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  1. and i just might be back

  2. why has it been so long sense ive seen you, my friend

  3. might be getting close to time to move back out of california...

  4. If you have room for more I'll join...I'll even stay sober for it!...mostly
  5. Thanks for fixing my hat!

  6. Closed and cancel...obvious reasons probably not what ur lookin for but oh well well that got a tad screwed up...
  7. a pretty bad drawing but was my first instinct of counter-activity to the original lol...alcohol enabling and all
  8. ok i just gotta say, after *MasterB*'s rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, i wanna see his video on this too... Just gotta say, after *MasterB*'s rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, i am really curious to see if he comes out with something for this xD *screams angrily* FIIIIVE GOOOLLLDEN COIIIINNSSS
  9. that Almost makes me wanna make a youtube video for the reading
  10. saturday is the preferable day here too lol...though ill try to make it irregardless of the time as long as its not mon-fri...
  11. i fail to see what the rebels are complaining about...Roland has the right idea, HE at least knew what to expect...you cant just rebel and expect to be treated fairly. thats one of the main ideals of rebellion isnt it?
  12. http://diogenes-bob.com/ My old high school teacher's website :P his views on the American Plutocracy are most informative ;)
  13. A beacon of light can be used either to ensure safe travel, or just as easily guidance towards demise

  14. Agis Asticles


    "One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain." -Bob Marley ...couldnt quite figure out how to embed the videos lol
  15. Yay, i have a broken nose >,

    1. Yala Sviseusen

      Yala Sviseusen

      You have a fractured nose... :P

    2. Agis Asticles
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