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  1. Item 6: Avatar goldening Token (can be used to make any avatar gold), Price: 40 plushies
  2. It's hard to walk around, how do I get more?
  3. You can get spells either through certain items or through the wish shop.
  4. The regeneration stat allows creatures to heal after a battle is over. Some creatures have this stat on their own, but it can also be given to creatures by the player by selecting a higher vitality on the ritual's slider.
  5. It's possible to unlock golden avatars in the shop which allows you to find them in the avatar section. There's also Gold Avatar Tokens which can be exchanged to request your avatar be turned gold, though requests can be denied.
  6. The main way to get loyalty is to join an alliance and fight members of other alliances.
  7. Under the player's profile image (or name if they have none) are a series of buttons that contain papers which they can add various information to, as well as their inventory and public logs, which contain messages left on them by other players.
  8. You'll need to attack players that it says will give you positive honor (The amount is listed on the attack button).
  9. You can mute a player's chat by clicking the "mute chat" button under the player's information (below the send message and attack buttons).
  10. There are various items that have the power to resurrect another person, and you can collect a lot of flowers for a one time resurrection at a place in the Lands of the East.
  11. You can look at a player's stats at their public profile url, the current format for which is: https://magicduel.com/member.php?p=playername
  12. The main way to increase principles is by sacrificing creatures at sacrifice altars.
  13. Heat is gained mainly by walking around, depending on the location viscosity and the territory you can either gain or lose heat.
  14. Combat will give you heat scars.
  15. You can get some free credits by clicking the Free Credits button at the top of the screen and voting on the various websites daily.
  16. You can find shops around the world that have equipment for sale. Some shops are more hidden then others.
  17. Check if they are online in the online users list.
  18. Certain special items or abilities can give the power to kill someone. It's unlikely you'll be killed at random, but trespassing in Necrovion can result in your death. Your character doesn't get deleted, but actions are limited while dead, and you will have to find a way to get revived or revive yourself.
  19. Plushies are given out as rewards for quests during the anniversary, as well as for being logged in during the anniversary
  20. The description of the creature will tell you what creatures it boosts.
  21. I'd like the teleport to paper cabin spellstone
  22. I found myself back in the original story mode, and I noticed it's mentioned that the creature of liquid dust has a purple top hat.
  23. They work but do give that error as well, they give you an RP item.
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