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  1. [quote name='Ratsplat' date='10 August 2010 - 08:42 PM' timestamp='1281487347' post='65694'] There should be a mining guild, or some way to mine, to go along with the recently added woodcutting guild and woodcutting/resource gathering. Forest like areas wouldnt be very good to mine in, though places like golemus, necrovion, and hopefully the underground tunnels under MB (since my role puts me in that area). You would be able to mine different types of ore of course, maybe fossils, lost equipment... anything youd think you can find in a chunk of rock. This stuff would be used to make equip
  2. [quote][2010-08-02 22:43:27 - Stage 10] A new type of items will be seen in the realm in the next days. "consumable" items such as candies will be given out for testing, feel free to do whatever you liek with them and discuss possible use of such items. Right now they give a "sugarlevel" skill just for the test but they could do anything almost. DO NOT TRADE CONSUMABLE ITEMS YET, they are out just for testing and i will remove them later, or do unwanted changes to them. Consumable items will vanish when used. They will also appear different in the inventory. Item creating items are also out f
  3. Solution: People in guilds will be given a permanent sanctuary mode which would only come off during such times as heads and/or torchs. Give each guild a similar build bonus wise to the Tainted Warriors: EI: 500 Briskness, 50 Energetic Immunity, 20 Trade Sense This way they can still gather heat, and not bother about combat focusing on their role, should they wish to fight they simply leave the guild, this would also allow them to keep creatures.
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