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  1. thank you for the birthday greeting.

  2. - Enforce a sacrifice limit to mp3 and mp4 (10 for mp3), (32 for mp4) - A guild dedicated to monitoring this is a terrible idea, and something that will end up being abused. - Giving Kings the power to do so over their citizen is something I personally Disagree with. (why would they put them selves under the mercy of a king then?) - LHOs are trusted NEUTRAL people who should be given the power to do so. (move mp levels up) Just my Opinion.
  3. O.o MB looking at my profile :D I am teh specishul!

  4. We've had similar things (not on the same scale) here in Canada to that since at least the 70's sadly its illegal. I hope it turns out well and helps push things globally in the right direction.
  5. Oh herro other person

  6. Funny as this is, I really do not think the MD forum is the place for something like this, even in offtopic. If it is though it would mean that other topics could be started in regards to targeting in a humorous fashion, (blonds, muslims etc...) If you wanna read and or post things like this I would suggest 4chan. Just my opinion.
  7. HA you're old! Happy birthday bud [color="#000080"]*gives Z a fish*[/color]
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