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  1. Happy BIrthday Maebius and rikstar May the Goddess blessed your birthday and wishes granted. Have a blessed day of your birthday.
  2. I am interested to play and test the a25 tools. Then i can help if needed.
  3. Its a long way to read, But i like it the purpose of what we are. Long Live MD
  4. Eagle Eye

    Phoenix Reborn

    I like this one EE become Phoenix:)
  5. Happy Birthday my Friend, Wishing you all the best have a blessed birthday:)

    1. Ungod
    2. Fang Archbane
    3. Bashaw Steel

      Bashaw Steel

      Eagle Eye! Good to see you again:)
      and haaaaappy b day to gonzalo too!:D

  6. Unlock and open the map from the story mode. Give way of freedom;). Anyone can enter back again the land without using WP.
  7. Bring back the land, free the realm. Don't lock MB lands its a beautiful place to walk. Its a free land. Give freedom of that land no cost. Its a remember of a new generation coming forward, Im sure people love to free the land of MB lock after storymode change and gone. Yes, free and open the land for the people.
  8. Happy birthday Miq, blessed you always.;)
  9. @aethon, you can do it. Try to read the whole post;) @pips, yes youve got me, 100% achievements i like it.
  10. Not area, is a number of unique day of the year. Its a special number of the day this year;)
  11. Mark of the beast, can i have it. Day 2017 year 2017
  12. I agree with Sy, a few LHO need to stay in the mainland. i am willing to help and stay to the mainland. We do not know in the future;) I am happy to hear and see some player grant and now guard of the gateway. Best of luck there.
  13. Hoping someday people come and visit the realm. The land of full surprising. I agree rophs, your thinking because i think it before hehhe. But also some land dont have a kong. King being away. What land do you prefer? Can choose mp6.
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