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  1. Im out of the lands of the east. :)

  2. im stuck in the lands of the east. WOW. -.-

  3. Im writing a stowryyy :)

  4. hmm... so i drew this on a loooooonnnggg airplane flight from phoenix, Arizona to California. I am actually pretty proud of it. However, before i make it officially an Avy (which im not sure i can do anywho) i want you guys's opinions. I think it is meant for someone who is very 'one with nature' as i would call it. So if you have a nature-ie character and you like this Avy just tell me! (Oh, and yes i have to correct her hand) heres the pic: [attachment=1998:Avyedit.jpg]
  5. hey Pample! So me and Raine spent endless hours (10 minutes) on the computer looking up Pamplemousse. HI GRAPEFRUIT!!! Im curious on how you came upon this name... are you french?

  6. -1 rep? SADFACE! :(

    1. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      you now have a perfectly balanced profile. grats! :)

    2. Iridian
  7. AHAHA!!! SO THIS IS YOU??!?!


  9. Alright see ya guys... be back in a week!

  10. told you i cover my face :)

  11. rp fights... LAME

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    2. Prince Marvolo

      Prince Marvolo

      As long as both persons recognises they're hit and doesnt keep saying *dodges* it can be fun... Unless your opponent has a magical sword, 2m long, unbreakable and can pierce trough everything... *rolls eyes*

    3. Iridian


      yeah i guess so...

    4. pamplemousse


      They are terrible. And I don't know if there is really a "right" way to do it. Blech.

  12. The new profile pic is another old one :)

  13. When is the next meeting? Sorry i missed it, i was probably in High Tea, or school...
  14. Lalalalala, school ended. high tea at six... Blech!

  15. The new picture of me is super old :)

  16. It seems that i find myself staying up again, and getting in trouble... again. :/

  17. Has anyone watched the movie cracks? I saw it a couple days ago... it makes me think my boarding school is actually ok!

  18. ahh school ended early today, sorry i havent been on, we are doing test prep... :(

  19. because i dont want my full face out on the internet.

  20. My hand looks HUGE in my pic :)

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