brand new players! The accessibility of lore helps immerse new players.
    So I wanted to propose a contest, as MD seems to have quite a few authors.
    Pick one of your favorite events in the history of MD that you witnessed. Try to write a short story-a cliff notes version of what happened if you will-of that event.
    I am unsure what the reward of this contest will be. I will likely give the winner a silver coin as well whatever else I can cobble together.
    The contest will end 3/13/20. The winner will be decided by me and a mystery judge.
    Try to keep the versions of the stories clean, obviously. Also try to keep secrets out of stories, unless they are imperative for the tale being told.
    The winner will receive a creature of the 14th anniversary as awarded by Aia!
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Demonic God in A game of co-operation and deception - Registration   
    I'm intended to host a small party game for the anniversary, with rule as follows:
    Every participant shall be assigned a character card at the beginning of the game. The list of characters in play (+ extras nonexistent ones) will be announced at the start of the game Every participant is required to make 3 statements: One true, one false, and one that can be either, at the start of the game. Keep all statements relevant to the game. As long as it is, anything is fair game (e.g The above statement is true - would be a valid statement) While not necessary, it is encouraged that participants are willing to communicate to each other The goal of the game, is to deduct/guess other's character card. Deception, co-operation, betrayal, etc. is recommended. This is intended to be a mind game, after all

    The game shall start at the beginning of the anniversary. To ensure a quality game, at least 5 willing participant is required. Due to the nature of the game, once it starts, no new participant may enter.

    Please register below.

    Characters will be assigned 3 days before the start date via forum PM. If you wish to receive that info via another method, please let me know.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to nadrolski in Extreme Magicduel   
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Muratus del Mur in We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?   
    @Sushi you proved to be a great artist, its good to know that we can count on your support for futures things.
    @Eagle Eye ok
    @Fire Starter thanks for being honest about it
    @DARK DEMON any bit of experience with these tools is more than welcome, so, sure
    everybody interested in participating should have access to the docs. After the docs step, some of you will move on with testing, some with implementing things they like, but some will remain as quest make 'consultant' without tools access. 
    If i give everyone full access to everything is a certainty that things will become chaotic. We will think of a way how to do this better, maybe you take turns, i don't know yet.
    What i know is that from all the people offering to get involved with this, just a couple will use these tools right. For example, i have nothing to complain about how Azull uses them in the (secret) project he is doing now..and combined with his long time reputation i think i can trust him with permanent access. Others on the list however, need to prove they grew up first, before i will stop checking their every move. DD you know very well how things turned out for you due to incredibly stupid yet simple mistakes...but i will alwyas support passion and motivation.
    I will probably work on a sandbox somehow , a training ground for these tools to limit damage while you learn what to do with them, but till then, only docs.
    I will start sending access to the Questmakers Backpack forum section to all interested, but remember i want activity in return. Just requesting access to look arround and not participating in organizing and better structuring of those docs and examples, will get you kicked out from this 
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    Eagle Eye got a reaction from Muratus del Mur in We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?   
    Its a long way to read, But i like it the purpose of what we are. Long Live MD
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Muratus del Mur in We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?   
    This is for the passionate and skilled people out there... a new level of MD
    I am just a man, and chew is also no batman either, we are trying to foster the existence of this wonderful community, to keep its values and hopefully to attract more interesting people. As you know, this is a dictatorship, without dictators, a social sandbox, a trial towards self discovery, a place where crazy means good, where skills  are your invisible rank, a place where nothing is fair but just makes things spicier and challenging in a strange way. Each one sees what he is searching in MD, a mirror of himself that he eventually has to face, there is no predictable thing you could see  in that mirror, because above the beautiful places and semi-boring activities , there are the other living players that build the actual MD.
    Mirrors are forbidden by law in MD, because this is a clue enough for the other mysteries to fall in place...plus it could really be dangerous to have a real, objective mirror, in a place created through the subjectivity of all the other mirrors..sorry i mean players.
    Balance is there if you search it, it keeps things alive in here, but evolution feeds on unbalance, not on balance, your minds feed on challenges not on safe monotony. Its time for me to risk some more and to try to resuscitate this machinery..but i cant do it alone.
    Magicduel is a learning machine if you know how to use it.
    This machine needs moving parts and fuel to run. You do realise you are the fuel, without its players MD would be an dead piece of messy code. 
    Right now I prepared all the gears and pieces, but its just too much for just a couple of people to do. We need help to put them together, and put them in motion and fuel them to keep them running. 
    This is where you come in ...well some at least hopefully..
    The "A25 Tools" are ready, functional, and already in test use for a long while. Azull did a great job on the island, Sushi made some insanely beautiful artworks, others tried their skill and did quite decent too... i have huge hopes for this. I dream to bring a next level of interactivity, through a natural level of evolution of the "veteran"  player....that level is to be part of md evolution, not just to be entertained by others, but to build your own gears inside this beautiful  machine.
    The tools i made allow to build nearly every aspect of the md world if needed, with no coding involved, just creativity and logic..and lots and lots of passion.
    ...but right now they are in risk of rusting if i don't find more special people that have the ability to use them right. It requires a certain type of person to expand md, a type of such rarity that i am happy if i find at least one, but i prepared the tools to be used for all if it would ever be the case.
    We have many skilled quest creators, and from time to time we find an amazing artist too..these characters are not permanent if i do not offer them a chance to express themselves better.
    For me, the way i enjoyed md was to build it, and at some point Chew followed me and on the same path. Now with these tools you don;t need coding skills, and with volunteer artists you don;t even need drawing skills,  still need A LOT but at least now there is a chance for any passionate and smart person in here to develop md and see how it looks from behind the curtain.
    We are a disaster in terms of leadership and organizig ...i admit thats mainly my fault, or was at least. Without other ways to manage this, i will count just on the individuality of those that might get acces to these tools, to make md a self balancing oranism, with no central brain that will govern it. 
    I saw that some of you understood the underlyng concepts and symbols of this realm, and managed to respect them. Some of them even had god powers at some point, but they had no real tools to express themselves and infuence others. I will try again to discover such people, this time prepared to keep them and offer them real tools to make their share of the realm as they think fit.
    If you kept reading till here, you have the patience neede for this, and you migh feel same hope i feel about this unique opportunity to CREATE something amazing, so i ask for your help.
    I made a long (but far from exhausitve) documentation of what the tools can do.
    If you are interested, read it, and help me organize it better. Help me build the first step needed for whoever will use it, to access it in a useful way (might be you who knows).
    If you know a fossil that made legend long ago, invite them to do the same...to read this article like you did and try to put the gears i made in motion.
    I will continue to develop md, thats what i do, thats my role in here, not to lead, not be a dictator, and not even to create. I create md, thats enough for my role, ..but you, you create the rest.
    Chew, this is an invitation for you too, you are the code master, true, but you reached there not by being hired to do it, or because you are an amazing coder, but because you understand how md works.
    I don't want to name all the people i see able to join in this, but i wish i see them actually do it. There is a place there for many of you, you just have to realize it and actually do it, yourselves.
    Start with the low work, prepare the docs, understand them, then the second step is to help someone that already uses them to use them better, or prove you understand them well, and that you can keep md style while you do. The next natural step, is to try them out, and them ..if and only if you gain my trust and keep the tools long enough in such way that nobody complains on how you use them and you create with them, they will become yours and part of your role.
    good luck.
    Thank you for reading all this. Please leave me a note here if you read all of it, i am curious who actually managed it and who the potential candidates might be
    -- Mur
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Aia del Mana in A Renaissance of the Eclipse   
    Upon return to the realm some months ago, I had seen that few remain of the realm that were of the Children, and that which had been earned by mine brethren of the Eclipse, were no more.
    As one of the inceptive Priestesses of the Children of the Eclipse, I have read of the overwhelming support that had been placed upon the revival of the alliance, by those of the realm, in its time of need, and mine spirit were raised by reading of the words of those that had come after.
    I seek to return the Children to their presence, and their role within Loreroot and the realm. I call upon those who knew the Children, or that do share its ethos, for the return of Night to the realm, to balance that of Day, and thus to restore the interaction of Light and Darkness.
    I am only a single soul, that doth possess the memory of inception, and of rituals that do draw upon Luna and her magic. Yet, I believe in the vision of Penelope Lightmoon, and of Tarquinus, whom I sorely miss.

    Look to the skies upon the last day of the month. Luna doth show her luminescence in all her glory then - that she may be called Super; she draws ever closer, and Terra shall align with her, that she may show her inner Blood Moon, upon the rarity that were a Blue Moon of the first month. It were a rare auspicion, and one that aught should be glad to witness.

    (http://earthsky.org/?p=270280 - there really is a supermoon blue moon lunar eclipse on the 31st January, a once-in-two-lifetimes rarity.)
    She shall speak to the Children anew, and I shall hope that she doth bring new life to the Children. In preparation, I presently continue the role that the Priestess of Moon's Light had once been given - to bestow Luna's heat upon others within the realm, and to draw upon her own.
    If there were aught that wish to show support of this within the realm, I should like to see the presence of thy support here.

    Luna shall rise again, and with her, the Children will follow.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Aia del Mana in The Red Service, upon the night of the Blood Moon   
    [27/07/18 09:26] :Sushi begins her meditation practice again
    [27/07/18 14:33] :Aia del Mana sits within the Gazebo in preparation
    [27/07/18 14:46] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 6
    [27/07/18 14:52] :Mallos fails to defeat Aia del Mana
    [27/07/18 14:55] Mallos:cant undo time you know, can only change it
    [27/07/18 15:15] Nava:Soon, Aia, all will change.
    [27/07/18 15:54] Bash Chelik:hello there, folks!:)
    [27/07/18 15:54] Bash Chelik:some fancy meeting here:D
    [27/07/18 15:55] Rophs:oo
    [27/07/18 15:58] Aeoshattr:Nava?
    [27/07/18 16:50] :Sushi waves
    [27/07/18 16:50] :Sushi sits in seiza
    [27/07/18 16:51] :Nava looks at Aeoshattr , her white eyes observing him as she tilts her head.
    [27/07/18 16:51] Nava:Aeoshattr.
    [27/07/18 16:56] Nava:I've completed my preparations. I may not be able to consciously attend the ritual, but I
    [27/07/18 16:57] Nava:I have done what was needed. The rest is up to all of you.
    [27/07/18 17:16] jakubhi:hey
    [27/07/18 17:52] Nava:Hi jakubhi.
    [27/07/18 17:52] :Nava 's eyes glow like they did before.
    [27/07/18 17:53] Nava:If not him, then may another serve the purpose.
    [27/07/18 17:54] :Mallos yawns
    [27/07/18 17:54] Mallos:Her?
    [27/07/18 17:58] Nava:There are many hims and many hers. I need not disclose the specifics.
    [27/07/18 17:58] Mallos:YOU?
    [27/07/18 17:58] Mallos:Inkalle
    [27/07/18 17:59] Mallos:ooh, getting me ahead of myself now
    [27/07/18 17:59] :[Spell] Innkalle
    [27/07/18 17:59] Mallos:dont think there aren't other ways to hurt you
    [27/07/18 18:05] Nava:Foolishly attempt all you wish. Your desire to hurt me comes from your own pain. And it will feed it. In the end, you'll become a frail beast that can never nourish itself.
    [27/07/18 18:05] Mallos:arrogant naive human
    [27/07/18 18:07] Mallos:How many times can I tell you I'm trying to help, before you WILL listen
    [27/07/18 18:08] Nava:I will not continue this discussion as the Eclipse grows near. Use this time to reflect and prepare for the changes to come.
    [27/07/18 18:08] Mallos:it's only you who doesn't hear
    [27/07/18 19:12] Ungod:i noticed the jumplink three minutes too late. hi!
    [27/07/18 19:13] Ungod:this was a training ground long time ago, right?
    [27/07/18 19:13] *Syrian*:that was a different gazebo.
    [27/07/18 19:43] *Lintara*:Evening all! (did anyone else have a mysql error just now?)
    [27/07/18 19:44] Nava: (Yup.)
    [27/07/18 19:44] Nava:I shall be in and out.
    [27/07/18 19:45] Nava:But I will remain here.
    [27/07/18 19:46] *Lintara*:Alright then (heh, may as well get my evening tea :D)
    [27/07/18 19:46] Nava: (mmm, tea.)
    [27/07/18 20:00] laylah:What if I pull all these... things?
    [27/07/18 20:01] *Lintara*:Then the sound won't be transmitted... Probably
    [27/07/18 20:02] :Ledah dabs
    [27/07/18 20:02] Aia del Mana:Greetings, and welcome.
    [27/07/18 20:02] *Miq*:nom nom
    [27/07/18 20:02] :*Miq* overwhelmed Ledah
    [27/07/18 20:02] laylah:Greetings
    [27/07/18 20:02] :Aia del Mana curtsies to all present
    [27/07/18 20:03] *Lintara*: *nods and smiles* Hello Aia!
    [27/07/18 20:03] *Miq*:who is getting painted red?
    [27/07/18 20:03] :Esmaralda nods in greeting respectfully
    [27/07/18 20:03] Sushi:hi all
    [27/07/18 20:04] *Lintara*:Hello hello
    [27/07/18 20:04] Aia del Mana:I thank all for thy presence this day, upon this auspicious time.
    [27/07/18 20:04] :Aia del Mana notes the presence of the Little Old Man
    [27/07/18 20:06] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana
    [27/07/18 20:06] Aia del Mana:In time past, the Red Service had been a time to offer of ritual sacrifice of blood - that which were shed through combat.
    [27/07/18 20:07] Aia del Mana:As it had been, so shall it be this day also.
    [27/07/18 20:07] Aia del Mana:Let us commence, if all are ready.
    [27/07/18 20:08] :Esmaralda nods
    [27/07/18 20:08] :Sushi nods
    [27/07/18 20:08] *Lintara*: (oh, let's also write Red Service as cause ^^)
    [27/07/18 20:09] :Aia del Mana looks skyward to the slowly, but surely, darkening face of the Moon
    [27/07/18 20:09] Aia del Mana:The axis has shifted.
    [27/07/18 20:10] Aia del Mana:The world is returned unto balance.
    [27/07/18 20:10] Aia del Mana:Look to the skies, and give thanks for her return.
    [27/07/18 20:10] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana
    [27/07/18 20:11] Aia del Mana:Blessed Goddess, the Children of the Eclipse welcome thee.
    [27/07/18 20:11] :laylah wins against Ungod
    [27/07/18 20:12] Aia del Mana:The auspicion of the Blood Moon is upon us. She who watches over all now casts her solemn gaze o'er all,
    [27/07/18 20:12] Aia del Mana:In reminder that all who take must also give.
    [27/07/18 20:13] :Esmaralda crippled Ledah
    [27/07/18 20:13] :laylah wins against Sushi
    [27/07/18 20:13] Aia del Mana:We shall offer to her sacrifices of blood, that our bonds be strengthened and our resolve fortified.
    [27/07/18 20:13] :*Lintara* wins against Ungod
    [27/07/18 20:14] :laylah fails to defeat *Lintara*
    [27/07/18 20:14] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Miq*
    [27/07/18 20:14] :Esmaralda vanquished *Lintara*
    [27/07/18 20:14] :laylah fails to defeat *Miq*
    [27/07/18 20:14] Aia del Mana:We who seek the return of the Eclipse find solace in her manifest.
    [27/07/18 20:15] :laylah fails to defeat Esmaralda
    [27/07/18 20:15] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod
    [27/07/18 20:15] Aia del Mana:As her shadow and her radiance converge, so shall light and darkness of the realm.
    [27/07/18 20:15] :laylah wins against Ledah
    [27/07/18 20:15] :Esmaralda overcame Sushi
    [27/07/18 20:15] Aia del Mana:Restore to equilibrium the delicate balance,
    [27/07/18 20:16] :Esmaralda fails to defeat laylah
    [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there be darkness, so bring light,
    [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there is death, life,
    [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there is mystery, revelation.
    [27/07/18 20:17] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana
    [27/07/18 20:17] :Esmaralda fails to defeat Aia del Mana
    [27/07/18 20:17] :Aia del Mana produces a faintly glowing Moon Chalice
    [27/07/18 20:18] :Esmaralda overwhelmed Ledah
    [27/07/18 20:18] :Aia del Mana places the Chalice upon the ground and fills it with pure rainwater
    [27/07/18 20:19] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod
    [27/07/18 20:20] Aia del Mana:All who are present, that do partake of blood-letting,
    [27/07/18 20:20] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Lintara*
    [27/07/18 20:20] Aia del Mana:Let thy heat fill her chalice, that she above should accept of our sacrifices,
    [27/07/18 20:21] Aia del Mana:That her blessings should fall upon us all.
    [27/07/18 20:21] :*Lintara* hammered laylah
    [27/07/18 20:22] :Aia del Mana turns to the Little Old Man
    [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* finished Ledah
    [27/07/18 20:22] :Esmaralda fails to defeat Aia del Mana
    [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* fails to defeat Esmaralda
    [27/07/18 20:22] .Little Old Man.:Sacrafices *eyes glow a little*
    [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* overwhelmed *Miq*
    [27/07/18 20:22] Aia del Mana:Dost thou wish to be free of thy burden?
    [27/07/18 20:24] :Esmaralda hammered Ledah
    [27/07/18 20:24] .Little Old Man.:Freedom...
    [27/07/18 20:24] Aia del Mana:I invite thee to step forth, Little Old One.
    [27/07/18 20:24] :laylah fails to defeat Sushi
    [27/07/18 20:24] :*Lintara* eradicated Ungod
    [27/07/18 20:25] :*Lintara* slashed Aeoshattr
    [27/07/18 20:25] :laylah wins against Ledah
    [27/07/18 20:26] :laylah fails to defeat Esmaralda
    [27/07/18 20:26] :Aia del Mana turns to Aeoshattr
    [27/07/18 20:26] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod
    [27/07/18 20:26] :.Little Old Man. suddenly Aia and the little man disappear
    [27/07/18 20:26] :Aeoshattr gives Aia a brief nod
    [27/07/18 20:26] Sushi:!!
    [27/07/18 20:27] *Lintara*: *pauses* Huh?
    [27/07/18 20:27] Aeoshattr:Hm.
    [27/07/18 20:27] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Miq*
    [27/07/18 20:28] :Ledah coughs awkwardly
    [27/07/18 20:28] Ledah:See youall next year I guess
    [27/07/18 20:28] :Esmaralda fails to defeat laylah
    [27/07/18 20:29] :*Lintara* fails to defeat Esmaralda
    [27/07/18 20:29] :*Lintara* mutilated *Miq*
    [27/07/18 20:29] *Syrian*:looks like they both took a little nap. and the old man is now mp7
    [27/07/18 20:29] Aeoshattr:I think they are dreaming.
    [27/07/18 20:30] *Syrian*:they are
    [27/07/18 20:30] :*Lintara* overpowered Ungod
    [27/07/18 20:30] :*Lintara* conquered Aeoshattr
    [27/07/18 20:30] Esmaralda:Could we be dreaming too?
    [27/07/18 20:31] Aeoshattr:No, you would know if you were.
    [27/07/18 20:31] *Syrian*:it's fairly obvious
    [27/07/18 20:31] :*Lintara* crushed laylah
    [27/07/18 20:31] :*Lintara* crushed Ledah
    [27/07/18 20:31] Esmaralda:What i meant was, can we also join a dream?
    [27/07/18 20:31] Nava:Did I miss the Little Old Man? (still semi afk)
    [27/07/18 20:32] *Syrian*:everyone can join one, but only if a person that can create a dream takes you
    [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*: *shakes her head* Unless the dreamweaver takes you there
    [27/07/18 20:32] *Syrian*:the old man is gone, he took aia with him
    [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*:Hi Nava. Yes, he just vanished with Aia
    [27/07/18 20:32] Nava:Do you remember when Phantom Orchid put us all in one large dream that led to her exile?
    [27/07/18 20:32] Ledah:I find it easiest to upset Jonn
    [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*:I... wasn't there
    [27/07/18 20:32] Nava:Ah, I see. Fascinating.
    [27/07/18 20:33] Aeoshattr:The Little Old Man must be sharing something with Aia that he desires to only be known to Aia.
    [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr wins against Ledah
    [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr finished *Lintara*
    [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr wins against Sushi
    [27/07/18 20:34] Esmaralda:Is the red service at an end then?
    [27/07/18 20:35] Aeoshattr:I suppose we wait and see.
    [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Perhaps a small prayer then..
    [27/07/18 20:36] :Esmaralda looks up at the moon
    [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Moon of silver, moon that shines,
    [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Whom the weak you doest enshrine,
    [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Moon that sees our thoughts inside,
    [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Goddess of the rising tide,
    [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Thee, my goddess I profess,
    [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:As my hands raise in distress.
    [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Bring the night back, let it glean,
    [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Bathe these lands in silver sheen,
    [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Let the shadows fall once more,
    [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:In these lands like once before.
    [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Hear this priestess, hear her pray,
    [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Crackles in her voice betray,
    [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Yearning for the goddess reign,
    [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Day the sun will start to wane.
    [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:See the longing in her heart,
    [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:For the comfort you impart,
    [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:Turn your eyes to servants plight,
    [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:Wrap this land in black and white.
    [27/07/18 20:38] :Esmaralda turns her eyes back down from the sky
    [27/07/18 20:41] Aeoshattr:Ah... it rains...
    [27/07/18 20:41] :Aia del Mana reappears with the Little Old Man
    [27/07/18 20:41] *Lintara*:And with rain, they return.
    [27/07/18 20:42] :Aia del Mana nods solemnly at the Little Old Man
    [27/07/18 20:43] Aia del Mana:I do not believe there shall be need of a vessel.
    [27/07/18 20:43] :Aia del Mana turns to everyone else
    [27/07/18 20:44] :*Lintara* perks her ears up attentively.
    [27/07/18 20:44] :.Little Old Man. his eyes no longer glowing, looks smaller than before
    [27/07/18 20:44] Aia del Mana:This day, we must take of life, that life may return.
    [27/07/18 20:45] Aia del Mana:I fear this may be the only way to lift his burden.
    [27/07/18 20:46] Aeoshattr:What... life?
    [27/07/18 20:46] Aia del Mana: *looks at the Little Old Man* He, who doth carry great burden.
    [27/07/18 20:47] Aia del Mana:Blood of his must be shed, and then, the ritual must continue.
    [27/07/18 20:48] Aia del Mana:I order this of all present, in great mercy for he who suffers among us.
    [27/07/18 20:49] :Esmaralda beat .Little Old Man.
    [27/07/18 20:49] :Aia del Mana cut in pieces .Little Old Man.
    [27/07/18 20:49] :*Lintara* wins against .Little Old Man.
    [27/07/18 20:49] :.Little Old Man. smiles feintly
    [27/07/18 20:49] :laylah fails to defeat .Little Old Man.
    [27/07/18 20:49] Aeoshattr:Forgive me, old man.
    [27/07/18 20:49] :Aeoshattr wins against .Little Old Man.
    [27/07/18 20:50] Rophs:I'll have acousticremains
    [27/07/18 20:50] :.Little Old Man. each time the man is hit, the circle around him grows smaller
    [27/07/18 20:50] Rophs: (thought it starts in 10 minutes sorry for interrupting)
    [27/07/18 20:50] :*Syrian* wins against .Little Old Man.
    [27/07/18 20:51] :Rophs wins against .Little Old Man.
    [27/07/18 20:51] :Aia del Mana lifts the Moon Chalice
    [27/07/18 20:51] :*Lintara* looks up, her ears lowered with no smile
    [27/07/18 20:51] Aia del Mana:Luna, Guardian of the Night.
    [27/07/18 20:52] Nava: (Back)
    [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:Blessed be thy holy light.
    [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:Glow upon thy sacred chalice,
    [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:With thy heat, restore the balance.
    [27/07/18 20:53] :Aia del Mana slowly pours the water into another circle around the Little Old Man
    [27/07/18 20:54] :.Little Old Man. the circle, growing ever smaller, reaches the confines of the old man
    [27/07/18 20:54] Aia del Mana:Luna beloved of the sky, Hear thy humble servant's cry,
    [27/07/18 20:55] Aia del Mana:Bestow thy magic principles, upon the Shades invisible.
    [27/07/18 20:55] :.Little Old Man. he mouths thank you, and slowly disappears into the closing circle
    [27/07/18 20:56] :Aia del Mana watches the chalice glow a strong red
    [27/07/18 20:56] :Nava 's eyes glow.
    [27/07/18 20:56] :Aia del Mana watches the chalice irradiate the Little Old Man with intense heat
    [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Luna, light of heaven's grace.
    [27/07/18 20:57] :*Lintara* raises her ears and looks at the spot where the man was
    [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Radiant, we see thy face.
    [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Watch over thy chosen one,
    [27/07/18 20:58] Aia del Mana:Now life is spent, and deed is done.
    [27/07/18 20:58] laylah:Congratulations, well deserved.
    [27/07/18 20:58] :Aia del Mana turns to everyone present
    [27/07/18 20:59] Aia del Mana:I am grateful to all this auspicious night. Luna hath heard our prayer.
    [27/07/18 21:00] Aia del Mana:May she bless us all this fateful night.
    [27/07/18 21:00] :Sushi smiles
    [27/07/18 21:00] : Fang Archbane collects Rainwater
    [27/07/18 21:00] *Lintara*: *smiles* Well done, Aia.
    [27/07/18 21:01] Aia del Mana: *smiles* I could not have done it without thee, Your Majesty.
    [27/07/18 21:01] Ledah:Spooky
    [27/07/18 21:01] Rophs:Congratulations.
    [27/07/18 21:01] :Nava smiles.
    [27/07/18 21:01] :Fang Archbane floats into position
    [27/07/18 21:01] Nava:It is done.
    [27/07/18 21:01] Sushi:Congratulations!
    [27/07/18 21:01] Aia del Mana:Or indeed, of all present, hither, or in other lands.
    [27/07/18 21:02] *Lintara*: *curtsies to Aia then turns her head* Hrm, looks like it's not over yet.
    [27/07/18 21:02] :Aeoshattr looks over into the distance
    [27/07/18 21:02] Rophs: (on phone, I'll grab the log and pass it to aia when I can get enough heat to cast)
    [27/07/18 21:02] Nava:It's never over, just done many a time.
    [27/07/18 21:02] :Aia del Mana looks southward at the storm clouds
    [27/07/18 21:02] :Aeoshattr vanishes with a cracking noise
    [27/07/18 21:03] Nava:And now the next phase begins.
    [27/07/18 21:03] :*Syrian* passed Acousticremains stone to Aia del Mana
    [27/07/18 21:03] :Sushi nods
    [27/07/18 21:03] Rophs: (ty!)
    [27/07/18 21:03] *Lintara*:Wait with those stones, I've got a few casts left
    [27/07/18 21:03] Aia del Mana: (I'm on a non flash device - anyone able to acoustic-remains?)
    [27/07/18 21:04] :[Spell] Whispers of the past, please speak to the present
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Dhyone in The Book of Dried Herbs 🌿​​​​​​​   
    The Book of dried herbs was a gift from the Queen of Loreroot to help in my researches in Herbology. Then, as a token of appreciation, for the lorerootians and enthusiasts, I will present here about herbs and weeds that are subject of my research:
    Adder's Tongue (Erythronium americanum) is a perennial herb also called dog-tooth violet, serpent's tongue and yellow snowdrop. Adder's tongue is used internally to treat a variety of conditions ranging from vomiting to hiccups and externally in poultice for skin inflammations, and hives. However, adder's tongue may contain the alkaloid colchine. Colchine is extremely toxic, also anyone taking adder's tongue internally should be advised to use only minute amounts.
    Bitterroot (Apocynum androsaemifolium and A. cannabinum) is also called dogbane, milk weed, and westernwall. Bitteroot is widely used to treat numerous conditions including sore throats, colds and coughs, constipation and convulsions. It contains cymarin, a poisonous substance. It's also used in a decoction of the dried root to threat heart palpitations. Because it is poisonous, and because of it's heart-stimuling properties, bitterroot is considered too toxic to ingest.
    Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is also called red puccoon, indian plant, and tetterworth. The root of this plant is used to treat respiratory problems and digestive problems. It contains the poisonous alkaloid sanguinare, as well other alkaloids. Bloodroot acts as a narcotic and an emetic, but higher doses can lead to total collapse.
    Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) is also called devil's eyes and stinking nightshade. Used to treat insomnia and to induce hypnosis (as a hallucinogen). 
    To be continued...
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Valoryn in Camp of Lost Tales   
    I would like to thank Sunfire, MaGoHi, Lintara and Ungod for attending the event, for the stories they shared despite the short notice for this first session and for all the fun we had.
    The stories of this first session can be found inside the Lore Manor, since that's where all tales are going to be posted instead of the forum. The original post has been updated as well to reflect this change and to provide the information needed to access the event's archives.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Valoryn in Camp of Lost Tales   
    "“Preparation is half the journey.”, he said, his words causing the disdain of his younger companions.
    “Would you go into the middle of a battlefield unarmed and untrained?”, he asked them and none dared respond positively, “Nor should you go into the middle of the Road unprepared.”"
    Continuing the preparations for our journey, the Second session of Improvised story telling will be held on:
    Day 346 (Monday, 12 December), 9:30 pm Server Time inside the Defensive Quarters in Loreroot.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Valoryn in Camp of Lost Tales   
    "Preparation may not truly be half the journey, that would be a waste of time better used in more creative ways, but its importance is undeniable. They were meant to venture deep into the darkness, both literal and otherwise, and they had to be ready for it.
    Whether they would manage to see the dawn that follows was too early to tell. One thing was certain: the longest night lay ahead of them."
    Although winter is the season of dormancy, darkness and cold, the Winter Solstice marks the "turning of the Sun" and the days slowly grow longer. Celebrations of the lighter days to come and nature's continuing cycle have been common throughout cultures and history with feasts, festivals and holidays around the Winter Solstice.
    So let this be the theme of the Third session, before the journey itself begins: stories about Light and Darkness, revolving around the Winter Solstice and traditions associated with it. And there is no better day to hold this session than the day with the longest night itself:
    Day 355 (Wednesday, 21 December), 8 pm Server Time outside the Defensive Quarters in Loreroot.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Valoryn in Camp of Lost Tales   
    "For the younger ones, it was a chance to see the world and experience what it has to offer. For the older ones, it was the opportunity they wanted to break free from their old bonds and begin anew.
    So great was their desire to shed their past lives that the dangers that lay on the journey ahead didn't seem to bother them. But there was an even greater danger that most appeared to be oblivious of: themselves."
    The coming of a new year is often seen as an opportunity to turn a page, close a chapter or a book and begin a new one, to leave bad experiences of the past year behind and make a new beginning.
    Are new beginnings really new though? Or are there things that keep holding us back from changing that which we want or need to change? For the Fourth session of the Camp of Lost Tales, this shall be the theme for the stories to be shared.
    Day 11 (Thursday, 12 January), 9 pm Server Time outside the Oak Tower in Loreroot.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Valoryn in Camp of Lost Tales   
    Due to lack of participation, the Fourth Session will be held again on:
    Day 23 (Tuesday, 24 January), 9 pm Server Time outside the Oak Tower in Loreroot.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Valoryn in Camp of Lost Tales   
    "...He was the youngest in the group; eager to get involved in everything as a means to prove himself to the others, but also reckless and too quick to judge both people and situations.
    That stance concerned the rest of the group, sometimes more than the dangers on the road ahead. Would he manage to learn something from the veterans in his company and mature through the experience or would his attitude risk tearing everything apart?"
    Continuing the theme from the Fourth session, this time our stories will revolve around learning experiences and whether we manage to actually learn something from them and change in the process or not.
    Day 42 (Sunday, 12 February), 9 pm Server Time at the Maple Road outside the gates of Loreroot.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Valoryn in Camp of Lost Tales   
    "He was among the older ones in the group, grim looking and quiet when duty called; he had a habit, however, to sing while on the long Road. Nobody complained in the company about it, since a good song was sometimes all they needed to improve their spirits.
    And he was skilled enough for his habit to spread among a few others like some kind of a mysterious contagion; the kind that none of them would want to get rid of..."
    This Sixth session will involve stories that relate to two things: habits that occur so often that somebody can end up being defined by them and those that have an effect on others to the point that they spread to them as well. The session will be held on:
    Day 54 (Friday, 24 February), 9 pm Server Time at the Loreroot Hidden Exit in No Man's Land.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Valoryn in Camp of Lost Tales   
    "The day, finally, came when they left their homes behind. But before their journey truly began, they stopped at the first clearing they found and set a bonfire. And they began to sing and dance around it, like they had never celebrated before.
    To an outsider, it would seem absurd to watch men and women of various ages celebrate in that way and in such a remote place. But for them it was an ancient tradition that survived to their time since the days of the first groups of adventurers who set out to seek their fortune into the wide wild world."
    Continuing the theme set by the Sixth session, this Seventh session is more related to habits that pass from one generation to the next as traditions and, more so, about those traditions that manage to endure for many generations. The session will be held on:
    Day 70 (Sunday, 12 March), 9 pm Server Time, outside Wasp's Totem in Loreroot.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Valoryn in Camp of Lost Tales   
    "...and they danced for hours knowing that, in the long journey that still lay ahead of them, many would perish and, perhaps, none of them would return home.
    It was fitting, therefore, to celebrate life like they did, to appreciate the life they were given with all the joys and sorrows, the dull and exciting moments they experienced, their dreams that came true and those that didn't and the hope that they would end their journey alive and renewed; just like the renewal and rebirth they had often celebrated with the coming of spring."
    The Vernal Equinox (celebrated on 20 March on the northern hemisphere) is often associated with the end of earth's slumber and of hibernation, with rebirth and renewal and for some cultures it's directly connected to the beginning of the New Year. In some cases, it also marks the victory of Light over Darkness or Good over Evil since, during the Equinox, day and night have more or less the same duration and days lengthen further from that point onward till the Summer Solstice.
    The theme for this Eighth session will be Rebirth and Renewal, Light and Darkness as portrayed in the Vernal Equinox and traditions connected to it. However, this session won't be limited to stories alone. Participants can also perform MD based rituals or do anything creative that fits the theme. The session will be held on:
    Day 82 (Friday, 24 March), 7 pm Server Time at Wasp's Altar in Loreroot.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Grido in Trigger Box Tips   
    @Chewett, @Pipstickz
    Haven't touched those in a while...will have a looksee how much is particularly outdated
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    Eagle Eye got a reaction from Pipstickz in Extreme Magicduel   
    @aethon, you can do it. Try to read the whole post;)
    @pips, yes youve got me, 100% achievements i like it.
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    Eagle Eye reacted to Muratus del Mur in GATEWAY meeting log   
    For all that didn;t make it to the meeting, here is the full log. This meeting is very important for the future of md, as you will realize if you read it. I might accept new peope in, if you fully read this, and if you present your intention quick enough (before i will start doing changes related to this). Those interested should send me a pm in game, short and to the point, telling me what they understood from the meeting, and how involved they are prepared to be, and their contact email. Try to fit all this in my 400 chars reply limit.
    For everyone else, it is a read that will explain in depth the upcoming changes. 
    [17/02/17 22:04] :[Spell] I summon you here Zleiphneir,Nimrodel,Eon,Ungod,No one,Lintara,Blackshade Rider 
    [17/02/17 22:04] Blackshade Rider:Yay back at the first landing 
    [17/02/17 22:04] Nimrodel:Ooh  
    [17/02/17 22:04] Lintara: *looks around* Nice! 
    [17/02/17 22:05] Eon:Demon, you move here. I'll keep the Throne room. 
    [17/02/17 22:05] Muratus del Mur:don't use the boat 
    [17/02/17 22:05] :[Spell] I summon you here Burns,dst 
    [17/02/17 22:05] Ungod:NICE PLACE, YES 
    [17/02/17 22:05] Ungod:oops 
    [17/02/17 22:05] Nimrodel:What about the arrow.. Can I click it? 
    [17/02/17 22:06] Blackshade Rider:To all here just so you know this was the first landing here on the island 
    [17/02/17 22:06] Burns:Why do you get an arrow?  
    [17/02/17 22:06] Lintara:Sunfire wants to come too 
    [17/02/17 22:06] Ungod: (at work, hope i can stay connected throughout) 
    [17/02/17 22:06] dst:thank you 
    [17/02/17 22:06] :[Spell] I summon you here *Sunfire*,Fang Archbane 
    [17/02/17 22:06] Nimrodel:Because I have a map *grins smugly* 
    [17/02/17 22:07] :[Spell] The power of me compels you Fang Archbane 
    [17/02/17 22:07] Blackshade Rider:I also have a map. You need a map to move here on gateway 
    [17/02/17 22:07] Muratus del Mur:i dectivated the arrow, but even if somehow yours still works, don't use it 
    [17/02/17 22:07] Nimrodel:okay... 
    [17/02/17 22:07] Blackshade Rider:Ok 
    [17/02/17 22:07] Nimrodel:Lol.. 
    [17/02/17 22:07] Nimrodel:Why silvertongue fang? 
    [17/02/17 22:08] :[Spell] The power of me compels you Nimrodel 
    [17/02/17 22:08] Ungod:lol 
    [17/02/17 22:08] Muratus del Mur:lets wait a moment maybe there are others that wish to join 
    [17/02/17 22:08] Nimrodel:Oऄ•• 
    [17/02/17 22:08] Ungod:now i should say...why silvertongue nim?' 
    [17/02/17 22:08] Lintara:Sunfire needs another bring in 
    [17/02/17 22:08] Nimrodel:ѠऄᎩ ގilѵଽℜ ᴌoղᎶuଽ mଽ? 
    [17/02/17 22:09] Eon:Better question: who's going to give me more silver tongue spells? 
    [17/02/17 22:09] Ungod:well... 
    [17/02/17 22:09] Lintara:Thank you 
    [17/02/17 22:09] Ungod:no one  
    [17/02/17 22:10] Muratus del Mur:if you somehow leave the conference you can return only at the announced hours (17:20 next) 
    [17/02/17 22:10] *Sunfire*:thank you 
    [17/02/17 22:10] Nimrodel:Oऄ ѡଽll ⁝ӡ 
    [17/02/17 22:10] :No one passed Rainbow candy to Sunfire 
    [17/02/17 22:10] :No one passed Rainbow candy to Sunfire 
    [17/02/17 22:10] :No one passed Rainbow candy to Sunfire 
    [17/02/17 22:10] Nimrodel:Ͼaղ I Ꮆଽᴌ a fଽѡ caղdiଽގ ᴌoo ղo oղଽ? ᗰu ଽluގ aℜଽ ऄuղᎶℜଽऄ 
    [17/02/17 22:10] Nimrodel:i ऄaѵଽ ᴌѡo• 
    [17/02/17 22:10] Eon:I will return whenever I please 
    [17/02/17 22:11] :No one passed Rainbow candy to Nimrodel 
    [17/02/17 22:11] Eon:WHat powerful thing do you have to show me, Demon? 
    [17/02/17 22:11] :No one passed Rainbow candy to Nimrodel 
    [17/02/17 22:11] Nimrodel:Tऄaղk Ꭹou ⁝D 
    [17/02/17 22:11] :Lintara passed Rainbow candy to Nimrodel 
    [17/02/17 22:11] :No one passed Rainbow candy to Nimrodel 
    [17/02/17 22:11] Eon:Or did you bring us all here just to show me off? 
    [17/02/17 22:11] :Lintara passed Rainbow candy to Nimrodel 
    [17/02/17 22:11] :⁂ގᴌѥkގ ᴌo Buℜղގ⁂ 
    [17/02/17 22:11] Nimrodel:Ooऄ• Tऄaղkގ ԼINlIN ⁝D 
    [17/02/17 22:11] :Zleiphneir raises an eyebrow 
    [17/02/17 22:11] Muratus del Mur:Welcome to the Gateway Island 
    [17/02/17 22:11] :No one passed Rainbow candy to Lintara 
    [17/02/17 22:11] Lintara: *chuckles* You're welcome 
    [17/02/17 22:11] :No one passed Rainbow candy to Lintara 
    [17/02/17 22:11] :No one passed Rainbow candy to Lintara 
    [17/02/17 22:12] Lintara:Thanks No one, but no need 
    [17/02/17 22:12] No one:i'm done 
    [17/02/17 22:12] Ungod:thx 
    [17/02/17 22:12] Nimrodel:I ގᴌill ղଽଽd ᘖ moℜଽ caղdiଽގ &Ꮆᴌ;&Ꮆᴌ; 
    [17/02/17 22:12] :⁂Siᴌގ ղଽ〤ᴌ ᴌo Ⱬ⁂ 
    [17/02/17 22:12] :Lintara passed Rainbow candy to Nimrodel 
    [17/02/17 22:12] :Lintara passed Rainbow candy to Nimrodel 
    [17/02/17 22:12] Nimrodel:Tऄaᴌގ iᴌ• Tऄaղk Ꭹou ⁝D 
    [17/02/17 22:12] Muratus del Mur:This meeting has as purpose to discuss a bit about how i envision md gameplay, how the gateway should function, but also how this affects everything else 
    [17/02/17 22:12] Eon:Is this where that coward Knator Commander ran off to? 
    [17/02/17 22:12] :Zleiphneir gives Nim a wink 
    [17/02/17 22:12] Muratus del Mur:If you can't speak normally you better don't pls 
    [17/02/17 22:13] :⁂ѡiղkގ back aᴌ Ⱬlଽiթऄղଽiℜ ղoᴌ kղoѡiղᎶ ѡऄᎩ ѡऄᎩ ऄଽ ѡiղkଽd⁂ 
    [17/02/17 22:13] Muratus del Mur:Ok, so..i realize its not the best time for everyone, but you will see why i don't want ALL people in md present at this 
    [17/02/17 22:14] Muratus del Mur:i will try to focus the main ideas in the first part, so that those of you that can't stay too long still get the ideea 
    [17/02/17 22:15] Muratus del Mur:The gateway is a new land..well its not new, its actually as old as all the rest, but its the latest one released as you know 
    [17/02/17 22:15] Muratus del Mur:it has a very precise meaning , but we won't discuss that now 
    [17/02/17 22:15] Muratus del Mur:I am trying to find my words, its a bit difficult, not sure why  
    [17/02/17 22:16] :The gateway, is a different land. 
    [17/02/17 22:16] :Ungod cheers for mur 
    [17/02/17 22:16] :Its not like the others, so throw away all your preconcieved ideas 
    [17/02/17 22:16] Fang Archbane:drink. smoke. it always helps clear the mind. 
    [17/02/17 22:16] Muratus del Mur:Let me tell you how the gateway should function first. It is exactly this way that i am trying to setup on the island, that i believe entire MD could work (and its not too different from how it is alr 
    [17/02/17 22:16] :I think the reason its hard to say, is that even those who have had the idea explained, BR, still dont appear to entirely comprehend it 
    [17/02/17 22:17] Muratus del Mur:nono, its more simple than it looks 
    [17/02/17 22:17] :Hah 
    [17/02/17 22:17] Muratus del Mur:its not about what guardians are supposed to do here 
    [17/02/17 22:17] :ok  
    [17/02/17 22:18] Muratus del Mur:but i will explain that, as an example of what i am trying to say about entire md.... just listen, and then ask questions. 
    [17/02/17 22:18] Muratus del Mur:it will become cleared on the way..and sry for my english ..somehow its worse than usual 
    [17/02/17 22:18] Muratus del Mur:Ok, so, on this island things happen like this: 
    [17/02/17 22:19] Muratus del Mur:player joins, he can click various things, get tools, get resources with those tools, etc. so far everything is "normal" 
    [17/02/17 22:19] Muratus del Mur:then, he can role-play build whatever he thinks suitable in order to get off this island 
    [17/02/17 22:19] Muratus del Mur:and the guardians have the authority to confirm if what they built is ok or not 
    [17/02/17 22:20] Ungod: (looks cool) 
    [17/02/17 22:20] Muratus del Mur:and to move them to the mainland, or not, or even to rewrd them for the most creative ideas 
    [17/02/17 22:20] Ungod: (sounds*) 
    [17/02/17 22:20] Muratus del Mur:This is where i was trying to get at 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Muratus del Mur:The transition from usable items, to role-play usable items, and the direct confruntation with a real person , the guardian, that they need to pass (without fighting) 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Muratus del Mur:So far, is this concept clear for all? 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Fang Archbane:yes 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Zleiphneir:yes 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Nimrodel:Can we reward them with wishpoints too? 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Blackshade Rider:Yes 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Burns:+1 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Ungod:nicely start 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Ungod:nice start* 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Muratus del Mur:if something is not very clear, please say so, i want everyone in here to FULLY understand this, you will see why later 
    [17/02/17 22:21] Burns:Also, time to let people join again 
    [17/02/17 22:22] Muratus del Mur:brb, 
    [17/02/17 22:22] Nimrodel:Can we reward them with wishpoints too? 
    [17/02/17 22:22] Blackshade Rider:What do you mean by roleplay usable items? 
    [17/02/17 22:22] Eon:So when there is no guardian actually active at the time a new player comes into the game, the new player has to sit around and wait for one to finally get active? 
    [17/02/17 22:23] Eon:Sounds like another way to bore new players away, much like the story thing did. 
    [17/02/17 22:23] Muratus del Mur:The new payers have rsource gathering tools to use, that takes time, they have things to read, and even if now there are no guardians present at all times, they should be eventually 
    [17/02/17 22:23] Nimrodel:Can we reward them with Wishpoints too? 
    [17/02/17 22:24] Muratus del Mur:ok Eon, we will discuss all opinions , after i finish presenting the entire picture 
    [17/02/17 22:24] Muratus del Mur:The rewards are supposed to be proportional to what they already know, in this case, very basic stuff (aramors, silver, credits) 
    [17/02/17 22:25] Muratus del Mur:but 
    [17/02/17 22:25] Muratus del Mur:this concept is something that i want used in other places too, and there, YES, thats the point, wishpoints  
    [17/02/17 22:25] Muratus del Mur:let me continue 
    [17/02/17 22:26] Muratus del Mur:currently, quests in MD are chaotic, they always been like that (nobodys fault, except mine probably) 
    [17/02/17 22:26] Muratus del Mur:what i have in mind, is a much more coherent journey 
    [17/02/17 22:26] Muratus del Mur:chained quests, similar to the one here on the island 
    [17/02/17 22:27] Muratus del Mur:each giving someone something new and unlocking an area or a series of features (location dependent) 
    [17/02/17 22:27] Muratus del Mur:for example 
    [17/02/17 22:27] Fang Archbane:So we're talking about a large scale chain quest event with just enough automation to keep it smooth, but enough Vets to keep it interestingly human?... 
    [17/02/17 22:28] Muratus del Mur:someone that finishes the gateway quest, already knows how to use tools, and already knows that the things he collects can be used as he wants to, regardless of technical possibilities, 
    [17/02/17 22:28] Muratus del Mur:md is currently composed just of a handfull of people, you 
    [17/02/17 22:28] Muratus del Mur:i think its possible now to get things organised in this way 
    [17/02/17 22:29] Muratus del Mur:something like this was impossible till now i believe 
    [17/02/17 22:29] dst:will this be the death of "creative/mp8" quests? 
    [17/02/17 22:29] Muratus del Mur:or it was, but just on groups 
    [17/02/17 22:29] Muratus del Mur:what do you mean dst? 
    [17/02/17 22:30] Muratus del Mur: (questions time, i will name who can ask, and i will answer each, please don't talk if its not your turn) 
    [17/02/17 22:30] Esmaralda:Thank you 
    [17/02/17 22:30] Muratus del Mur:dst 
    [17/02/17 22:30] dst:i mean creative and outside md quests 
    [17/02/17 22:31] dst:like create a birthday card 
    [17/02/17 22:31] dst:or create a story on a given theme 
    [17/02/17 22:31] Muratus del Mur:Please voice your opinion about this entire thing, how much do you think it could be done, how good or bad do you think it is, etc (when asked) 
    [17/02/17 22:31] Muratus del Mur:nono, how so 
    [17/02/17 22:31] Muratus del Mur:this is not interfering with that in any way, not that i can think of at least. 
    [17/02/17 22:32] dst:because you said current md quests are chaotic 
    [17/02/17 22:32] dst:hence why I thought you want us to stop those 
    [17/02/17 22:32] Muratus del Mur:but cards are not a quest 
    [17/02/17 22:32] dst:ok..you're right 
    [17/02/17 22:32] dst:but they are considered "quests" as in contests 
    [17/02/17 22:32] Muratus del Mur:no need to, you can do quests as before, what i ask is to understand this way i am talking about here, and work together to CHAIN quests as much as possible 
    [17/02/17 22:33] dst:ok, got my answer 
    [17/02/17 22:33] dst:thank you 
    [17/02/17 22:33] Muratus del Mur:so that when someone finishes a quest, they are given a clue or a hint, or told directly, what is next 
    [17/02/17 22:34] Muratus del Mur:and this next quest should also be something that requires them to use their obtained items and benefits (not just items can be used for this) 
    [17/02/17 22:34] Muratus del Mur:in a similar way, and confront a real person 
    [17/02/17 22:34] Muratus del Mur:Ok, Eon next 
    [17/02/17 22:34] Nimrodel:umm.. a few of my quests were like that >.. 
    [17/02/17 22:34] Fang Archbane:you broke your eye I'm 
    [17/02/17 22:34] Eon:Nothing to say 
    [17/02/17 22:34] Muratus del Mur: (I am not saying nobody did like that, i am saying lets all try to do it as if we where a team) 
    [17/02/17 22:34] Fang Archbane:Oh the irony... 
    [17/02/17 22:35] Muratus del Mur:fang next time you speak when its not your turn you are out of here 
    [17/02/17 22:35] Muratus del Mur:who has questions? 
    [17/02/17 22:35] Burns:. 
    [17/02/17 22:35] Muratus del Mur:burns 
    [17/02/17 22:35] Burns:What happens when the chain ends? 
    [17/02/17 22:36] Burns:Is that where you "finish" MD? 
    [17/02/17 22:36] Muratus del Mur:the chain should not have just one direction, if possible, ..but when a chain ends, we should somehow keep a clear evidence of it, so that next person doing a quest, can continue that chain 
    [17/02/17 22:37] Muratus del Mur:please consider that people come and go, these "chains" can't be mandatory, they must all be optional 
    [17/02/17 22:37] Muratus del Mur:thats a stupid question burns 
    [17/02/17 22:37] :Fang Archbane Raises a paw 
    [17/02/17 22:37] Burns:There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers  
    [17/02/17 22:38] Muratus del Mur:but, no question is stupid actually...and no, md can't finish, all that happens is that you end up in a situation where you have nothing to do and you look for something to do, thats exactly where eve 
    [17/02/17 22:38] Muratus del Mur:everyone is now 
    [17/02/17 22:38] Muratus del Mur:burns, any other q? 
    [17/02/17 22:38] Burns:yeah 
    [17/02/17 22:38] Muratus del Mur:or if you think something is not fully answered just say so pls 
    [17/02/17 22:39] Burns:What happens when somebody from the chain leaves? 
    [17/02/17 22:39] Muratus del Mur:this is something that is likely to happen often, all the time, its unavoidable and we should consider it as part of how things are, and design the chain in such way that all brances are OPTIONAL 
    [17/02/17 22:39] Burns:Assuming that the human part of the quest will be large, that is 
    [17/02/17 22:40] Muratus del Mur:but 
    [17/02/17 22:40] Muratus del Mur:there are key points 
    [17/02/17 22:40] Muratus del Mur:for example here on the island 
    [17/02/17 22:40] Muratus del Mur:they need to leave the island 
    [17/02/17 22:40] Muratus del Mur:and for that , ech guardian has his own quest, but assume guardians leave, so what happens 
    [17/02/17 22:41] Muratus del Mur:what happens is that such a key point should always be "guarded" be more than one 
    [17/02/17 22:41] Muratus del Mur:and we can use guilds/alliances for that, or whatever other way we have for grouping a task force for a purpose 
    [17/02/17 22:41] Muratus del Mur:such key points should be very rare 
    [17/02/17 22:42] Muratus del Mur:gateway is one, maybe an other one is to receive a very rare crit, or access to a locked land 
    [17/02/17 22:42] Muratus del Mur:in each case, such a task is not dependent of a single person 
    [17/02/17 22:42] Ungod:. 
    [17/02/17 22:42] Burns:That sounds good, and answers all from me, thanks  
    [17/02/17 22:43] Muratus del Mur:ungod next 
    [17/02/17 22:43] Ungod:by a 'locked land' do you mean it can be a mainland, like marind bell, for example? 
    [17/02/17 22:43] Muratus del Mur:not marind bell, but other lands yes 
    [17/02/17 22:43] Ungod:LR? GG? 
    [17/02/17 22:44] Ungod:hmm...ok 
    [17/02/17 22:44] Muratus del Mur:currently they are not "used" anyway, so why not limit the access to such lands for new people , and allow them in only if they reach a certain "end" of such a chain, or just an other quest after the 
    [17/02/17 22:44] Muratus del Mur:gateway one 
    [17/02/17 22:44] Ungod:ok 
    [17/02/17 22:44] Muratus del Mur:this can work perfectly together with all the current ways they can get in 
    [17/02/17 22:44] Muratus del Mur:We have two types of attractors i call them 
    [17/02/17 22:45] Muratus del Mur:we can give rewards, or access 
    [17/02/17 22:45] Muratus del Mur: (in many cases this can be one and the same) 
    [17/02/17 22:45] Muratus del Mur:there are many places in md that can be locked or are already locked 
    [17/02/17 22:46] Muratus del Mur:and many things that are very hard to obtain , but are transferable 
    [17/02/17 22:46] Muratus del Mur:and in such cases, someone that holds a quest of this sort (ONLY of this sort) , can be sponsored to be able to give such things as reward 
    [17/02/17 22:46] dst:. 
    [17/02/17 22:47] Ungod:this stuff...diminishes the value of viscosity in some way... 
    [17/02/17 22:47] Muratus del Mur:let me try to give you a quick example 
    [17/02/17 22:47] Ungod:or maybe not, it just affects it  
    [17/02/17 22:48] Muratus del Mur:if everyone here now, receives a way to reward a single thing, and in return all he has to do is to listen to how someone managed to try to get that thing and decide its good or not 
    [17/02/17 22:48] Muratus del Mur:then all of us can play the entire chain 
    [17/02/17 22:48] Muratus del Mur:no role is sacrificed 
    [17/02/17 22:48] Muratus del Mur: (its not affecting viscosity, its just using it ) 
    [17/02/17 22:49] Muratus del Mur:the gateway island can be a good start, and the following quests can be built based on what people do next after they reach the mainland 
    [17/02/17 22:49] Ungod: (WELL, if you're arbitrarily closing lands or opening others...) 
    [17/02/17 22:49] Muratus del Mur:and here Chew could come in and help finish the quest page 
    [17/02/17 22:50] Blackshade Rider:. 
    [17/02/17 22:50] Burns:. 
    [17/02/17 22:50] :Thats planned 
    [17/02/17 22:50] :I just havent had time, Work is manic and im really unwell atm 
    [17/02/17 22:50] Muratus del Mur:in fact, if we make a "map" of things obtainable through such rp quests, the people that guard the keypoints can vary all the time, and the quests , the chains, can remain the same always 
    [17/02/17 22:50] :Someone gave me their flu and when I woke up this morning I couldnt breath 
    [17/02/17 22:50] Muratus del Mur:the quest page can be STATIC 
    [17/02/17 22:51] Muratus del Mur:if we make a good plan (and i will help with that) , we can have a static map of such quests 
    [17/02/17 22:51] Muratus del Mur:like: 
    [17/02/17 22:51] Muratus del Mur:exit the island by building a way out, 2) find lr guardians and challenge then to enter lr, or defeat them ( 
    [17/02/17 22:52] Muratus del Mur:here its about two distinct ways, the old way with fighting, and the new one wish rp quest 
    [17/02/17 22:52] Muratus del Mur:and so on, every time someone else can be the guardian of such a key point 
    [17/02/17 22:53] Muratus del Mur:but the overall picture should have a coherent structure, not a random one , or missing one like now 
    [17/02/17 22:53] Muratus del Mur:also , using items and resources in such way, its a great way to use them 
    [17/02/17 22:53] Muratus del Mur:Let me give you a few examples, its actually important 
    [17/02/17 22:53] Muratus del Mur:Today i took a noob to the mainland 
    [17/02/17 22:53] Muratus del Mur:and he had all sorts of items in his inventory (4 days old) 
    [17/02/17 22:54] Muratus del Mur:I had no plan about what sort of answer i was expecting from him 
    [17/02/17 22:54] Muratus del Mur:but on the way , several great ideas came to my mind 
    [17/02/17 22:54] Muratus del Mur:and such ideas i can write down for other quardians, not public, just within that circle of people that guard a certain keypoint 
    [17/02/17 22:55] Muratus del Mur:one of these ideas was 
    [17/02/17 22:55] Muratus del Mur:as a new character here in md, he had no specific "size", body size,, he was pretty much "undefined"...so what could have stopped him to pretend to be light enough to FLOAT to the mainland 
    [17/02/17 22:56] Muratus del Mur:it might sound as a stupid idea for an older player, but think its in the context of that player being very new 
    [17/02/17 22:56] Muratus del Mur:and like that, there are all sorts of unexpected ways someone could use the most unexpected items to obtain something related to that quest 
    [17/02/17 22:56] Muratus del Mur:also 
    [17/02/17 22:56] Nimrodel:My question to that noon would be how do you plan to land on the mainland? 
    [17/02/17 22:57] Muratus del Mur:he used the shovel he hound here, not just the resorces collected with it 
    [17/02/17 22:57] Muratus del Mur:at to be a really good ideea i didnt think about initially 
    [17/02/17 22:57] Muratus del Mur:@Nim: 
    [17/02/17 22:57] Fang Archbane:gently, I'm sure 
    [17/02/17 22:57] Muratus del Mur:questions, and challenging that player is part of what your role as a guardian of such a key point should be 
    [17/02/17 22:58] Muratus del Mur:and depending on the answer, and on the creativity of that player, you can just let him pass, or let him pass and reward him 
    [17/02/17 22:58] Nimrodel:Ok.. I can work with that.. 
    [17/02/17 22:58] Muratus del Mur:and while being in such a role, and listening to more people trying their own ideas, you can collect the best ones (privately) 
    [17/02/17 22:58] Muratus del Mur:and have them as a sort of benchmark for the next that try 
    [17/02/17 22:59] Nimrodel:>:) 
    [17/02/17 22:59] Muratus del Mur:So something that at first can be a little confusing, can become well planned very fast 
    [17/02/17 22:59] Burns:.. 
    [17/02/17 22:59] Nimrodel:My own personal laboratory*evil grin* 
    [17/02/17 22:59] Muratus del Mur:You can have absolutely NO idea on what answers to expect 
    [17/02/17 22:59] Muratus del Mur:but they will give you answers 
    [17/02/17 22:59] Muratus del Mur:and you will be able to tell when an answer is good 
    [17/02/17 23:00] Muratus del Mur:thats a method i uesd before, long ago, and it worked like a charm  
    [17/02/17 23:00] Muratus del Mur:remember the box question?  
    [17/02/17 23:00] Muratus del Mur:those of you that date from back then 
    [17/02/17 23:00] :No one here would actually remember it 
    [17/02/17 23:00] dst:ye 
    [17/02/17 23:00] :too newbie 
    [17/02/17 23:00] Muratus del Mur:you do, chew, dst does, others do 
    [17/02/17 23:00] dst:I mean, ye, nobody remembers it 
    [17/02/17 23:00] :I came second  
    [17/02/17 23:00] Muratus del Mur:anyway, in short, it was like this: 
    [17/02/17 23:00] Nimrodel:The one akasha posted? 
    [17/02/17 23:01] Nimrodel:Angien box? 
    [17/02/17 23:01] :Nah the one on the homepage 
    [17/02/17 23:01] Muratus del Mur:you have a box, what is inside it...simple...and you dont need to know a good answer, because when someone finds a perfect answer, you will realize it! 
    [17/02/17 23:02] Muratus del Mur:you get my point? leave the box, the idea is that your skills as a quest organizer, can be minimum, all you need to do is to be able to recognize awesome from mediocre or absurd answers 
    [17/02/17 23:02] Muratus del Mur:and thats much much easier than to plan things ahead 
    [17/02/17 23:03] Muratus del Mur:brb time for las teleport, if any 
    [17/02/17 23:03] :Muratus del Mur failed to cast a spell 
    [17/02/17 23:04] Muratus del Mur:ok, so, please share your honest opinion about all this (except eagle eye that came just now) 
    [17/02/17 23:04] :*Eagle Eye* bows his head 
    [17/02/17 23:04] Muratus del Mur:consider it a vote 
    [17/02/17 23:05] Muratus del Mur:is this doable 100%? or not? 
    [17/02/17 23:05] Nimrodel:Before voting 
    [17/02/17 23:05] Fang Archbane:yes 
    [17/02/17 23:05] Muratus del Mur:i dont mind negative answers 
    [17/02/17 23:05] Burns:Can i have a question first? 
    [17/02/17 23:05] Nimrodel:One last question 
    [17/02/17 23:05] dst:you only presented the concept and not the actual implementation plan 
    [17/02/17 23:05] Muratus del Mur:yes 
    [17/02/17 23:05] Muratus del Mur:nim 
    [17/02/17 23:05] Muratus del Mur:turns pls, nim first question 
    [17/02/17 23:06] Nimrodel:How do you plan to get noobs into this game? 
    [17/02/17 23:06] Muratus del Mur:they join on the gateway island, here (well not here here, but somewhere else on the island) ..they learn the basics of what they can do with their items, 
    [17/02/17 23:06] Muratus del Mur:then they reach mainland 
    [17/02/17 23:07] Muratus del Mur:and then the chain continues 
    [17/02/17 23:07] Muratus del Mur:does this answer your q? 
    [17/02/17 23:07] Nimrodel:I meant MD 
    [17/02/17 23:07] Muratus del Mur:? 
    [17/02/17 23:07] :Mur turned on advertising 
    [17/02/17 23:07] Muratus del Mur:i dont understand what you mean 
    [17/02/17 23:07] Nimrodel:How do you plan to attract new players to MD 
    [17/02/17 23:07] *Sunfire*:advertisement strategy 
    [17/02/17 23:07] Nimrodel:Ah.. that's good news  
    [17/02/17 23:08] Muratus del Mur:ah advertising.. regardless how i will get people in, we are talking now about what they will do once inside 
    [17/02/17 23:09] Muratus del Mur:chew are you functional right now? or just listening to the meeting? need to ask you something if you are, if not its fine) 
    [17/02/17 23:09] Nimrodel:I don't mind spending a month to design a chain... But there should be some participants. 
    [17/02/17 23:09] Muratus del Mur:ok thats a good point, valid for everyone 
    [17/02/17 23:09] Nimrodel:If there is input, I am more than happy  
    [17/02/17 23:09] Muratus del Mur:i want these chains to be discussed first with me 
    [17/02/17 23:10] Muratus del Mur:and they dont need to be planned for a month, it can be something you think of a day or two 
    [17/02/17 23:10] Muratus del Mur:its not a normal quest like those so far 
    [17/02/17 23:10] Muratus del Mur:it has no deadline 
    [17/02/17 23:10] Muratus del Mur:no timing 
    [17/02/17 23:10] Nimrodel:I am a comprehensive quest designer... Takes me a while  
    [17/02/17 23:10] Muratus del Mur:no ranking 
    [17/02/17 23:10] *Sunfire*:if they need to be interconnected there needs to be somewhat of an idea 
    [17/02/17 23:11] Muratus del Mur:consider that all the quests in this series should have the same format, so that people know already from the island what and how to do 
    [17/02/17 23:11] Muratus del Mur:all you need to do is define what is it that you guard, and what is the challenge you pose 
    [17/02/17 23:12] Muratus del Mur:yes yes, a central idea exactly 
    [17/02/17 23:12] Muratus del Mur:and thats why we are here 
    [17/02/17 23:12] Muratus del Mur:to discuss all this 
    [17/02/17 23:12] dst:so basically we moved from clickes to something else 
    [17/02/17 23:12] Muratus del Mur:if you agree that it can be done 
    [17/02/17 23:12] dst:am I right? 
    [17/02/17 23:12] Muratus del Mur:because this can be done only if more can participate 
    [17/02/17 23:12] Muratus del Mur:we still use clickies 
    [17/02/17 23:12] Muratus del Mur:but yes 
    [17/02/17 23:12] Muratus del Mur:clickies become tools 
    [17/02/17 23:13] Muratus del Mur:the quests will no longer be mdscripts or based on clickies, they will be more ..hwo to call them 
    [17/02/17 23:13] Muratus del Mur:based on rp and thinking 
    [17/02/17 23:13] Fang Archbane:Human 
    [17/02/17 23:13] dst:clickes version Mur.zero 
    [17/02/17 23:13] Muratus del Mur:in this way we eliminate the need for someone to implement everything each time 
    [17/02/17 23:14] Muratus del Mur:i see it more like this: 
    [17/02/17 23:14] Muratus del Mur:we take one way quests could have been done, and consider that the main way 
    [17/02/17 23:14] Muratus del Mur:nothing else gets erased 
    [17/02/17 23:14] Muratus del Mur:everything else remains possible 
    [17/02/17 23:14] Muratus del Mur:but this chain of quests wil be the backbone of md 
    [17/02/17 23:14] Muratus del Mur:all the other ways can still happen 
    [17/02/17 23:15] Muratus del Mur:but will be more like side quests, maybe to obtain things needed for these main chains 
    [17/02/17 23:15] Muratus del Mur:i am not "changing" anything, i am just using something more 
    [17/02/17 23:15] Nimrodel:There is one minor drawback though.. kinda limits stuff to MD. As in, if I want to tell someone my story, which may not be md related or in accordance with md beliefs, it might be difficult.. 
    [17/02/17 23:16] Muratus del Mur:what you say is more of an offtopic concern i think, no offence 
    [17/02/17 23:17] Muratus del Mur:nobody forbids you to do what you want, but you could somehow integrate what you do as part of this chain 
    [17/02/17 23:17] Nimrodel:I sent that before I read the side quests part.. 
    [17/02/17 23:17] Muratus del Mur:ok 
    [17/02/17 23:17] Muratus del Mur:questions, who is next? 
    [17/02/17 23:17] Burns:me! 
    [17/02/17 23:18] Muratus del Mur:ok burns 
    [17/02/17 23:18] Nimrodel:Internet crapped out. So strike that off  
    [17/02/17 23:18] Blackshade Rider:. 
    [17/02/17 23:18] Burns:What happens if somebody doesn't bring out an acceptable answer? 
    [17/02/17 23:18] Burns:Example: 
    [17/02/17 23:18] Muratus del Mur:chew, i cant contact you, need to ask you something when you can, during this meeting preferably, thnx 
    [17/02/17 23:19] :ok 
    [17/02/17 23:19] Burns:If i end up as guardian of golemus, or drachorns, which i both consider late parts of a chain, and somebody wants to get through me 
    [17/02/17 23:19] :Ask e 
    [17/02/17 23:19] :me 
    [17/02/17 23:19] Burns:but i don't consider the attempt valid 
    [17/02/17 23:19] Muratus del Mur:it can happen very often actually, and i see two ways to deal with it: 
    [17/02/17 23:19] Burns:does he get stuck in that branch, without hope of ending it? 
    [17/02/17 23:20] Muratus del Mur:you can ask him to pay a fee in items, or do chores or whatever, in exchange of a clue (clue and ideas that you obtain yourself from other better quest participants that passed) 
    [17/02/17 23:20] Muratus del Mur:or 
    [17/02/17 23:20] Muratus del Mur:you can simply tell them to try again in x days 
    [17/02/17 23:20] Muratus del Mur:the purpose is to keep them entertained, not to kill them 
    [17/02/17 23:21] Fang Archbane:"Wrong answer. clean up after the Drachs. speak to me in 3 days" I love it n.n 
    [17/02/17 23:21] :dst throws her plans away 
    [17/02/17 23:21] Muratus del Mur:one thing that might turn out to be essential is to determine if a player is trying more quests at the same time 
    [17/02/17 23:21] Muratus del Mur:and limit them to one 
    [17/02/17 23:21] Muratus del Mur:but allow them to exit that quest any time 
    [17/02/17 23:21] Burns:Don't fret, dstybus, bribery and torture are still valid! 
    [17/02/17 23:21] Muratus del Mur:fang, i told you that if you speak you get out this was third time 
    [17/02/17 23:22] Fang Archbane:Yeah, sorry, just drop me off anywhere I guess. I won't complain. 
    [17/02/17 23:22] Muratus del Mur:sorry fang is out 
    [17/02/17 23:23] *Sunfire*:why one? isnt that too limiting, md is broad in aspects? 
    [17/02/17 23:23] :You wanted to ask a question Mur? 
    [17/02/17 23:23] Muratus del Mur:its very hard for me to focus if you speak random, i assume its same for you too 
    [17/02/17 23:24] Muratus del Mur:sun...to avoid "bruteforcing" all quests at the same time and to add some linearity to their journey/experience 
    [17/02/17 23:24] Muratus del Mur:NOT to limit them 
    [17/02/17 23:24] Muratus del Mur:a sec, need a word with chew, brb 
    [17/02/17 23:24] Muratus del Mur:skype, fb? 
    [17/02/17 23:24] :skype me or? 
    [17/02/17 23:24] :skype 
    [17/02/17 23:24] Burns:But the idea is that everybody can get through all parts of all chains, given enough time and effort? 
    [17/02/17 23:25] Muratus del Mur:skype it is, brb, the rest please think of all this if you have more questions or concerns 
    [17/02/17 23:25] Muratus del Mur:yes EXACTLY burns 
    [17/02/17 23:25] Muratus del Mur:thats they point 
    [17/02/17 23:25] :sorry guys, Mur owes me a lapdance 
    [17/02/17 23:25] Blackshade Rider:I have a question. 
    [17/02/17 23:25] Muratus del Mur:and if it takes a full year, its awesome 
    [17/02/17 23:25] Muratus del Mur:brb 
    [17/02/17 23:25] Burns:The evil overlord is gone, we can talk freely!  
    [17/02/17 23:26] Burns:and now nobody dares, right? 
    [17/02/17 23:26] No one:i don't know tha freely language 
    [17/02/17 23:26] Eon:. 
    [17/02/17 23:26] No one:i can do some Romanian if you want 
    [17/02/17 23:27] Burns:how evil do you folks think we should be? dsty, Nimmy, Eon, no one? thoughts? 
    [17/02/17 23:27] *Eagle Eye*:full year to finish the quest, 1 year of thinking, 1 year of solving. how if they give up? awesome 
    [17/02/17 23:27] Muratus del Mur: (pls already think if you see yourself as a guardian of something, needs to be something you are already involved with) 
    [17/02/17 23:27] *Eagle Eye*: 
    [17/02/17 23:28] Muratus del Mur: (full year for the ENTIRE chain) 
    [17/02/17 23:28] dst:if torture and killing are allowed, I am in! 
    [17/02/17 23:28] Blackshade Rider: (I wish to remain as a guardian here as i originally was) 
    [17/02/17 23:28] Burns:he said no killing, but bribery is fine. 
    [17/02/17 23:28] :You blew it though BR 
    [17/02/17 23:28] Burns:Are you really a judge? you got the attention span of an average fly. 
    [17/02/17 23:28] :So I guess thats not available 
    [17/02/17 23:28] :Ungod TRIES TO CATCH UP with the chat 
    [17/02/17 23:28] Eon:Send them to me when they fail your quest 
    [17/02/17 23:28] Eon:I kill them 
    [17/02/17 23:28] dst:had to get some stuff to eat... 
    [17/02/17 23:29] dst:so i missed some things 
    [17/02/17 23:29] Ungod: (mur owes me a lapdance...lol) 
    [17/02/17 23:29] *Eagle Eye*:if loving way with a smile. im in 
    [17/02/17 23:29] Muratus del Mur: (away from chat, i'll be back in 15min) 
    [17/02/17 23:29] Blackshade Rider:Who burns 
    [17/02/17 23:29] Burns:dst of course, no worries 
    [17/02/17 23:30] :*Eagle Eye* im happy Eon 
    [17/02/17 23:30] dst:ok, scratch killing and replace with bribery 
    [17/02/17 23:30] dst:gotcha! 
    [17/02/17 23:30] dst:and foot massage 
    [17/02/17 23:30] Lintara:And say it's part of alternative path of the chain where they also have to get something and find the way out?- *chuckles* scratch that 
    [17/02/17 23:30] Burns:great, but the question remains, how much? 
    [17/02/17 23:31] Burns:foot massage sounds like a start... i'll have he massage the feet of an ogre. 
    [17/02/17 23:31] dst:1 year but with progressive rewards
    [17/02/17 23:31] Burns:Will be weeks before the figure out we have no ogres. 
    [17/02/17 23:31] dst:yep! 
    [17/02/17 23:31] dst:that should cover 1/12 of the year 
    [17/02/17 23:31] dst:then we send them chase fairies 
    [17/02/17 23:31] Ungod: (leaving for home, don't kick me out!) 
    [17/02/17 23:31] Ungod: (idling) 
    [17/02/17 23:32] dst:or to look for Khal's chamber pot 
    [17/02/17 23:32] Burns:And have them bring the breastplate stretcher. 
    [17/02/17 23:32] dst:and Peace's toenail 
    [17/02/17 23:32] Burns:No, darky's toenail! 
    [17/02/17 23:33] Lintara:And some mucus from the Underground. 
    [17/02/17 23:33] dst:oh and we should DEFO have some encryption in this 
    [17/02/17 23:33] Burns:I like the amount of evilness we're heading to, i'm totally in for that. 
    [17/02/17 23:33] dst:no Lin! that mucus is sacret! 
    [17/02/17 23:33] dst:sacred* 
    [17/02/17 23:33] :Lintara chuckles mischievously 
    [17/02/17 23:34] Burns:i thought it was scary mucus... 
    [17/02/17 23:34] dst:I think we'll do great in jail once Mur returns and reads our convo 
    [17/02/17 23:34] :*Eagle Eye* bows to my queen Lintara
    [17/02/17 23:34] dst:it's scary only for noobs 
    [17/02/17 23:34] Burns:I'm fairly sure judges are jail-proof. 
    [17/02/17 23:34] :Lintara nods to Eagle Eye 
    [17/02/17 23:34] :Nah they arent 
    [17/02/17 23:34] dst:cannot count on that 
    [17/02/17 23:35] dst:i could rule myself out but what would be the fun? 
    [17/02/17 23:35] Burns:Drat, i forgot the executive evil overlord! 
    [17/02/17 23:36] Burns:we're doomed, was fun knowing you, dstybus  
    [17/02/17 23:36] dst:same Burnsy! 
    [17/02/17 23:37] dst:a real pleasure! 
    [17/02/17 23:37] dst:for you I learned how to clay model
    [17/02/17 23:37] dst:how to code/decode stuff.. 
    [17/02/17 23:37] dst:I will be forever grateful 
    [17/02/17 23:37] Burns:What do you suppose, how much time would guarding a quest node take? 
    [17/02/17 23:38] *Eagle Eye*:1 year 
    [17/02/17 23:38] Burns:to come back to the issues before Mur shows up again  
    [17/02/17 23:39] dst:if you do it in a smart way, forever 
    [17/02/17 23:39] dst:without you actually being there 
    [17/02/17 23:40] *Eagle Eye*: *smiles* i love forever 
    [17/02/17 23:40] Burns:Hmmm... sounds like a plan... 
    [17/02/17 23:41] dst:I wonder...would we be able to incorporate spell pages into this? 
    [17/02/17 23:41] dst:and once you have the whole collection you acctually GET the spell ? 
    [17/02/17 23:41] Muratus del Mur:back 
    [17/02/17 23:41] Muratus del Mur:ok, so 
    [17/02/17 23:41] Muratus del Mur:now... 
    [17/02/17 23:41] :dst hides 
    [17/02/17 23:41] Burns:Inner circle magic never got done, did it? 
    [17/02/17 23:42] :Burns hides, too 
    [17/02/17 23:42] Muratus del Mur:i need to know, which one of you thinks he can be an active link in this chained quest 
    [17/02/17 23:42] Muratus del Mur:? 
    [17/02/17 23:42] Burns:i need another question 
    [17/02/17 23:42] Blackshade Rider:Me 
    [17/02/17 23:42] Muratus del Mur:ask 
    [17/02/17 23:42] Blackshade Rider:Also i have a qeustion if i may 
    [17/02/17 23:42] dst:I can be active but only for short periods during the day 
    [17/02/17 23:43] Burns:How much activity do you expect from guardians? 
    [17/02/17 23:43] Burns:Like, i can do PM, but that's about it 
    [17/02/17 23:43] Blackshade Rider:Daily activity 
    [17/02/17 23:43] Muratus del Mur:br, talk when asked pls or i will send you to fang 
    [17/02/17 23:43] :BR you are not Mur 
    [17/02/17 23:43] :Dont answer for him. 
    [17/02/17 23:44] Muratus del Mur:again about this, this is about how you will do future quests, not really something in addition to what you do, but more of a change to how you do what you already do 
    [17/02/17 23:44] Muratus del Mur:your activity will determine where in the chain i will place you 
    [17/02/17 23:44] Muratus del Mur:if its very rare, then that link of the chain will be much more secondary than other links 
    [17/02/17 23:45] Muratus del Mur:"much more secondary" its not really correct, but you get what i mean 
    [17/02/17 23:45] Burns:Yep, and that sounds fair, too, thanks  
    [17/02/17 23:45] Muratus del Mur:if you are active, and i see you actually are there all the time, you will get more sponsorship 
    [17/02/17 23:46] Muratus del Mur:and overall people that are more active, simply put, will get more support in all ways i can, so that they can perform better 
    [17/02/17 23:47] Muratus del Mur:because we are very very few, this is a time when things could change dramatically for everyone 
    [17/02/17 23:47] :Muratus del Mur failed to cast a spell 
    [17/02/17 23:47] :[Spell] I summon you here Fang Archbane 
    [17/02/17 23:48] Muratus del Mur:ok , so again, who thinks can be FULLY involved with this, who thinks only partially, and who thinks he will do better just as spectator 
    [17/02/17 23:48] Muratus del Mur:? 
    [17/02/17 23:49] dst:I can do partially 
    [17/02/17 23:49] Lintara:I can't commit a full day to this, but I can do partially also. 
    [17/02/17 23:49] dst:and defo not during the night 
    [17/02/17 23:49] Muratus del Mur:not answering means by default only spectator 
    [17/02/17 23:50] *Eagle Eye*:I will help also partially 
    [17/02/17 23:50] Blackshade Rider:I am active daily through out the day 
    [17/02/17 23:50] Muratus del Mur:its about if you can change your current role to fit, not about doing one single event, but how you will do from now on forever 
    [17/02/17 23:50] Fang Archbane:Im way too busy to do anything but spectate till Jan 1st 2018 
    [17/02/17 23:51] Ungod: (just got home, fully involved in what?) 
    [17/02/17 23:51] Muratus del Mur:ok 
    [17/02/17 23:51] Zleiphneir:You have my volunteership.
    [17/02/17 23:51] Muratus del Mur:in being part of this chain of quests 
    [17/02/17 23:51] Lintara: (the whole chained quest shenanigans) 
    [17/02/17 23:51] Muratus del Mur:z, fully, partially? 
    [17/02/17 23:51] Ungod:does that mean staying on the island? 
    [17/02/17 23:51] Muratus del Mur:no 
    [17/02/17 23:51] Burns:I'm afraid i'm down to low partial involvement, then. 
    [17/02/17 23:52] *Sunfire*:partially 
    [17/02/17 23:52] Ungod:great. however, it's partial for me, unfortunately  
    [17/02/17 23:52] Muratus del Mur:ok 
    [17/02/17 23:52] Zleiphneir:Fully. 
    [17/02/17 23:52] Blackshade Rider:Fully 
    [17/02/17 23:52] Muratus del Mur:partially: dst, Lintara, *Eagle Eye* , Burns, *Sunfire* 
    [17/02/17 23:52] Muratus del Mur:fully: Blackshade Rider, Zleiphneir 
    [17/02/17 23:52] Muratus del Mur:who else? 
    [17/02/17 23:53] Muratus del Mur:if you dont answer now i will assume you cant 
    [17/02/17 23:53] Esmaralda:Won't have much time so spectating. I'm sorry 
    [17/02/17 23:53] Muratus del Mur:ok 
    [17/02/17 23:54] Ungod:partially for me  
    [17/02/17 23:54] *Syrian*:i dont mind helping out in places but as an active quest maker i wont be good fol 
    [17/02/17 23:54] *Syrian*: (for*) 
    [17/02/17 23:54] Muratus del Mur:the rest of this meeting will probably continue on email or in a different location with those that remain part of this, in this way the spectators wont know the plans and will be able to enjoy playin 
    [17/02/17 23:55] Muratus del Mur: *Syrian* is that partially or spectator? 
    [17/02/17 23:55] *Syrian*:you can put me down as partially and i/ll help as and how i can 
    [17/02/17 23:56] Muratus del Mur:ok 
    [17/02/17 23:56] Muratus del Mur:the rest? anyone else? 
    [17/02/17 23:56] Muratus del Mur:i can assume nobody else i guess 
    [17/02/17 23:57] Muratus del Mur:ok, i think thats all for today, the following people pls pm me your email so i can write all the participants further details about this. 
    [17/02/17 23:58] Muratus del Mur:if you have any other questions, or remarks, now its the time 
    [17/02/17 23:58] Blackshade Rider:I have one 
    [17/02/17 23:58] Muratus del Mur:and it would be VERY helpful for me to know what you think about this plan, all of you...lets say on a scale from 1 to 10, how good do you consider this chained quests plan to be? 
    [17/02/17 23:59] Fang Archbane:9 
    [17/02/17 23:59] Blackshade Rider:Will these chained quests in any way help then advance in mp somehow? 
    [17/02/17 23:59] Blackshade Rider:7.5 
    [17/02/17 23:59] dst:without seeing one, so only from the presentation phase, prolly 7-8 
    [17/02/17 23:59] Muratus del Mur:nope, quests dont interfere with mp advancement 
    [17/02/17 23:59] Lintara:8 
    [17/02/17 23:59] Burns:depending on the implementation, 6-8 
    [18/02/17 00:00] Ungod:depends...the idea is good (like many here) , but the actual implementation is one that isn't so clear 
    [18/02/17 00:00] *Sunfire*:it has potential, but we'll need to see how much us vets can invest in it and make it coherent 
    [18/02/17 00:00] Muratus del Mur:ok, thank you for the feedback! 
    [18/02/17 00:00] Zleiphneir:I am on the fence for various reasons, so 5 overall 
    [18/02/17 00:00] Muratus del Mur:i guess now i need to match your expectations 
    [18/02/17 00:00] *Eagle Eye*:8- because you nade it in a hardway of thinking. I will update my points when i touch down;) 
    [18/02/17 00:01] *Syrian*:is it okay for a log to be taken of this conversation? 
    [18/02/17 00:01] Muratus del Mur:last time, anyone here that wants to get involved with this, partially , or fully? 
    [18/02/17 00:01] Muratus del Mur:yes please do, send it to me too 
    [18/02/17 00:01] *Syrian*:i would say about a 7 as well, the idea seems very nice as an idea 
    [18/02/17 00:02] :[Spell] through entropy we stare 
    [18/02/17 00:02] Muratus del Mur:well we just discussed the idea 
    [18/02/17 00:02] Muratus del Mur:the actual implementation is next phase 
    [18/02/17 00:02] Esmaralda:8 
    [18/02/17 00:02] *Syrian*:would you like me to email it you? you have a character pm limit 
    [18/02/17 00:02] Muratus del Mur:its pointless to discuss implenetation with everyone, thats something i will discuss just with those involved 
    [18/02/17 00:03] Muratus del Mur:yes pleae mur@magicduel.com 
    [18/02/17 00:03] Muratus del Mur:ok so your feedback is 5 to 8, mostly 7-8 ..not that bad, i think you believe it might actually work 
    [18/02/17 00:03] Muratus del Mur: 
    [18/02/17 00:04] Fang Archbane:Huge potential. Humanism makes this both doable and a feat. 
    [18/02/17 00:04] Muratus del Mur:Ok, if you don't have any other things to discuss about this subject, i will move everyone back to the mainland, ok? 
    [18/02/17 00:04] dst:actually chained quests is not a new idea 
    [18/02/17 00:04] dst:every game has that 
    [18/02/17 00:04] *Sunfire*:what will happen on short trm with the noobs coming to the mainlands? 
    [18/02/17 00:05] dst:the difference is that in MD we can have a huuuge diversity 
    [18/02/17 00:05] Muratus del Mur:yes true, but here they are controlled by an actual person 
    [18/02/17 00:05] dst:and freedom 
    [18/02/17 00:05] Zleiphneir:none of this is a new idea...Im under the impression that is the point 
    [18/02/17 00:05] dst:yeah, I think so too, Z 
    [18/02/17 00:05] dst:it's a formula that works 
    [18/02/17 00:05] Muratus del Mur:no, z..the point is to focus on player interactions 
    [18/02/17 00:06] *Syrian*:except hopefully people wont be inclined to skip dialogue since you cant skip a person 
    [18/02/17 00:06] Zleiphneir:let me re-phrase then. This is a rebirth of the original system in my view 
    [18/02/17 00:06] Zleiphneir:On that, I mark it a 10 and a 1 for the same reasons 
    [18/02/17 00:06] Muratus del Mur:and to do it in a way that is easy to follow and not chaotic like it is now,...now for example, someone reaching the mainland, has absolutely NO clue what to do 
    [18/02/17 00:07] Zleiphneir:I have no doubt it will work, personally. At least, for a time. 
    [18/02/17 00:07] Muratus del Mur:this is actually the way i envisioned md to be played always 
    [18/02/17 00:07] *Sunfire*:we didnt either when we woke up in the cabin 
    [18/02/17 00:07] Muratus del Mur:but never had the tools and the opportunity to actually do it 
    [18/02/17 00:08] Muratus del Mur:i want legendary characters to actually be part of this chain, so that other, old or new players, have to face them at some point 
    [18/02/17 00:08] *Syrian*:if anyone else wants a copy of the log here, send me a PM and i/ll reply with it, as not to spam the chat with requests for it 
    [18/02/17 00:08] Lintara:Would be nice Syri 
    [18/02/17 00:08] Burns:We're all going to be Wodins in no time!  
    [18/02/17 00:08] Muratus del Mur:and this method of roleplaying the usage of items, ...well not rp..but just reason their use, i think it fits md best, and is most flexible way to achieve something like this 
    [18/02/17 00:09] Muratus del Mur:yeah burns  
    [18/02/17 00:09] Muratus del Mur:sort of 
    [18/02/17 00:09] dst:Wodin sucked! 
    [18/02/17 00:09] Muratus del Mur: 
    [18/02/17 00:09] dst:I shall be better 
    [18/02/17 00:09] Burns:Only when i played him ;P 
    [18/02/17 00:10] Muratus del Mur:thats where diversity comes in handy...if you have more options of a chain, doesnt matter if a link sucks or not, what is important is that the entire chain holds up 
    [18/02/17 00:10] dst:we all abused Wodin, Burnsy  
    [18/02/17 00:10] Muratus del Mur:anything else? 
    [18/02/17 00:10] Muratus del Mur:or time to end the meeting 
    [18/02/17 00:10] dst:yes 
    [18/02/17 00:10] dst:I have I question 
    [18/02/17 00:10] Ungod:ooh, now i remember 
    [18/02/17 00:10] Ungod:go ahead, dst 
    [18/02/17 00:11] dst:could we use this to start using spell papers? 
    [18/02/17 00:11] Muratus del Mur:people that volunteered to be involved with this, please pm me your email so i can write you all the next part 
    [18/02/17 00:11] Muratus del Mur:yes 
    [18/02/17 00:11] Muratus del Mur:totally 
    [18/02/17 00:11] Muratus del Mur:spell docs and other features too 
    [18/02/17 00:12] Muratus del Mur:because if they are part of a chain, i can release them in a much more themed and well staged way, as part of an unwritten story so to say 
    [18/02/17 00:12] Ungod:@mur: on forum, ingame pm or..? 
    [18/02/17 00:12] Muratus del Mur:game pm pls 
    [18/02/17 00:13] Ungod:ok 
    [18/02/17 00:13] Burns:What about rare creatures? Angiens, drachorns, that kind? They could be specific goals to reach, i think 
    [18/02/17 00:13] Muratus del Mur:the rest that will just spectate, don't say later you didnt had the chance  
    [18/02/17 00:13] Burns:like milestones 
    [18/02/17 00:13] Muratus del Mur:exactly 
    [18/02/17 00:13] Muratus del Mur:everything that is now unreachable, will be part of the chain 
    [18/02/17 00:13] *Sunfire*:can we vets still achieve things through the quest chain? 
    [18/02/17 00:13] Muratus del Mur:depends only on who controls that link 
    [18/02/17 00:13] Muratus del Mur:and that i will decide based on activity and performance 
    [18/02/17 00:14] Muratus del Mur:everyone , including representatives of this chain, can play all the "links" too 
    [18/02/17 00:14] :dst feels like in school again 
    [18/02/17 00:14] Muratus del Mur:see it as a sort of social stucture 
    [18/02/17 00:14] Muratus del Mur:but without titles 
    [18/02/17 00:14] Muratus del Mur: 
    [18/02/17 00:15] Muratus del Mur:this sort of change can only happen when we are so "collapsed" that it would make no difference if i reset everything or reorganize everything, 
    [18/02/17 00:16] Muratus del Mur:think its a good way to turn the situation in our favor 
    [18/02/17 00:16] dst:don't push the reset button!!! *hugs her stuff* 
    [18/02/17 00:16] Muratus del Mur:Thank you all for participating, this was truly a hostoric event in my opinion.. I will make an announcement shortly 
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     I have been keeping some codes with the intent of sponsoring some quests. Or to gift them to some that need them more than me. Same for WP codes. The current MD population is low. I haven't had a chance to find someone to give those. I have been asking for credit codes instead of simple credits because of the easy usage.
    Plus, as a veteran I don't need that many credits (I get enough for my current obsession from daily credits). I haven't seen anything good (as in appealing for me/myself and I) in the shop for quite some time.
    I agree that the "codes DB" needs to be cleaned but I think there can be another way. It involves some work but I volunteer to perform it if necessary.
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