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  1. Still looking for bone-like items, please send me offer and you price. We can surely work out something. Thank you Clack!
  2. [color="#808080"]"Darkness! I see darnkess. I hear nothing, i fell nothing - where am I? I move my head and I realized something with my head is unfamiliar to me. Yet my whole body feels so. My body? I try raising my hands and touch my chest but my fingers touch only a rib of bone. My finger? I try looking at them but all i black around me. I try to feel with them but I have no feeling in my fingertips anymore. Hard phalanges instead of soft skin protecting warm tissue. I get scared. What happend to me? I can´t remember anything, who am I? Where is this? Why am I laying on my back, face up? Is this maybe, a coffin? Am, am I...dead? No can't be, I wouldn't move then. Think...what was my name? I can't recall! Fear grabs my soul, I am close to a panic attack! I take a deep breath...what? I can't take breath? No lungs or what? Somethings moves in here, and it is not me. Maggots creep over my chest, bugs are battling themself for my meat.No, I am not dead! Panic...now...breath...screamm...no ...now...I ...ARRRGGHH!!!WHAT? No sound from my mouth? I touch and fell only a jawbone, teeth where lips should be. I move, turn quickly and hit around myself! Panic grabs my soul now. ARRGGGHHHHH!"[/color] Outside this scenery, you see a grave which already passed a few years. A full and bright moon shines down and his rays are slightly touching the overgrown earth. The tombstone letters reflect a few rays back into the dirt, and the mandrake growing there. A mystical mist is swamping the scenery. Wait, what is this? The earth on the grave moves? Small bricks are falling off. BAM! A bone fist is breaking trough with an insane strenght. BAM! The other one is following, grapping the tombstone for a good grip. The whole grave is opening slightly, wooden planks from the coffin are showing through while a plain white skull is raising slowing from the deep grave, earth and small maggots are falling of from him. He realized the tombstone and hold still. [color="#808080"] "I am free at last, yes, I am freeeeeeeee! But where am I? Is this my grave? I take a look and read the insign on the tombstone. [img]http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/9423/ludwigstombstone1.jpg[/img] Someone harmed the stone, i can't read all letters anymore. Seems like someone really want for me to be forgotten by the world. Have I done something bad?´I can recall, damn it! I need to find out... [/color] You see the skeleton wandering outside his grave, approaching the cemetery gate. A caretaker is realizing it, but just noding and showing some bad looking teeth and a nasty smile. "Finally, you took some time, others where faster!" But the skeleton has no ears for him, it walkes just further one, while still some bricks of earth are falling of his ribs, held by some rests of rotten meat. A area of death surrounds his skelet. This was the re-birth of Ludwig.
  3. I want to have piece of bone, a bone, skull or similar item for my character, as I have seen some people have such things. I can offer a trade, an imperial aramor and one joker in exchange, i have nothing else. If someone might sell those items, we can maybe work something out. Thank you CLACK!
  4. Click click clackitty?

  5. What do you think of roleplay withou saying a word? For example my char Ludwig, he can not talk but only use his jaw to make clack or click. Any other examples here in this world? Thank you Click - Ludwig
  6. Name: Ludwig Skeleton MP-Class: MP4 Age: 64 active days (but way older, haven´t played for a long time) Main Principle: Elemental Reason for applying: Ludwig is dead, he can not talk but walk and act. He is bound to death and his grave for several reasons I cannot explain yet. Ludwig would perfectly fit to you Caretakers, as I have seen some of you walking and read their profiles. Ludwig could be digged out from one of yours as part of his story beginning. I assume him to be in this alliance a good part. Thank you very much.
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