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  1. O.o MB looking at my profile :D I am teh specishul!

  2. Oh herro other person

  3. You seem to have a very odd obsession with soup...

  4. If you are not willing to read an entire topic then you really should not post in it, Common Sense?

  5. Presuppositions are the downfall of many. Hypocrisy is down fall of oneself. An open mind and understanding is the key to prosperity.

  6. Information is always there, you just have to know where to look for it and how to get it.

  7. When ever you get worked up over something, ask yourself before acting on it; is this hurting anyone? Will reacting cause more harm than good? Is this the best time to act out against this?

    If you are satisfied with your answers for all of these then act out.

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